Does A Dishwasher Heat Up Its Own Water?

Having to do chores with less time to spend is quite a hustle, especially for busy and working people. In a large household, a dishwasher is a reliable machine that has speed, effectiveness, and economy as its main objectives. But does your dishwasher heat its own water for a deep clean? We've researched this to let you know.

Almost all new models of dishwashers can heat their own water. They have an internal heater that can heat water up to the temperature required depending on the wash cycle they have selected. It can raise water temperature as high as 130-140 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot water is essential in dishwashers for its effectiveness in removing tough stains and various microorganisms. 

However, there are few models that do not have heating elements. You'll want to keep reading to learn all the benefits of a self-heating element and which dishwasher models to potentially avoid for their lack thereof.

Open dishwasher with clean dishes at home kitchen, Does A Dishwasher Heat Up Its Own Water?

Reasons Why Using Hot Water Is Needed In Washing Dishes

Dishes are often stacked in our sink for some time, the reason why germs and bacteria can potentially grow in it. Cleaning it with cold water, detergent, and a sponge removes only the stains but not the germs and bacteria. Therefore, hot water is needed. Washing dishes by hand while using hot water is uncomfortable, thus we need a dishwasher with a heating element.  

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It is understandable that some people still use cold water in washing their dishes, but oftentimes the most common result is that the toughest grime from the dishes is not fully removed. Here are some reasons why we are supposed to use hot water in cleaning our dishes:

  1. Offers Superior Cleaning Power
  2. Kills Bacteria and Microorganisms
  3. Cuts Grease
  4. Reduces Drying Time

Dishwashers Without Heating Elements

Bosch Dishwasher does not have a heating element but uses a condensation drying process. It is quite different from other brands and it also has an inbuilt heating system which is convenient for the user for it is their choice whichever water they will use. 

Miele Dishwasher does not have heating elements, but you can still connect it to hot water with a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheight.

Can You Use A Dishwasher Without Hot Water?

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If you are very particular about proper hygiene and sanitation, cold water is not an option. 

Dishwashers work perfectly fine with either cold or hot water. The machine will not falter nor experience technical issues or errors if you are using cold water. However, dishwashers are intended to clean dishes thoroughly, that's why hot water is highly recommended. Undeniably, hot water kills germs and bacteria completely, and its cleaning ability is far better. 

How Do I Know If My Dishwasher Has A Heating Element

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Before purchasing a certain product you should look into every little detail of your desired product. However, online shopping is quite popular these days, the reason why some people tend to rely only on the given descriptions. 

Here are few steps on how to check if your dishwasher has a heating element:

  • Step 1: Open the dishwasher door and look into the tub. 
  • Step 2: Locate the thin, circular tube at the base of the dishwasher. It may or may not be covered. 
  • Step 3: Start washing your dishes.
  • Step 4: The heating element will heat water during the wash, rinse, and drying cycle. 

If you notice that your dishwasher is not cleaning thoroughly and drying properly. You must inspect if there is any damage that must be fixed immediately. 

How Long Does A Dishwasher Heating Element Last?

The heating element in every dishwasher provides heat for cleaning and sanitizing dishes. It is both used in the cleaning and drying process. However, there are instances in which our dishwasher needs repair for it is not working the way it was before. 

Dishwashers usually last for years depending on how regularly they are used. Its effectiveness starts to falter as it ages, that's why some dishwasher heating elements are replaced. The changes in the cleaning and sanitizing process can help you notice if your dishwasher heating element is not working properly. Removing tough stains with flawless results are signs of well-cleaned dishes. 

How To Know If The Dishwasher Heating Element Is Working?

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Regular checking of your dishwasher is needed in order to determine whether your dishwasher needs to be replaced. Here are few ways how to know if the heating element is working. 

  1. Temperature Gauge. Using this can help you see if your desired heat is reached. If the heating point is attained therefore it is working properly.
  2. Use a multimeter. 
  3. Dishwasher surface. If you notice that the surface of your dishwasher is hot then therefore the heating element is working.

Check out the video below for a quick guide on how to use a multimeter for your DIY project:

How To Repair Dishwasher Heating Element

If your dishwasher heating element breaks, would you rather use it with cold water or fix it? The answer still depends on your skill set and your budget. You can always consult a technician to reolove the issue. Otherwise, check out the video for a brief tutorial on a DIY repair. 

In Conclusion

Open dishwasher with clean dishes at home kitchen

Choosing a product to purchase needs a wise decision, especially for machines that are intended to lessen our burden. Checking its reliability and effectiveness is a must. There are plenty of dishwashers that you can choose from, but only a few have the ability to give a satisfactory result. Dishwashers with heating elements are highly recommended for their effectiveness and flawless result. Nevertheless, a dishwasher without a heating element runs well and can still be used for cleaning dishes.

Always remember that in choosing a product, find what's best, and never settle for better! 

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