Do Quartz Countertops Stain? [And How To Keep Them Clean]

Do quartz countertops stain? This is a common question for folks who have either purchased a home with quartz or are beginning a renovation of their kitchen. Everyone wants their kitchen to look great, but you also want it to be easy to care for. We researched this topic to get you the information you need to make the best decision for your home and lifestyle.

Quartz countertops are stain-resistant, meaning they don't stain easily. But they're not stain-proof. Certain beverages like coffee, tea, or red wine could react with the surface of the quartz if not wiped up quickly. 

Large furnished kitchen with quartz counter tops, Do Quartz Countertops Stain? [And how to keep them clean]

We know you have a lot of questions about quartz countertops, and we're here to answer them. Our research is going to tell you more about all the ways you can take care of your quartz countertops and keep them from staining.

How Stain-Resistant Are Quartz Countertops?

Manufactured quartz is exceptionally stain-resistant. Unlike natural stone, which is porous, today's quartz countertops are 95% natural quartz materials and 5% resin. This resin creates a seal that makes quartz pretty impermeable to liquids. (Natural stone countertops have to be resealed regularly to keep them stain proof and marble is one of the worst for staining.)

Do Quartz Countertops Stain Easily?

Because they are natural stone mixed with resin, they don't stain easily. Quartz countertops are not porous, so things don't sink into them and settle for permanent staining. However, the resin can have a chemical reaction with certain cleaners or liquids that can cause staining. They can also stain by surface spills that dry on. Things like ink, nail polish, even lipstick can cause permanent staining if allowed to dry onto the surface.

What Cleaner Is Best For Quartz?

This is where you want to be careful with your countertops. Cleaners can be caustic, and you want to avoid using anything on your quartz that can cause it to react, bleach, or yellow. That said, there are several excellent Ph neutral cleaners on the market made specifically for quartz countertops.

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For everyday cleaning, you can simply use a mild dish detergent and water combination in a spray bottle. Spray onto your quartz, circle to clean the surface with damp paper towels, then wipe it up with a dry cloth. If you get into the daily habit, your countertops will stay beautiful for years and years.

What Should You Not Use On Quartz Countertops?

You want to avoid anything that will scratch your countertops. It's recommended to use paper towels, microfiber, or other soft cloths to clean it, rather than sponges or scrubbers, which can scratch. As for cleaners, you want to avoid using anything with bleach. Also, be careful with whatever you may use on your cooktop. Don't inadvertently spray it onto the neighboring countertop.

Microfiber cleaning cloths are inexpensive, washable, and reusable, making them handy to have around, and good for the environment.

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Do Quartz Countertops Need To Be Sealed?

Because quartz countertops are made with a resin binder, they are already pre-sealed. And it's a seal that lasts. There's no need to reseal your quartz (unlike natural stones like granite and marble which do require resealing), if you do, you'll be wasting your money.

Can I Use Clorox Wipes On Quartz?

Do not use Clorox wipes on your quartz countertops. Because they use with bleach, they can cause discoloration to your quartz. If you love the handiness of a wipe, then consider getting a granite and stone cleaner in the form of wipes.

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How Do You Keep Quartz From Staining?

You know the old saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"? That is certainly the case with quartz. Your best way to prevent your quartz from staining is to be in a daily habit of cleaning it. Remember not to use abrasive sponges or scrubbers and keep the bleach products away from it. If you spill something, clean it up immediately. With these simple precautions, your countertops should look great for years to come.

Does Coffee Stain Quartz?

Though coffee (and tea) can stain quartz if left sitting on the surface for too long, you don't need to panic if you have a spill. Simply wipe up the offending liquid, and you should be good to go and your countertops no worse for the discharge.

Can You Put A Hot Pan On Quartz?

If you want to keep your quartz looking like new, it's always a good idea to use a trivet with a hot pan or baking sheet. Though it's not a stain, per se, a hot item can cause the resins binding the quartz to discolor. This is especially true if you set your hot items down in the same spot repeatedly.

Consider getting some silicone mats to place hot items on, and then there's no need to worry about your quartz turning funky colors.

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Can You Put A Toaster On Quartz?

You can put a toaster oven on your quartz countertop. If all you're using it for is to toast up bread and bagels, then you'll probably never have an issue. However, if you bake for more extended periods in your toaster oven, then you will want to put some sort of heat-resistant pad beneath it. The resin in quartz can be affected by sustained exposure to heat.

This 11" x 17" heat-resistant trivet is an excellent size for toaster ovens. It will keep your countertops safe and make cleaning up easy, as you can simply throw it in the wash.

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Can White Quartz Turn Yellow?

Your white quartz, and other lighter colored quartz, can turn yellow over time. This is usually due to the resins in the manufacturing process. They will react to salts and surfactants over time. If you live within five miles of the ocean, you might have issues with light-colored quartz yellowing, only due to the amount of salt in the air.

How Do You Keep White Quartz White?

To keep your quartz white, follow the cleaning instructions for your stone. Clean daily and use the appropriate cleaners. If you keep a coffee pot or potted plants on your countertop, be sure to clean under them frequently, as this can be an area of staining. Use the mildest soaps possible in your sink and pay special attention to the countertop areas around your sinks so that soap buildup doesn't yellow the resin.

Manufactured quartz is available in so many beautiful patterns, colors, and styles. If you love the look of stone and want something slightly easier to clean than marble, or even granite, and something more cost-effective, go for quartz. It's pretty stain-resistant overall, and if you take care of it, we guarantee you're going to love it long term.

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