Food Processor Brands – What Are The Popular Ones?

Food processor on a wooden table with accessories on the side, Food Processor Brands - What Are Popular Ones?Food processors are excellent kitchen appliances that have many versatile uses. With a food processor, you can chop, grind, mix, slice, and puree your food. There are even models that have unique specialty features. Food processors ultimately help save you time in the kitchen, and they can be a big help in making your recipe turn out right. With all that being said, you're probably wondering if you should add one of these awesome appliances to your kitchen.

The most popular food processor brands on the market include:

  • KitchenAid
  • Cuisinart
  • Black & Decker
  • Hamilton Beach
  • Breville

But you still might have some additional questions. We're here to help you answer those questions and assist you in making an informed buying decision. Let's break it down and discuss the history of the brands as well as what makes them popular.


KitchenAid recently celebrated its 100 year birthday, making history in the world of kitchen appliances. In 1919, KitchenAid first introduced its stand mixer. The mixer was one of the most versatile food prep tools of its time. The brand continues to evolve and adapt to fit even more kitchen needs. It has become one of the most popular kitchen brands, and for good reason.

Why Is KitchenAid So Popular?

KitchenAid is such a popular brand thanks to its stand mixer. The mixer has become an icon in the American kitchen due to its colorful options and versatile capabilities. Since the company established such a great, trustworthy name for itself, it made product category expansion much easier.

The reliability of KitchenAid's products is also superb. When you buy from KitchenAid, you can rest assured that the product will meet your kitchen needs for years to come.

What Are Their Food Processor Options?

All of KitchenAid's food processors are built to last and get the job done. They're powerful, professional, and deliver on results. KitchenAid has food processors that come in 4 different size capacities: 16-cup, 11-cup, 7-cup, and 3.5-cup. Each one has slightly different functions and capabilities.

11-Cup Food Processor

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Cuisinart was founded in 1971 by an MIT graduate with a love for French cuisine. The electric food processor was the company's first and primary product released onto the market. Cuisinart views the food processor as an easy, fast way to make fine food. Their mission is to always help their customers "Savor the Good Life."

What Are Their Food Processor Options?

Cuisinart offers quite the selection of food processors so that their customers can find exactly what they need. Most of their processors come with different attachments. Their food processors range in capacity from 3 cups to 14 cups. Their prices range from $30 to over $200, with prices dependent on the model, size, and features.

8-Cup Food Processor

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Black & Decker

Amazingly, Black & Decker began in 1843 as a factory that made bolts and hinges. Over the years, the company began creating more and more power tools, appliances, and other products. Through it all, Black & Decker remains committed to its customers and providing only the best products.

10-Cup Food Processor

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Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach was founded in 1910 as a company that produced small motors for appliances, especially in the household. As the company established itself, it expanded its product line to include many more motor-operated appliances. Hamilton Beach continues to be innovative in its designs and product offerings in order to best serve its customers.

12-Cup Food Processor

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Breville was founded in 1932 in Melbourne, Australia. The company has a unique history. They began by selling radios, transitioned into mine detectors during WWII, and finally, as we know today, into home kitchen appliances. Their innovations in the kitchen have led them to have their food processors recognized as some of the finest available on the market.

Why Are Breville Food Processors So Expensive?

The Breville food processors are all professional-grade. They have a special micro-serrated S-blade that's consistent and precise. All the food processors come with a set of attachments and blades for ultimate versatility. The heavy-duty, powerful motors outfitted in each appliance give them the ability to handle any tough job. You can rest assured that a Breville food processor will serve you well for a long time.

12-Cup Food Processor

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What Should I Look For When Buying A Food Processor?

When shopping for a food processor, consider the following:

  1. Price point
  2. Content capacity
  3. Blade options
  4. Functions
  5. Power
  6. Style

As with anything you buy, you want the product to be worth the price. When you're looking for a food processor, make sure you have a budget in mind. This will significantly help reduce the time you spend searching for the right one. There are great options at all price points, so you'll surely find one that meets your needs.

Find a food processor that holds an adequate amount of content. No matter what you're making with your food processor, you'll want the ingredients to fit.

Blade options surely come into play. The blades are what determines the functions of the food processor. Keep an eye out for stainless steel since that's the most durable metal for kitchen applications.

The functions include the blades, disks, and other attachments. Make sure the food processor you're looking at can perform the function you're desiring.

The power of the food processor helps the function of the food processor. Basically anything with a 700-watt capability or higher can do any job.

Lastly, consider the style. While style may not be the most important thing to factor in, it should at least be considered, especially if it's going to spend a lot of time sitting out on the counter. The style of the food processor attributes to the overall aesthetic it provides.

What Is The Best Food Processor For The Money?

From our research, we have determined that Hamilton Beach offers the best food processor for the money. You can enjoy all the basic functions and capabilities without paying top dollar for it. The capacity itself allows you to perform all kinds of food prep operations.

In terms of looks, this food processor delivers. It looks nice and professional without being too over-the-top. Its construction is also high-grade. The stackable design makes assembly quick and easy!

When Should You Use A Food Processor?

There are truly many times when you should use a food processor. This small kitchen appliance does an exceptionally good job at handling food items that are thicker, slightly chunky, or textured. If it's a food item like soup or other liquid-based foods, the food processor may not be the best tool. Instead, try a blender or immersion blender.

Food processors are also great for things like slicing vegetables, creating dips, pureeing ingredients, or mixing dough. Bon Appetit, a well-known cooking magazine, released 26 food processor recipes that you should definitely try out.

In Closing

We hope this guide has helped you better understand the different food processor brands. Let us know in the comment section below which brand of a food processor you decide to purchase! Before you go, make sure to check out these other incredible kitchen guides:

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