How To Freeze Granny Smith Apples

Have you ever found yourself with a bunch of ripe granny smith apples with no idea how you're going to use them before they go bad? The easiest way to make sure they last long enough to get used is to freeze them. But knowing where to put them isn't always as important as knowing how to store them there properly. We have looked into the best techniques and tips for freezing granny smith apples so that you can enjoy them all year long!

To freeze granny smith apples correctly, you have to prep them appropriately and use proper freezing techniques. Here are the steps to take.

  1. Choose how to cut your apples
    • Whole
    • Sliced
    • Diced
  2. Soak your apples in lemon water
  3. Drain and dry
  4. Freeze individually
  5. Properly store and freeze 

Other things to consider for this would be how well they freeze, how long they will last, and if they should be cooked first. You should also think about different ways to stop your apples from turning brown.

There are a lot of things that you can do with properly frozen apples. To make sure that your plans for the apples go well, you might need more information. For detailed instructions on how to successfully freeze granny smith apples, make sure to continue below!

Bunch of whole and sliced green apples on wooden plate., How To Freeze Granny Smith Apples

Freezing Granny Smith Apples

Your freezer will give you the best quality apples for all of your favorite recipes all year round. Using the following steps to make sure they are frozen correctly is the key to making that happen! For a detailed look at the science behind freezing foods, such as apples, check out this study!

Green Apples

1. Choose How To Cut Your Apples

There are several ways to cut your apples that will give you different freezing results. What you choose to do may also depend on how you plan on using your apples later on.


The easiest option is to leave your apples whole. You can do this by cleaning and drying your apples, followed by wrapping them in plastic wrap or putting them in a freezer-safe container.

The biggest downside to freezing whole apples is that you'll have to thaw them and cut them when it comes time to use them.


Peeling, coring, and slicing your apples is the most preferred choice for freezing. This is because they will be quick and easy to use later on. With many recipes, you won't even have to thaw them, and if you do, it won't take long.


Dicing your apples has the same benefits as slicing them, except the preparation will take longer. There will be a lot more apple pieces to dry off and freeze individually, so those stages will take longer. However, this size may be more convenient for using them later on.

2. Soak Your Apples In Lemon Water

If you cut your apples, then you'll have to keep them from turning brown before you freeze them. You can usually do this by placing your apple pieces in lemon water. Some say you just need to dip them in the water, and others say you should soak them for around 5 minutes.

All you need is one tablespoon of lemon juice for every 2 cups of water. This way, you can soak all of your apples at once and move on.

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3. Drain And Dry

To drain your apple slices, you can simply pour them into a colander. You could also scoop them out with a slotted spoon and set them on another surface to dry. However, a colander might be the best choice for this because the apple pieces can't sit in their liquid.

It's important to try and dry the apple slices as much as possible before freezing them. Excess liquid in the freezer only makes things harder to deal with later on. You can let them drain for a while or pat them dry with a paper towel. This is one step where dicing your apples instead of slicing them is going to make things take a little longer.

4. Freeze Individually

This is an optional step but one worth taking if you don't want all of your apple pieces to freeze together. Take a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and lay your apple pieces out on it. It's important to make sure that they aren't touching at all. Then, place the sheet in the freezer for several hours or overnight.

5. Properly Store And Freeze

Lastly, with all of your apple pieces frozen separately, you can now place them into a container together and put them back in the freezer with no risk of them all sticking together. The most important thing here is making sure that you use an airtight and freezer-safe container. If you use a bag, make sure to get as much air out of it as you can before sealing it.

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Do Granny Smith Apples Freeze Well?

Like all apples, granny smiths can be frozen and will last longer in the freezer than with any other storage method. However, some harder apples, such as golden delicious, may last a bit longer. This has to do with the textures and water content of the different types of apples.

How Long Do Granny Smith Apples Last In The Freezer?

Granny smith and royal gala apples in a big wooden bowl

Granny Smith apples can last for around eight months in the freezer. Unfortunately, this number isn't exact as it can depend on several factors. These can include the condition of your freezer and if the apples were prepared and stored properly.

Can You Freeze Apples Without Cooking Them?

You can freeze apples whether they're cooked or not. Some prefer to pre-make pie fillings and other things that require the apples to be cooked and then placed in the freezer. The biggest thing to keep in mind if you cook your apples is to make sure that you don't put them in an airtight container while they're still hot before putting them in the freezer.

This will cause excess moisture to form and negatively affect how long the apples are good for.

How Do You Keep Apples From Turning Brown When Frozen?

The most popular way is to use the lemon water method that is shown in the steps above. Another way would be to blanch your apple pieces before freezing them.

This is when you submerge them briefly in boiling water to cook the outside and then place them in an ice bath to stop the cooking process. You can also check out this guide from the National Center for Home Food Preservation for a detailed look at using sugar and syrup to stop browning.

How Do You Put Fresh Apples In The Freezer?

Fresh apples from an orchard or your own tree might seem a little harder to keep since they don't have the preservatives of many store-bought apples. However, you just have to make sure that you freeze them at their height of freshness. If you do that and follow all of the steps and tips above, then they will stay good in the freezer!

What Can You Use Frozen Granny Smith Apples For?

A high angle close up of a white plate with a slice of freshly baked dutch apple pie, two fresh ripe green granny smith apples, cinnamon sticks and the whole pie in the background, shot on a grungy old wooden table

Frozen apples are a convenient addition to many types of recipes!


Applesauce is an easy way to use your frozen apples. Take them straight from the freezer to a pot where you can soften them up for mashing. You can also add other frozen fruit and things like cinnamon and sugar to make this dish even tastier!

Crisps And Cakes

You can easily place frozen apple slices into any homemade apple crisp as well as a wide variety of cakes. The fact that they're already sliced and ready to go saves a lot of time when doing something time-consuming, like baking a cake. It will also save you time when making your favorite apple crisp recipe!


Like with other baked goods, pies can take a lot of time. Being able to put apples directly in without worrying about preparing them may tempt you to make pies more often!


This is an even more convenient way to use frozen apple slices than the choices above. You can put them in a smoothie with any combination of other ingredients to make a great breakfast or snack!


Placing frozen apples on lots of different dishes is a great way to add something extra to them. Whether you use them as a healthy topping on ice cream or put a few in your oatmeal, they're sure to come in handy.

Finishing Up

green apples freshly picked in wicker basket, close up

Freezing granny smith apples is a great way to make them last longer if you know how to do it properly. When preparing your apples to be frozen, make sure that you use lemon water to stop them from browning. It's also crucial to use a proper airtight freezer-safe container when freezing anything.

If you decide to cook your apples before freezing them, make sure that they are at room temperature before you put them in a freezing container. All that's left to do is try out new and delicious ways to use your frozen granny smith apples!

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