Can You Use Bisquick Instead Of Flour? [For Gravy, Dumplings, Waffles, And More]

Since Bisquick has flour in it, many people assume it's OK to use as an all-purpose flour substitute. But if that's the case, why is Bisquick in a separate category? Will subbing Bisquick for flour make a noticeable difference in your recipes? If you're curious about using Bisquick in your baking rather than all-purpose flour, you need to read the research we've done on this topic.

In most cases, it's okay to substitute Bisquick for all-purpose flour. However, Bisquick contains secondary ingredients like leavening, vegetable oil, and cornstarch. Depending on what recipe you're using, you may need to adjust secondary ingredients for Bisquick.

Whether you should use Bisquick rather than flour varies case by case. It's best to review specific recipes for guidance on whether to use Bisquick in place of all-purpose flour. Keep reading to learn more.

A large box of Bisquick all purpose pancake and baking mix, Can You Use Bisquick Instead Of Flour? [For Gravy, Dumplings, Waffles, And More]

In What Recipes Could You Use Bisquick Instead Of Flour?

Most recipes that call for flour do fine with Bisquick as a substitution. Below, you'll find more specific guidance on using Bisquick for popular foods.

Can You Use Bisquick To Make Biscuits?

The primary purpose of Bisquick is to make biscuits quick (hence the name). So, yes, you can make biscuits with Bisquick rather than relying on all-purpose flour.

Bisquick's owner Betty Crocker usually writes an official Bisquick biscuit recipe on this product's box. If you have milk and Bisquick baking mix, you have everything you need to make a batch of biscuits!

Here's a YouTube video on making classic Bisquick biscuits:

Can You Use Bisquick To Make Pancakes?

Like biscuits, pancakes are one of the Betty Crocker-approved recipes, including Bisquick. In addition to Bisquick and milk, Betty Crocker recommends using sugar, baking powder, vegetable oil, and vanilla extract to make the perfect pancake.

Please watch this video for professional pancake advice:

Although Bisquick isn't technically "self-rising," you could learn more about how to make pancakes in our previous guide, "Can You Make Pancakes With Self-Rising Dough?"

Can You Use Bisquick To Make Crepes?

crepe with ingredient

Since Bisquick works fine in pancakes, it's also great in crepes. After all, crepes are ultra-thin pancakes.

Betty Crocker recommends increasing your milk by about one ⅓ cup to get the right "crepe consistency." Keep playing around with the percentages of wet-to-dry ingredients till you find what works best for you.

Can You Use Bisquick To Make Dumplings?

Old fashioned southern style chicken or turkey and dumplings with parsley sprinkled on top.

Many foodies love mixing Bisquick and milk to make a batch of fluffy dumplings. After incorporating your Bisquick with milk, you have to form dumplings with your hands and gently plop them into whatever soup you're cooking.

Just note that some cooks claim you need extra shortening to get the perfect dumpling consistency. You may have to tweak your dumpling recipe until you determine the ideal taste.

For a visual explanation of how to make Bisquick dumplings, you've got to watch this video:

Can You Use Bisquick To Make Coffee Cake?

New boxes of Bisquick usually don't include a recipe for coffee or crumb cake, but many people have used Bisquick to make this DIY treat.

You can find out more details on how to bake this recipe in this video:

Can You Use Bisquick To Make Scones?

Bisquick is an acceptable alternative to all-purpose flour, whether you love savory or sweet scones. Remember that Bisquick has ingredients like vegetable oil, salt, and leavening. Therefore, you may need to hold back on a traditional recipe's recommended proportions.

To see what Bisquick scones (and so much more) look like, watch this YouTube video:

Can You Use Bisquick To Make Cookies?

Betty Crocker has an official recipe for Bisquick chocolate-chip cookies, so it's safe to say you can use Bisquick to make this treat. But why stop at chocolate chip? It's common for people to use Bisquick to make sugar cookies, too!

Please watch this video for professional cookie guidance:

Can You Use Bisquick To Make Pizza Dough?

Bisquick pizza crust isn't "artisanal," but it's an acceptable option for a weeknight meal. Besides Bisquick, hot water is all you need to make this DIY pizza dough.

Sounds too good to be true? Check out this Bisquick recipe:

FYI: You could read our post "How Long Does Pizza Dough Last In The Fridge?" if you plan to make your dough ahead of time.

