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Should A Wok Be Nonstick?

Stir fry udon with shrimps cooked on wok with spatula for mixing, Should A Wok Be Nonstick?

For thousands of years, Asian chefs seem to have done just fine with cast-iron woks. Around the 1950s, however, nonstick woks entered the market and gave chefs an exciting new option. If you’re wondering whether nonstick woks are right for…

Should A Saute Pan Be Nonstick?

Man holding a nonstick saute pan with his right hand, Should A Saute Pan Be Nonstick?

Sauté pans are fantastic for searing, pan-frying, stir-frying, and much more. They are best for high-heat situations. The reason these pans are so beloved is because of their flat sides that form a 90-degree angle all around. But how beneficial…

8 Roasting Pan Alternatives

Newly roasted chicken placed on roasting pan, 8 Roasting Pan Alternatives

Roasting is a simple, dry cooking method that involves evenly circulating hot air around meat, fish, or vegetables. If roasting conjures up images of hauling out a cumbersome, holiday roasting pan, don’t worry! Your fully equipped kitchen already has a roasting…