Should The Dining Table Match The Kitchen Cabinets?

When you're designing kitchen decor, you may wonder if your dining table should match the kitchen cabinets? We've investigated to find out what the current train of thought is around this decision. There are options, of course, and great design choices that work for any style. Let's see what we found.

Dining tables are just as varied as kitchen cabinet styles and colors. For that reason, an exact match isn't necessary. However, when thinking about putting a room together, you want overall style, weight, and colors to work together. 

We're going to look at some excellent dining table and kitchen cabinet combos and talk about why they work together and how to coordinate the table and cabinets. We'll look at some specific popular cabinet colors, like espresso, oak, and white, and share the dining tables that are great choices for pairing with them. Finally, we'll discuss if the kitchen and formal dining room need to match. Here we go!

Modern Country Kitchen with matching kitchen cabinets and dining table, Should The Dining Table Match The Kitchen Cabinets?

How To Coordinate Your Dining Table With Your Cabinets

Anytime you're thinking of home design, it's less about matching things precisely than it is about matching the feel and style. What does this mean when it comes to your dining table and cabinets? Think about choosing modern tables with modern cabinets and traditional tables for more traditional cabinets.

Small kitchen? Choose something with clean, simple lines. Large kitchen with large dining space? Choose a table that fills the space in a proportional way.

Keep Things Related In Style Instead Of Going For An Exact Match

One way to look at your dining table in relation to your kitchen cabinets is by their style. As you can see in the kitchen below, the cabinets are sleek and minimal glossy white. The table provides a nice contrast with natural wood butcher block top and modern metal legs. The black leather chairs with shiny silver legs are equally modern and sleek.

Minimal style kitchen and dining room. There are white floor and wall, Glossy white cabinet doors,Dark brown leather chair,The room has large windows. lookink out to the city view.

In this homey, eclectic kitchen, a simple natural wood table and chairs provide a neutral center point to the colors in the rest of the kitchen. The style has a farmhouse feel which goes well with the farmhouse decor of the kitchen.

modern country style kitchen interior.

Match Proportion Rather Than Color

Another aspect to consider when choosing a dining table to work with your kitchen cabinets is to think of overall proportion. If you're in a small space, regardless of cabinet style, you're going to want a smaller dining table. In the cute apartment below, they have chosen to work with color and size. A simple square white table blends in seamlessly, and the natural chairs work with the floor color.

Modern scandinavian kitchen and dining room interior

In this large kitchen with wood cabinets, a large, white country pedestal table works well with both the proportion and style of the space. The wooden seats mirror the wood of the cabinets.

What Color Dining Tables Go Well With Espresso Colored Cabinets

Espresso as a cabinet color is one of the most popular. This rich, dark color can be rather imposing, so it's essential to work around it in a way that doesn't let it become overwhelming.

Glass And Metal

Rustic Kitchen

This elegant kitchen focuses on the beauty of the wood. The choice of a metal-framed table with a glass top is wise as it doesn't add more bulk to this room. The table's style with its scrolls and upholstered seats works well with the more traditional style of the cabinets, too.

This lovely metal and glass table would work well in a similar kitchen. Click here for this on Amazon.

Brown Table And Leather Chairs

Contemporary interior design of light spacious dinning room including brown wooden furniture with bar stools at counter and soft comfortable chairs at table with cement effect in loft style

In this kitchen, the darker table and chairs work well with the modern, streamlined cabinets. The light walls, concrete floors, and ample natural light keep things from being too heavy.

What Color Dining Table With Oak Cabinets

In many homes, oak cabinets reign supreme in the kitchen. So what is the best color dining table to use in a kitchen that features the warm tones of oak? We've found a few we think you'll love.

An Oak Table With Black Legs And Chairs

a beautiful, modern kitchen and dining room with outside light coming through the windows.Please see similar photos from this home.

This kitchen features a modern oak cabinet and a dark granite countertop. A simple table with a similarly toned oak top and black legs that work with the granite is enhanced with black chairs. The natural light keeps the room from feeling overly heavy or dark.

Click here for this similar table on Amazon.

Choose An Oak Table With Oak Cabinets

Modern Country Kitchen with matching kitchen cabinets and dining table, Should The Dining Table Match The Kitchen Cabinets?

Sometimes matching tables to cabinets works. That's the case in this modern country kitchen with red oak cabinets. Here a simple clean-lined table with upholstered chairs is the perfect accent for this design.

What Color Dining Table Works With White Kitchen Cabinets?

White kitchen cabinets can be found in high-rise modern condominiums and contemporary farmhouses on the edge of the woods. And for the most part, just about any table, you can think of will work with this color cabinet. We've found a few that stand out.

Mix Natural Wood Tones With White

Modern interior

This lovely light-open kitchen features contemporary white cabinets and light, bright living space. They've chosen a table that perfectly combines a natural wood tone and white legs for the dining table. The chairs follow this design scheme as well.

Click here for this similar style on Amazon.

Beige Wooden Table With Rattan Chairs

 A contemporary kitchen and living room with open concept design and bar counter in a modern home. A beautiful view to the lake in the exterior

A round natural colored table enhances this lovely neutral kitchen and dining room in wood. But what we love are the rattan chairs that work with the color of the table. This is a perfect combination for a beach home or transitional farmhouse-style home.

White Table With Colorful Chairs

contemporary domestic kitchen interior design

One way to create a fun and fresh look is to match a white table with your white cabinets. Then add bright and colorful chairs for a lively addition. Here sunny yellow chairs draw from the color of the backsplash. A coordinating rug below the table draws from all the colors of the kitchen, including the cabinets, table, and floors.

Do Your Kitchen And Your Dining Room Have To Match?

With all design, you want a cohesiveness that runs from room to room, but exact matching is never necessary. Sometimes your kitchen may be quite casual, but you've chosen to have a more formal dining room. To have your furniture match would not make sense.

You can choose color palettes that work together. If you've gone with an oak or cherry, or maple cabinet, you could pull from those woods for accents in your dining room. If you want things to match, choose the same area rug or curtains that work together.

Your Design Should Work For You

Modern Country Kitchen with matching kitchen cabinets and dining table, Should The Dining Table Match The Kitchen Cabinets?

Like any design decision, ultimately, it should work for you. Whether you choose to match a dining table exactly to your cabinets or pick something based on style, keep in mind what works for your overall scheme. Color, proportion, and style are all factors that work together for a spectacular kitchen and dining area.

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