How To Fill Empty Floor Space In The Kitchen

When it comes to decorating your home, the kitchen may not be the first room you think of. However, it’s one of the easiest rooms to turn into a warm, inviting space. It is, after all, the heart of the home! We've done the research and have rounded up the best ways to make the most of your kitchen space.

You no longer have to worry about empty countertops or awkward, vacant floor spaces in your kitchen. Depending on how much space you have, you can fill empty space with any of the following:

  • A kitchen mat
  • An island
  • Coordinating bar stools
  • Greenery or decorative vases
  • A garbage pail

We’ve provided you with some images for inspiration, and have recommended some of our favorite products. Read on to see some of our suggestions to maximize your kitchen space without making it feel cluttered!

A modern rustic style kitchen with wooden cabinetries and wooden breakfast bar, How To Fill Empty Floor Space In The Kitchen

How Do You Fill Empty Space In A Kitchen?

Whether you’re just moving in or looking to update or renovate your current kitchen, we’re here to help. There are a number of ways that you can easily fill in space without cluttering the appearance. Of course, most of these suggestions will depend on the dimensions of your kitchen, the layout, and your storage capacity. A simple mat in front of your kitchen sink can add texture and break up the floor plan. Sometimes, you need something on a grander scale like an island.

A Kitchen Mat

In some circumstances, all you need is something as simple as a mat in front of your kitchen sink. This is an easy way to add a different texture and look to even the smallest kitchen floor. It’s also a great way to keep your feet comfortable while you’re washing dishes!

Check out this cushioned kitchen mat on Amazon.

A Kitchen Island

If you’ve got a wide-open floor plan and plenty of room to spare, a kitchen island is the easiest way to eliminate empty space. They can be installed right into your kitchen, or a mobile one can even be added later on.

A mid century inspired kitchen with light gray cabinetries hanging lamps and a rustic breakfast bar

Here is a beautiful example of utilizing space for a kitchen island with luxe bar stools.

Coordinating Bar Stools

Along with an island, you’ll also require stools to sit on. This also makes for an informal way to host guests and provides a casual setting as opposed to a formal dining room. Bar stools for a kitchen island counter come in all different styles. They can be in a simple, round-seated soda shoppe style. You could also upgrade the stools to come with a luxurious backing and quilted padding, making for a most comfortable seat.

Take a look at these cushioned bar stools on Amazon.

A Rolling Island

Not all kitchen islands need to be built-in or permanent. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, you can consider a rolling island. There are endless possibilities for a rolling island, as it can also function as a bar cart or even extra cabinet space.

Here is a great option for a rolling island from Amazon.

Greenery And Decorative Vases

Decorative vases, pampas grass, and greenery (real or fake!) are perfect ways to fill in empty corners of your kitchen! Sometimes you’re left with a small corner that just needs a little something. Without overwhelming, a large vase or small arrangement of plant life can instantly fill a gap and make a kitchen feel cozier.

Ultra modern kitchen area with white walls, laminated flooring and black dangling lamps

This image shows a stunning display of a floor vase along with greenery to complete the look of this kitchen floor without cluttering it too much.

Click to view this gorgeous floor vase on Amazon.

If real plants aren't your thing, consider a faux tree like this one on Amazon.

Garbage Pails

In the event you don’t have enough cabinet space to have your garbage can slide out or be obscured, you can always find an appropriate corner to stash the trash. Garbage pails aren’t nearly the eyesore that they used to be and can be quite aesthetically pleasing!

Here's a touch-free garbage pail from Amazon.

There are even garbage pails that are multipurpose and can serve as recycling cans as well. This is a sure way to make the most of your space and maximize the functionality of your garbage pail.

Check out this chic two-in-one garbage pail on Amazon.

What Do You Do With Dead Space In The Kitchen?

We all have those awkward spaces in between and above kitchen appliances. It seems like there’s never something small enough that’s actually functional to fit in between. We’ve got a few solutions to these pesky problems.

Wine Storage

A narrow wine storage cubby is the perfect way to fill the gap between a wall or a cabinet and your refrigerator. This will eliminate you having to use counter space to store your favorite wines while also utilizing that small gap.

This shows a great way to turn a small space into something useful.

Spice Racks

If you’re not a wine connoisseur, and spices are more your speed, you may be looking for somewhere to display your cooking and baking aids. A small space between your oven and kitchen cabinets may be the perfect spot for you to store your spices. If the space allows, you can install a sliding cabinet.

Here's an example of a hidden spice rack that slides out.

If you don’t have enough space for a sliding cabinet or drawer for your spices, consider a floating shelf above your stove to show off your spice collection. Or your coffee mugs, or cookbooks!

A man arranging his spices in small stainless containers

Take a look at this set of floating shelves that are perfect for your kitchen from Amazon.

Hanging Baskets

If you’re looking to make the most out of small kitchen space, one great investment to consider is a hanging basket set for your cabinet doors. This way, you don’t have to clutter valuable cabinet space with cleaners, sandwich bags, tin foil, or odds and ends.

This pin shows an efficient way to store cleaning products by use of a basket hanging over your cabinet door.

Check out this option for a hanging basket on Amazon.

Maximizing Your Cabinet Space

If you’re left with some space between your kitchen cabinets and ceiling, fear not! There are plenty of ways to fill in that space. You can display your favorite specialty bottles, special serving platters, or even small coordinating art pieces.

This is an excellent example of how to display specialty serving platters and pitchers in the kitchen.

This set of coordinating art pieces from Amazon is the perfect way to utilize empty space above cabinets

How Do You Fill Counter Space?

Of course, you want to adequately fill your counter space without cluttering it too much. The best thing to do is to figure out what you want to keep out on display. If you love to bake and try new recipes, consider filling a special spot on your counter with cookbooks. If you prefer to keep small appliances handy, designate a corner for your air fryer, broiler oven, or your Kitchen Aid mixer.

This cookbook page-keeper and stand is a perfect addition to your kitchen counter. See it on Amazon.

If you’re looking for something more simple and minimal, you can always decorate your counter with mason jars with a small floral arrangement or a bowl of fresh produce. Some people also lean toward keeping their most handy utensils at arms’ length, in which case, you can opt for a decorative cylinder to keep your spatulas and stirrers on your countertop.

Here is a great kitchen utensil holder to display from Amazon.

This image shows a great and colorful option for floral arrangements in mason jars to add some personality to your kitchen.

What Do You Do With The Space Behind A Corner Kitchen Sink?

Depending on exactly how much space you have behind your corner kitchen sink determines what you can do with that space. Usually, you’ll have the perfect amount of space for at least your dish soaps, sponges, and brushes. You could also display some flowers, store your paper towels, or have seasonal decor.

This image shows a lavish floral display behind a corner kitchen sink.

Here is an alternative way to use the space behind your sink; you can do a combination of soap, paper towels, and seasonal flowers with decor.

In Closing

There is certainly no lack of ways you can maximize and utilize all the space in your kitchen. Again, it mostly depends on the amount of space you have and how much is potentially too much. We hope you are able to draw some inspiration from these ideas and make them your own reality! Whether it's something as minimal as a floor mat or constructing your own kitchen island, you can instantly change the entire feeling of your kitchen easily.

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