What Color Light Is Best For The Kitchen?

Good lighting is needed in a kitchen. After all, you have to be able to see what you are doing when following recipes to whip up some delicious meals! But what color light is best for the kitchen? For your convenience, we did the research to bring you the answer.

A warm white light bulb is recommended for the kitchen. These bulbs create a yellowish-white hue and are perfect for this space. A light with a hint of red is also a good option; they are said to stimulate appetites and conversation! In terms of brightness,  approximately 7,000-8,000 lumens are recommended for kitchens.

If you still have some lingering questions about kitchen lighting, don't worry. Read further through this article to examine the different lighting available and what may be suitable for your kitchen! We will even explain what lumens are and how they affect the watts of the bulbs.

Beautiful luxury estate home kitchen with white cabinets, What Color Light Is Best For The Kitchen?

How Light Color Affects The Kitchen

The choice of light color has a big impact on the aesthetics and functionality of the kitchen. Light color ranges from yellow to white. If the light is too yellow, it might drastically distort the color of the kitchen. On the contrary, if the light is too white it will make the kitchen appear sterile, cold, and unwelcoming.

But in terms of functionality, it's also important to choose lighting that will provide adequate visibility for cooking. Thus, as mentioned, the best approach is to choose lighting that is situated somewhere near the middle of the lighting spectrum, lighting that is both white (for added visibility) yet warm (for a cozy, homey feel). In other words, avoid choosing kitchen lighting that falls close to the extremes on the lighting spectrum.

What Are Lumens?

Lumens is the word to describe the brightness of the actual light bulb. You can compare lumens to the outside light. The lumens of a light bulb varies by the type of bulb and the wattage or the measure of electrical power.

The recommended lumens of lighting for the kitchen is approximately 7,000-8,000. When shopping for light bulbs, you want to match the watt of the bulb to the suggested lumens mentioned. We have listed several types of light bulbs available and which wattage is right for your kitchen.

Incandescent Light Bulbs

Since 7,000-8,000 lumens are recommended for the kitchen, you should look for 100 watt incandescent light bulbs. An incandescent light bulb is the most common type. It has a glass globe with a wire filament inside. When the filament heats up, it glows, giving off light. You can buy these bulbs in a soft white which is perfect for the kitchen.

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Halogen Bulbs

Halogen bulbs are incandescent light bulbs that use Halogen gas to give a brighter light. They are of higher quality than regular incandescent bulbs and tend to last longer. These types of bulbs are often used in track lights or floodlights and have a moderately higher efficiency rate.

Halogen bulbs also give off a cooler light flow versus a soft warm tone with the regular incandescent bulbs. For 7,000 to 8,000 lumens, you will need a 70-watt halogen bulb for your kitchen lighting.

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CFL Light Bulbs

CFL stands for compact fluorescent lamp. These types of bulbs are great for energy saving. They can fit into any regular light socket in your kitchen, and they give a cooler feel to the lighting.

Replacing your regular incandescent bulbs with CFL bulbs will save a lot of energy and money. Additionally, they have a particularly long lifespan. For 7,000 to 8,000 lumens, you will want to use a 20-watt CFL light bulb.

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LED Light Bulbs

LED stands for light-emitting diodes. These bulbs use a semiconductor and emit light when an electrical current flows through them. Some may come in various colors and have remotes that control how warm or cold the light is.

For the kitchen, all you need is a regular LED bulb at 14 watts to get 7,000 to 8,000 lumens. These bulbs will fit directly into any regular light socket you may have. They also have a superior life span when compared to the common luminescent light bulb.

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Red-Toned Light Bulbs

For a fun atmosphere in your kitchen, red-toned bulbs are said to induce better conversations and stimulate appetite. You can buy red bulbs in most of the same watts listed above.

They come in regular incandescent bulbs as well as LED light bulbs. You can always use these for special events or use them along with regular soft white lighting as well. If you want a fun way to light up your kitchen, check out these red-toned light bulbs.

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How Should You Light A Kitchen?

Kitchen with center island

There are many ways to light a kitchen. You may choose to use track lighting, pendants, or regular ceiling lights to achieve different effects and provide varying levels of functionality.

Pendant lighting is great for over an island or bar. It hangs down enough to give warm illumination. If using pendant lighting, we suggest also using another form of lighting in the rest of the kitchen. You may also like to add a small table lamp to a counter for a warmer look and feel.

Where Should You Aim Downlights For A Kitchen?

You want to aim the downlights or recessed lights on the area where you will need the most lighting. So putting them over your kitchen table, stove, island, or countertops is the best approach, as these areas require the most illumination.

How Should You Space Downlights?

If you are not using any other sort of lighting, you can sporadically place these lights where you will need them most. If you are placing two of these lights over an island or table, place them about 1/3 of the width of the area apart.

Should Pendant Lights Be Centered Over The Kitchen Island?

Pendant lights should be placed over the island where you are going to need the most light. If you are preparing or serving food, this is where the light should be focused. You can center it if that is where your sink is or if that's where you need to see most.

If you choose, you can place two lights, one at either end. Some people even prefer to add three pendant lights evenly spaced over the kitchen island. It all depends on your needs and the look you are going for.

In Closing

Beautiful luxury estate home kitchen with white cabinets, What Color Light Is Best For The Kitchen?

There are several types of lightbulbs that may work for your needs. Remember—a kitchen should have between 7,000 and 8,000 lumens for the perfect amount of lighting. There are numerous types of bulbs to choose from, so choose the kind that best suits your style and needs. As long as you go with warm white light, you can't go wrong!

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