Can You Use Bisquick To Make Cinnamon Rolls?

Who said you need yeast to make a satisfying cinnamon roll? Plenty of people rave about using Bisquick to make this irresistible dessert.

Please watch this YouTube recipe for some cinnamony inspiration:

If you need extra help making your first batch of cinnamon rolls, please check out our guide, "At What Temperature To Bake Cinnamon Rolls?"

Can You Use Bisquick To Make Waffles?

A plate of belgian waffles with fruit on a marble counter.

Waffles belong with pancakes and biscuits in the "obvious" Bisquick category. You can mix in Bisquick and pour it into your waffle griddle if you have eggs, vegetable oil, vanilla extract, and milk.

Check out this griddle on Amazon here.

Can You Use Bisquick To Make Muffins?

Most people don't report problems using Bisquick as a replacement for flour in muffin recipes. From chocolate-chip and banana nut to blueberry and even pumpkin spice — no matter what muffin flavor you're making, Bisquick should serve you well.

Here's an example of a delicious Bisquick blueberry muffin recipe:

Can You Use Bisquick To Make Pie Crusts?

Homemade butter pie crust in pie plate with fluted pinched edge, rolling pin and extra ball of dough over floured rustic wooden background. Crust has been perforated with fork and ready for baking.

A Bisquick pie crust may not win an award at the county fair, but it's a great option if you want a no-fuss DIY crust. All you need for this recipe is butter, Bisquick, and hot water.

Can You Use Bisquick In Gravy?

Hot Brown Organic Turkey Gravy in a Boat

You can use Bisquick to form a roux in your gravy. Just add Bisquick to drippings on a pan to create a paste. Next, add your preferred stock and stir until it reaches your desired consistency.

For more tips on making gravy at home, please check out our guide, "What Flour To Use For Gravy?"

What Makes Bisquick Different From All-Purpose Flour?

Bisquick is a pre-made mix that includes enriched bleached flour. Therefore, it has extra ingredients you may not need to add to various recipes.

The most significant ingredients in regular Bisquick are as follows:

  • Baking soda
  • Vegetable oil
  • Corn starch
  • Dextrose
  • Sugar
  • Salt

Ideally, you should determine the exact amount of these ingredients by using your Bisquick's nutritional label before adding it to a recipe. Knowing the approximate amount of these secondary compounds could help you adjust other elements in your recipe.

Is Bisquick Gluten-Free?

Regular Bisquick isn't gluten-free, but Betty Crocker now offers many alternative products. You should be able to find gluten-free Bisquick easily online.

See this gluten-free Bisquick on Amazon.

Is Bisquick The Same As Self-Rising Flour?

There are many debates over whether Bisquick qualifies as self-rising flour. However, in most cases, chefs don't believe Bisquick meets the criteria for standard self-rising flour.

Flours that are marketed as "self-rising" only contain leavening and salt. Although Bisquick has these ingredients, it also contains other products like vegetable oil and cornstarch.

These extra components put Bisquick in a slightly different category.

How Do You Substitute Bisquick In Recipes?

Midsection of woman pouring water on rye and wheat flour in bowl. Female is standing in kitchen. She is preparing sourdough bread.

Most people have no issues using a one-to-one conversion of Bisquick to all-purpose flour. The proportions may be slightly off since Bisquick has extra ingredients, but it's usually not too much to drastically affect whatever you're baking.

If you find making different foods with Bisquick doesn't taste right, you should inspect the exact proportions of your recipe. To make Bisquick "work," you may need to adjust ingredients like salt, sugar, leavening, or oil.

So, It's Not Bad To Use Bisquick For Flour?

Although Bisquick isn't an excellent replacement for super-delicate pastries, it can be convenient as a flour replacement. Just remember that Bisquick has extra ingredients not found in all-purpose flour. These additions may affect your food's taste, texture, or quality in some cases.

In most cases, you can sub Bisquick for all-purpose flour using a 1:1 conversion. However, it sometimes takes a bit of finesse to figure out how to adjust leavening, oil, salt, or other ingredients in Bisquick.

Please take your time adjusting your Bisquick recipes and write down the ideal proportions.

Whether or not you plan to use Bisquick, you need to know how to store flour products properly. To learn the importance of storing your flour in an airtight container, we'd recommend reading our post, "Do Airtight Containers Keep Bugs Out?"

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