How To Decorate Your Kitchen Counter Corner [7 Ideas You Will Love!]

Finding new ways to decorate and utilize your kitchen space can be tricky without the right information. Do you have room towards the corner of one of your kitchen counters and don't know what to put there? Should you add extra storage in this corner or even a new appliance?

We will address these questions and offer some inspiration throughout this article.

For those stumped on what to do on their kitchen counters, there are endless ideas for that corner you've been dying to decorate.

Some of our top seven ideas for this space include:

  1. Installing floating shelves/building them into the wall.
  2. Creating a mini pantry for snacks, spices, etc.
  3. Adding a vase with flowers or potted plants.
  4. Creating a space for your coffee machine and accessories.
  5. Installing a corner range/portable stovetop.
  6. Creating a mini-bar (or just a place for extra alcohol)
  7. Placing candles, crystals, or other small decorations.

As we begin this post, we will cover all things kitchen countertops and discuss how you can decorate them. Whether your space is big, small, or somewhere in the middle, we're here to help. With that said, let's dive right into these awesome ideas!

White classic kitchen furniture with wine rack, How To Decorate Your Kitchen Counter Corner [7 Ideas You Will Love!]

How To Decorate A Kitchen Counter Corner

Decorating the corner of a kitchen counter is often overlooked. Generally, this space becomes extra storage, or homeowners forget it altogether.

Luckily, there are endless ways to fill this space and use it to your best advantage. Whether you prefer organizing spices, adding flowers, or even installing an extra stovetop, the corner of your kitchen counters is more important than you think.

Let's check out some ideas you can try at home in your space below:

1. Installing Floating Shelves

Wooden kitchren with floating shelves

Our first suggestion for the countertop corner in your kitchen is building or hanging floating shelves. Considering that many kitchens don't have enough storage space, adding shelving can make a huge difference.

You can see how in this kitchen, the person decided to use these shelves for plants, dinnerware, and cookbooks, although it's fine to do something different in your home.

For example, storing pasta, spices, and other ingredients on these shelves may be better for you. It all comes down to how you use your kitchen and what aesthetic you want to create.

Canupdog Corner Floating Wall Shelves

These wall shelves have a rustic design, are wood material, work perfectly for corners, include a mounting kit, measure 16"D x 11.4"W x 0.6"H, and come in a set of four.

Check out these shelves on Amazon here.

2. Creating A Mini-Pantry

Mini pantry in the kitchen

Next, we have a mini-pantry concept for the corner of your kitchen countertops. As we said, storage can sometimes become a problem in the kitchen, so why not make more?

Here, you can see how this person chose to store ingredients in glass jars, which look aesthetically pleasing.

Since flour, sugar, salt, and many other cooking ingredients come in massive boxes or bags, pouring them into jars might open up space in your actual pantry.

Furthermore, the woodsy theming comes across quite well and gives the kitchen a welcoming, "homey" vibe.

GoldArea 24 oz Glass Food Storage Containers

These containers are glass material, feature airtight bamboo lids, come with labels for your ingredients, and include six jars.

View these storage jars on Amazon here.

3. Adding A Vase Or Potted Plant

Bottle of red wine and houseplant on a kitchen worktops

Third, we have a bright and floral idea for the corner of your kitchen counters. Adding fresh flowers or a potted plant will bring positive energy to your kitchen's design.

Greenery is always lovely for a space you spend time in and can cheer anyone up on a rough day. Here, the kitchen has bright tulips in a vase, although your kitchen can have anything you'd like.

Another suggestion for this would be succulents or even herbs in the corner, as they don't mind lower light. Again, providing plants with some sunshine is good, so keep that in mind.

4. Creating A Space For Your Coffee Machine

Coffee maker in the kitchen countertop

Another great way to use the corner of your countertops is to create a mini coffee bar. Especially since everyone loves making espresso from home nowadays, having all your coffee supplies in one spot is a good idea.

In this kitchen, you can see how the design went with labeled ceramic jars for sugar and K-Cups, which is a clever way to hide the two.

Additionally, you might want to store a cookbook or cutting boards in this area if you have extra space, so feel free to double up on the usage.

