Freon Leak In Refrigerator – Is It Dangerous? What To Do?

Modern refrigerators usually contain Freon refrigerant. This chemical is used to transport heat so that your food is kept at the right temperature and the inside of your Refrigerator stays cool.

Despite the fact that Freon cooling is intended to be a closed system, leakage could still happen. It can affect not only the freshness of your food but also your health.

Yes, it can be hazardous if there is a Freon leak in the Refrigerator. Since it contains chemicals that can affect air quality, it has a high risk of entering and damaging your respiratory system. 

If you encounter this kind of situation, follow these guides that might help you: 

  • Hire an expert and prepare for the expenses you might need.
  • Disconnect the Refrigerator immediately.
  • Use cold weather epoxy seal to patch the leak if you only need a short-term repair.

The family's health and safety is always the first priority. When a freon leak happens in the Refrigerator, the Refrigerator is dangerous to your health and your wallet. Make sure to immediately take action to prevent it from causing worse problems.

Open refrigerator filled with food in kitchen - Freon Leak In Refrigerator - Is It Dangerous? What To Do

Things to Do to Fix a Freon Leak in Refrigerator

Open refrigerator filled with food in kitchen

If your Refrigerator is leaking refrigerant, it needs immediate attention. However, since the refrigerant is toxic and requires proper disposal, we advise seeking an expert refrigerator repair service rather than attempting to repair the leak on your own.

Hiring experts

This is the safest decision to make if you detect Freon leakage from your Refrigerator. A technician can locate a leak or assess whether it exists. If there's a leak, prepare the expenses you might need for the required replacements or repairs.

Condenser coil corrosion holes should be repaired.

If a corroded hole is the cause of the leak, a professional can either weld a patch onto the condenser tubing or use an adhesive that hardens to resemble a patch.

Condenser tubing must be replaced.

A compressor or condenser part may be responsible for the leak. Patching multiple holes instead of a single small one will be less effective than replacing the damaged tube.

Rotate the valves

The compressor or condenser's malfunctioning valves may cause the leak.

Refrigerant poisoning is a serious condition that can lead to several health problems. The poisoning can lead to life-threatening issues if the leak is left untreated.

Causes That Freon Has Leaked in Refrigerator

It is rare for a refrigerator to leak freon during regular kitchen operation because the leak is usually the result of a puncture. But it might cause a leak if you previously attempted DIY repairs, defrosted, or scraped ice from the freezer.

Freon is mostly odorless, but if you can smell a chemical odor in or around your fridge, you should investigate the possibility that your Refrigerator is leaking freon.

Normal operation shouldn't cause any odors to come from your Refrigerator. You won't be able to see freon because it is colorless, so be cautious of that. To ensure there is an issue, you will need to use more efficient detection methods.

If the freon in the refrigerator leaks, an oily residue that occurs as a result of the leak will typically occur on the floor. When inspecting, cleaning the bottom of the Refrigerator and the area around it can be helpful. The oily substance can form far from the leak.

Signs of Freon Leak in Refrigerator

Bad Food In Fridge, young woman in holding her nose because of bad smell from food in refrigerator at home

Freon refrigerant is designed to be a closed system. A leak can occur, which can not only compromise your food freshness but could also negatively impact your health. Here are signs that your Refrigerator is leaking Freon.

The food feels warm inside the Refrigerator.

The capability of your Refrigerator to function properly will be affected if freon leakage occurs. This results in keeping the food, beverages, and vegetables in your Refrigerator from staying as cold and as fresh as they should.

The motor in the Refrigerator is constantly running.

The engine should run longer to try to compensate for the inaccurate refrigerant amount when a freon leakage occurs. This places the motor under an excessive amount of pressure, increasing the probability that it will malfunction.

Electricity bills have increased.

An unexpected increase in electricity bills is a sign that something is wrong. Your Refrigerator's motor runs for progressively more extended periods of time as a result of the freon leak. The electricity usage will rise as a result of your Refrigerator's increased energy consumption as it tries harder to operate.

Smelling a foul odor

Freon and other refrigerants give off an almost foul odor. If you can't determine the source of an unpleasant odor, don't neglect it and inspect for a freon leak. Even though you may not be aware of the smell of freon, that odd, stinky smell could be the result of a leak.

Symptoms of Freon Refrigerant Poisoning

Male Technician Checking Fridge With Digital Multimeter. Repairman contractor repairing fridge and home appliances

Chemicals like freon refrigerants pose risks if you're not skilled at handling them correctly. A minor leak within the home or a small amount of freon on the skin are considered mild exposure to freon in a properly ventilated location.

Nevertheless, if someone demonstrates symptoms of refrigerant poisoning, they need to call an ambulance or doctor immediately.

Refrigerant poisoning symptoms change depending on the exposure. Poisoning is unlikely to occur if humans are exposed unintentionally due to a leaking appliance in a well-ventilated room.

Poisoning by accident is unusual. Most poisoning incidents result from intentional exposure, such as when someone inhales the gas in an enclosed space.

Symptoms of severe refrigerant poisoning include:

  • Throwing up blood
  • Breathing problems
  • Consciousness is lost
  • Hemorrhage or accumulation of fluid in the lungs seizure
  • The sensation of a burning food pipe
  • Unsteady heartbeat
  • Confusion
  • Coma
  • Unexpected death

Maintenance Tips for Refrigerators

Open Refrigerator Filled With Fresh Fruits And Vegetable

Maintain Completely Clean Coils

The Refrigerator cannot function well if these coils are filled with dust. Coils should be cleaned twice a year. You should move the appliance away from the wall, shut off the Refrigerator, and use a brush to vacuum the area.

Interior Clean Up

Monthly cleaning of the Refrigerator's shelves, doors, and walls can prevent bacteria and germs from getting near the food. Clean up any spills in the Refrigerator as soon as you notice them.

Temperature monitoring

Ensure the freezer is at 0 degrees Fahrenheit, and the Refrigerator is between 37 and 38 degrees. The Refrigerator operates more efficiently when the inside temperature is monitored.

Keeping it filled

Thermal mass is essential for refrigerators to maintain the low temperatures required to keep food and beverages cold.

Cool foods and beverages absorb warm air when the doors open, making your refrigerator work harder. If you rarely fill your Refrigerator, add empty bottles to increase the thermal mass.

3 Essential Items That Are Worth Buying for the Refrigerator

Refrigerator Freon Recharge Kit 

The refrigerator ac recharge kit contains the bpv-31 bullet piercing tap valve, RH thread r134a self-sealing adapter, and fridge r134a refrigerant charging hose with gauge. This kit has a sturdy design and reliable performance because it is made of metal and high-quality rubber.

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R134A HVAC Digital Manifold Gauge Set

This gauge set is another tool for installing, testing, and maintaining refrigeration equipment. It utilizes the most cutting-edge digital circuit and a pressure sensor with excellent accuracy.

It has three operating modes: leak detection, refrigerant pressure, and vacuum percentage.

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Rectorseal 45302 Freeze Leak Repair

Leaks in the refrigerators are permanently repaired with this product. For more than a year, it will keep sealing new leaks that pass testing standards. It is ideal for preventive maintenance and leak protection because it doesn't contain polymers.

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In Closing

Now that you know how dangerous a Freon leak is, it is always necessary to be more observant of everything inside your house, especially if the Refrigerator has a freon refrigerant.

The danger it could cause to the people at your house can be really serious if it leaks, so always ensure everyone's safety.

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