What Color Countertops Go With Maple Cabinets?

Maple is a classic choice for kitchen cabinets since it comes in so many shades of brown. Because of maple's versatility, there is no limit to the various countertop colors you can pair with maple. If you're wondering what color countertops go best with maple cabinets, there is no need to look any further, as we have compiled a list of the top countertop color choices right here.

Maple is a wood ranging in color from very light brown to a darker, reddish-brown, so there are many color choices when it comes to countertops. The very best colors are:

  • White
  • Tan
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Red

We know that having just the right color combination is essential in your kitchen. If you want to turn your kitchen into the gorgeous space you've always dreamed of, continue reading for a breakdown of why each of these countertop colors will complement your maple cabinets.

Oak cabinets and cupboards inside a rustic kitchen with hardwood flooring, What Color Countertops Go With Maple Cabinets?

Best Countertop Colors For Maple Cabinets


If your cabinets are a darker shade of maple, white counters will provide a nice color contrast and can brighten things up in the room. The lighter counters will also make your kitchen look larger. Marble and quartz counters are excellent options that come in beautiful shades of white.

Matching white painted walls inside a kitchen with maple cabinets and cupboards with a white breakfast bar

If you like the idea of a kitchen that is light all the way around, don't be afraid to pair white counters with light maple cabinets. This look can work exceptionally well if you have a kitchen that doesn't have a lot of natural light or if you just want an open, airy vibe.


A spacious and luxurious kitchen with wooden flooring, maple cabinets and cupboardswith stainless steel kitchen appliance

If you like a monochromatic look in your kitchen, you can opt for tan countertops to go with your maple cabinets. If you are set on the idea of tan but don't want things to be too matchy, you can choose a shade of tan that's slightly lighter or darker than your cabinets depending on your preference.

Granite is an excellent choice for tan countertops, as it comes in many different shades with various colored flecks running through the stone.


Like tan, dark brown countertops can beautifully complement your maple cabinets. Try to match the tones in your cabinets with the tones of the counters for a more cohesive look. If your cabinets are on the lighter side, then dark brown counters will provide a striking contrast while still achieving harmony.

Granite and marble both offer gorgeous shades of brown that are sure to bring out the natural beauty of your maple cabinets.


There are many shades of gray to choose from when it comes to countertops, and which color will work best depends on the shade of maple in your kitchen. For lighter cabinets, try a slate gray, and darker cabinets will benefit from a medium gray shade.

Quartz and granite are both popular to use for gray counters since they come in an array of shades and feature unique patterns in the stones.


Luxurious and spacious kitchen with maple cabinets and cupboards with a matching black countertop on the breakfast bar and main kitchen area

Black countertops can be really striking, especially when they are paired with the gentler tones of light-colored maple cabinets. The intensity of the black counters will add some much-needed drama to your kitchen, and it will give it a more modern, updated vibe.

Great stone choices for black countertops are marble and graphite. Both of these stones come in many different shades and sheens of black.


Although not a color you might typically think of when it comes to countertops, red counters can bring a lot of pizazz to maple cabinets. The vibrance of red can make your cabinets really stand out, and since maple has reddish undertones, red counters are a perfect complement.

Quartz offers many eye-popping reds to choose from. Some of the quartz options are red with white speckles, while other slabs feature deep, dark shades of the fiery color.

Should Countertops Be Lighter Or Darker Than Cabinets?

The style trends these days typically pair up lighter counters with darker cabinets and darker counters with lighter cabinets. But like everything else in home design, there are no absolute rules, and it's important to design your kitchen with your own personal tastes in mind.

Dark countertops always look sophisticated with lighter cabinets because of the beautiful contrast they provide. Similarly, pairing darker cabinets with light-colored countertops can bring a fresh vitality to your kitchen.

However, you can always be a trendsetter and choose to go against the grain. Your kitchen design can be as bold as you desire, and if dark counters with dark cabinets fit in with the overall mood in your kitchen, then what's stopping you?

Should Your Countertops Match Your Cabinets?

A mid century inspired wooden maple kitchen with dark marble countertop

Experts agree that counters and cabinets do not need to match. In fact, your kitchen will look more balanced if your counters and cabinets are not an exact match. Light cabinets with dark counters and light counters with dark cabinets provide a nice contrast so that things aren't too somber or too bright.

That being said, it is perfectly acceptable to match your counters and cabinets. If you want a more adventurous look that defies tradition, you can pair up dark-colored counters and cabinets, or if a bright space is more your style, there's nothing wrong with light-colored counters and cabinets.

How Do I Choose A Countertop Color?

A long black marble countertop matched with maple cabinets and cupboards inside a ultra luxurious kitchen

Experts advise that when you are choosing a countertop color, it's important to not only look at the cabinets in your kitchen but also at the flooring. Your counters don't necessarily need to match the floors, but you should choose a countertop that will mesh well with the tones in the floor.

The style of your kitchen also needs to come into play. If your space is contemporary or classic, you will want to choose colors that reflect that. The color of your walls also needs to be taken into consideration. All elements of your kitchen—including the counters—need to complement and not clash.

Are Maple Cabinets Outdated?

One question that's on a lot of minds is whether or not maple cabinets are outdated. Obviously, if you love maple, then the right answer always comes down to your personal preference.

If you are on the fence about maple, keep in mind that maple is a wood that will last. Additionally, maple goes really well with many different design styles, so it's quite versatile.

Trends come and go, but maple is a timeless wood that will always be in fashion even if it isn't the "in"  choice of the moment.

How Do You Update Maple Cabinets?

Luxurious wooden and rustic inspired kitchen with maple cabinets and marble countertops

There are also many ways to modernize maple, and they don't necessarily involve major renovations to your kitchen.

You can choose to replace your existing cabinet doors with a more modern style, and don't forget that the hardware you use is important. Something as simple as updating your cabinet handles can change the atmosphere in your kitchen.

Adding crown molding to your cabinets is an elegant touch that can make a world of difference in your room. There is also the option to add lighting underneath your cabinets. Doing this can make maple cabinets look more contemporary.

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Make The Most Of Maple

Oak cabinets and cupboards inside a rustic kitchen with hardwood flooring

Maple cabinets are a classic choice in any kitchen, and they can coexist strikingly with light and dark countertops. So whether your taste is modern or more on the traditional side, there are countless options when choosing just the right countertops to go perfectly with your maple cabinets.

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