5. Installing A Corner Range Or Portable Stove

Kitchen oven and tiled splash back

Fifth, we have a more substantial way to decorate/utilize your kitchen countertops by installing a stovetop. Of course, this doesn't always need to be super expensive, especially if you purchase a portable stovetop instead of a built-in model.

If your kitchen is smaller or you have multiple people cooking, adding an extra stovetop can make a world of difference.

Generally, you can expect to pay around $100 for a portable cooktop, while building one into your kitchen could be upwards of $1,000, so that's a big difference.

Amazon Basics Portable Induction Cooktop Burner

This portable cooktop burner is 1,800 watts; features overheat protection, can go on your countertops, is easy to clean and use, requires induction-compatible cookware, and has a touchscreen LED display.

Follow this link to view it on Amazon.

6. Creating A Mini-Bar

Wooden wine shelves with bottles on the table in modern kitchen

Switching gears, we have a super fun, adult-friendly way to utilize a kitchen countertop corner. Generally, building a wet bar can be expensive, so why not start with the corner of your counters?

In this space, you can see how the design is simple: a wine chiller, a few decorative bottles, and a nearby coffee area. This is the perfect situation for espresso martinis or simple day versus night drink making.

What could also be nice here is a wine rack. Suppose you collect wine bottles and want to show them off. Adding in a wine rack could be the perfect way to showcase your collection to guests!

SCHMECKE 18 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler

This wine cooler holds 18 bottles, is freestanding, features digital temperature control, goes down to 41 degrees Fahrenheit for extra chilling, and has soft interior lighting.

Follow this link to view it on Amazon.

7. Placing Candles, Crystals, And Other Decorations

Kitchen in a modern Scandinavian style

Last on our list; we have an aromatherapy-inspired concept for your kitchen counters. Since your kitchen always has a scent, adding a candle or multiple can diffuse more pungent leftover aromas.

Suppose you just made broccoli pasta and can't go into the kitchen without wanting to run. Having a few scented candles is the easiest way to transform your space back into one you love.

In addition, you can also try adding crystals and other decors near your candles, as this feeds into the zen theming. The softer the scents in a kitchen, the more fresh and more open one will feel.

Should I Keep My Kitchen Counters Empty?

Now that you have some idea for the corners of your kitchen counters, what about the rest of your space? Usually, keeping your counters clear and clutter-free, for the most part, is a good thing.

When you have too many ingredients, cookware, appliances, etc., on your counters, it can sometimes give your kitchen a messy feeling. Therefore, you might want to utilize storage containers, your pantry, and nearby shelving.

As we showed you in our list, floating shelves are an easy way to clear the kitchen counter below. So, if you're worried about cluttering, we recommend going vertical!

You can also try storing extra items in decorative canisters so you don't technically have to see them. There are endless possibilities here.

What Should You Have On Your Kitchen Counters?

When it comes to "what" needs to be on your kitchen countertops, this comes down to you and your cooking habits. Considering that some people cook more frequently than others, not every kitchen should look the same.

For example, if you make pasta often, you should keep your ingredients in storage containers on your countertop between uses.

On the other hand, let's say you prefer breakfast foods and want a coffee station. In that case, you can dedicate a section of your counters to these appliances and ingredients while storing others away.

The same goes for people who rarely cook and prefer to entertain. Like our previous example, you can use your counter space for a wine bar or install a cooler below or on top of the countertops.

Remember, there's not one single way to decorate and organize a kitchen: everyone is unique!

To Wrap It All Up

Whether you have ample counter space or have a smaller kitchen, it's always good to design your area well. From what we found, there are endless possibilities for the corner of a kitchen counter.

Whether you want to create a coffee bar, or mini-bar, store ingredients, build wall shelves, or even add candles or flowers to this open space, the kitchen needs to work for you.

Not every kitchen has the same layout, thus making this up to you and your space's design. Some kitchen corners will have big, bright windows, which is perfect for gardening, while others may only fit a few glass containers.

Regardless, have fun decorating, and don't forget to save us a plate the next time you cook!

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