Do Kitchen Sinks Come With Drains?

Are you replacing your bathroom sink and you're not sure if you need to purchase drains separately or not? Well, you've come to the right place. We've done the research to provide you with the answers you need to successfully complete your renovation.

Kitchen sinks do typically include drains with purchase. When you are shopping for a new sink, plan to buy the drain system separately. 

You're probably wondering if they include faucets and what else you will need to complete the installation of a new kitchen sink. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to finish this project.

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What Is Included With The Purchase Of A Kitchen Sink?

Kitchen sinks usually come with the sink bowl, drain covers, and a set of stoppers. Some have fun extras like strainers and cutting boards. On occasion, you can find a complete sink package that includes a faucet.

Kraus Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

This sink is simple and elegant, fitting perfectly into any kitchen setting. It comes with a bunch of fun extras like a cutting board.

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Is It Easy To Install A Sink?

Homeowners can accomplish a kitchen sink replacement with some knowledge of plumbing and carpentry. But, unless you are confident in your skill, you should leave it to a professional. One mistake when cutting the countertop or installing the plumbing can result in hundreds of dollars worth of damage.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Kitchen Sink Drain?

It will cost between $200 and $350 per drain to have a professional install new drains. Seek out multiple quotes from various plumbers to make sure you are getting the best price. You can also check with local hardware stores to see if they offer installation at a fixed cost.

Can Anyone Install A Kitchen Sink Drain?

Homeowners with some knowledge of plumbing can install their own drains. A professional should perform this task if you are not sure of your plumbing skill, as a single leak from the drain can cause serious mold, rot, and water damage issues quickly.

Does A Kitchen Sink Need A Trap?

Yes, a kitchen sink needs a trap to prevent sewage gasses from traveling back into the home and causing an appalling odor from the drain. The trap catches water in its curve, which blocks the odor from entering back into the kitchen. Without the trap, the sink will still function properly, but you will have to deal with strong, noxious smells.

Canplas P-Trap 1 1/2"

This P-trap is the proper size for a kitchen drain. It's made using traditional PVC and its temperature rated to withstand 140 degrees. It's a reliable option for any kitchen sink application.

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What Size Drain Pipe Is Required For A Kitchen Sink?

Kitchen drains connect to a one and 1/2-inch trap and drain pipes, then continue to lead into two-inch drains. The two-inch drains will connect to the main sewage line of your home, which can be anywhere from three to four inches.

What Size Drain Pipe Is Required For A Bathroom Sink?

Bathroom sinks connect to one and 1/4-inch trap and drain pipes. They lead into two-inch pipes, which then progress to the main sewage line of the home.

Orhemus Brass 1 1/4" P-Trap

This one and 1/4-inch P-trap is a classy option for bathrooms. It has a higher-end appearance than PVC for those with exposed sink drains in their bathroom.

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Do New Sinks Come With Templates?

Almost all new kitchen sinks come with a template to make cutting the countertop easy and accurate. The template is usually placed in the box with the sink, or it could be printed on the cardboard packaging of the sink box. Make sure you always check all the packaging over before you throw anything away.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A New Sink?

Depending on the type of sink installation, costs can vary greatly. Common drop-in sink installation can range from $60 to $500. Sinks that require more complex installation, like farmhouse and apron sinks, can cost from $360 to $2,000.

DeerValley Farmhouse Sink

This ceramic farmhouse sink is a beautiful addition to any kitchen. It has two deep bowls to give you plenty of room to work with while cooking and cleaning.

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How Often Should Sink Drains Be Replaced?

Drain pipes will often last 50 to 80 years, depending on the material, before they require replacement. It's more likely to replace a pipe due to damage than wear. Extreme heat and cold can cause damage to pipes, and even rodents will try to chew through them if they're desperate for water.

How To Tell If Sink Drain Is Leaking?

Check the area under the sink for moisture or puddling that may have originated from the drain. Run water into the sink bowl or bowls and watch to see if you notice any dripping. You can use paper towels and dab around the drain to find any possible slow leaks that aren't easy to notice.

What To Do If Sink Drain Is Leaking?

If you have a leak in your kitchen sink drain, you'll want to shut off the supply line to the kitchen sink to prevent anyone from using it. Start by locating the leak and determining whether you need to replace any parts. If you have some plumbing tools laying around, you can try tightening up the pieces of the drain to see if that helps, but avoid over-tightening anything.

If you are a stranger to plumbing, it's best to contact a professional for assistance. They will have the tools and know-how to fix the issue quickly and easily.

Do New Kitchen Sinks Include Drain Pipes?

New kitchen sinks will typically have a few inches of built-in piping that will connect to the p-trap. The trap doesn't come with most sinks. Always take a look at the packaging to see what is included with the sink and what you will need to purchase separately.

Kraus Drop-In Double Bowl Sink

This drop-in sink is made of granite for durability and easy cleaning, and it's made with a silver ion coating which provides antibacterial properties. It can handle temperatures as high as 650 degrees, making it perfect for avid cooks.

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Water pipe under kitchen sink, open cabinet doors

Does A Kitchen Sink Need A Vent?

Yes, a kitchen sink does need a vent, but this is often tied into your whole home drainage system and is typically connected to the main sewage line rather than the sink's direct drain system. If your sink is fairly far away from the waste vent, you may need to look at under the sink options. A professional plumber will be able to help you decide where to place a vent in your system.

What Does a Vent Do?

In plumbing, a vent relieves the pressure built up by the draining water. It allows air to enter and escape the drainage system, preventing buildup and helping the traps in your plumbing to expel the sewage gasses outdoors. Without proper venting in your drainage system, your water will drain slowly, and drains will release strong sewage odors.

Do You Have To Replace A Clogged Drain?

No, unless the clog is so severe that it causes physical damage to the pipe, it shouldn't need complete replacement. You can work out minor clogs using drain cleaning formulas or by snaking the drain to clear it without the use of chemicals.

Plumbers are equipped to deal with the most serious clogs and have special equipment like drain cameras and power augers to access and remove deep, stubborn clogs.

Drainsoon 25-foot Auger Snake

This auger-style drain snake is 25-foot long to reach deep clogs, and its auger feature allows you to agitate the clog to loosen it up. Snaking a drain is a pretty simple process that most homeowners can do themselves. You can use this one for sinks, bathtubs, and showers.

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Do Kitchen Sinks Need An Overflow?

No, kitchen sinks do not require an overflow like those commonly seen in smaller bathroom sinks. Their design and the use of larger piping for kitchen sinks eliminate the need for this type of relief. Bathroom sinks have smaller drainage lines and smaller bowls that benefit from the backup provided by overflows.

Even The Kitchen Sink

Now that you know what comes with the purchase of a kitchen sink, and the costs to install them, you're ready to get started on your next project. Make sure to price installation with various companies to ensure you are getting the best price. Have fun remodeling and enjoy your new workspace!

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