Shredded chicken is a valuable addition to a lot of dishes. It makes consuming it easy and adds flavor that chicken breast can lack. But, getting it to the right texture can be time-consuming. So, can you shred chicken in a food processor? If that is what you're wondering, let's find out! 

It is entirely possible to use a food processor to shred chicken. If you're on a time crunch, it could be a great way to accomplish the job. However, there are a few considerations to make. Sometimes you still have large chunks present. If that's the case, you will need to shred the remaining bits by hand to avoid over shredding. 

While shredding chicken on a food processor may be quicker than by hand, there are still some downsides to it. It is capable of giving you the texture that you will not want. So, you must learn how to shred chicken correctly without turning it into mush. If you'd like to find out how to do so, keep reading ahead. 

Fresh shredded chicken on a white plate, Can You Shred Chicken In A Food Processor?

Shredding Chicken in A Food Processor

Shredding chicken in a food processor takes a few seconds in comparison to shredding by hand. To get the desired texture, you need to perform the proper technique and equip the correct blade. We'll start first by addressing the latter! 

If you have owned a food processor for a while, you might have noticed another blade. Typically, most people only use the shredder blade. And, while shred is in the name, it isn't the correct type to shred chicken! 

Shredded chicken garnished with black pepper


To give you a better perspective, compare the shredding blade with the slicer one. You will notice that the shredder blade has a good amount of tiny holes. The slice variant will have a single or two sharp edges with a large opening. 

If you've tried to shred chicken in a processor before, you might have witnessed crumbles or sometimes a goop of chicken as a result. The reason being that the holes on a shredder disk are too small and rough on it. And, if you keep forcing the processor to shred the chicken, you end up with something other than the stringy chicken you know and love. So, swap out the shredder disk for the slicer one! 

Proper Method

Once you've equipped the slicer blade, it's crucial that you also perform the correct technique. First, you add the meat to the top. As mentioned above, you have to make sure not to force the chicken inside! Doing so will result in chunky chicken that you will have to shred by hand. In the worst case, you might damage the processor. 

So, if you don't want chicken slices coupled with chunky chicken, let gravity do the work. Pulse the processor, and in a few minutes, you should have shredded chicken! Using the correct blade and technique should be sufficient enough to get you the shredded chicken you desire. 

It might not seem like it makes sense to use a slicer blade instead of a shredder but the latter works great on hard foods. In comparison, chicken is tender, and shredding it with a processor can end up messy. 

Hot or Cold?

The last consideration to make is deciding to shred the chicken when it's either hot or cold. To avoid losing the juices in the chicken, you should not shred it while it's still hot. Let it cool down a bit after you've already prepared it. Warm chicken is easy to shred. 

You could also shred it when it's cold. But, cold-temperature chicken can be more challenging to shred. It can result in more chunks. If that is the case, do not keep shredding in the processor. Take it out and tear the remaining clumps by hand. 

Can You Put Raw Chicken in a Food Processor?

A bowl filled with shredded chicken

A food processor is a versatile kitchen appliance. It can do a lot of processes like chop, grind, shred or puree any food. You can also put raw chicken inside to grind, chop or slice if you'd like. Of course, that comes with the risks associated with using any raw meats. If you use the processor for any raw meat/poultry, you need to make sure you clean it well after. 

Regarding chicken, you can use the processor to make ground chicken or chopped chicken at home. So, if you bought chicken breasts and don't want to eat them, you can make a different dish out of them! For example, you can opt for chicken burgers instead of plain chicken breasts. 

To do so, you will need around 5 oz of ground chicken per person. Equip your processor with a slicer blade. Take the slightly frozen chicken and put it inside. Make sure not to pulse the blade too much. You will want some texture left for the ground chicken. 

Can You Shred Chicken in a NutriBullet?

Shredding chicken in a blender is possible. However, shredding chicken in a NutriBullet is a different story. As some suggest, you need a high-powered blender with fast blades to shred it efficiently. Otherwise, you might end up with a mix of crumbles and slop. 

Correct Method

Though, if you still think it's worth a shot to try out, there are a few factors to consider. First, make sure the chicken is tender. You do not want it to be tough in texture. So, it is best to shred when it is still warm. 

Secondly, you will want to pulse the chicken. Do not let it run on its own. It should be a controlled process, not an automated one. Finally, as you're blending the chicken in a NutriBullet, you will have to increase blending speeds from low to high throughout the process. 

In any case, it's better to see the results. So, if you'd like some examples, here are some YouTube videos of what a blender/NutriBullet can produce: 

The results of a blender:

Can You Shred Already Cooked Chicken?

It is possible to shred chicken that is already cooked. In fact, it is one of the best ways to tear it into the stringy texture that you want. The chicken needs to be warm and tender to produce the best results. If it's too hot, you will leak the juices inside. 

On the other hand, if it's too cold, it will be harder to tear. Trying to shred it raw will not produce the same texture as shredded chicken. Instead, it is more suited for chopped chicken or ground chicken. 

How Do You Shred Chicken in a KitchenAid Food Processor?

If you have a KitchenAid food processor and want specific help, the process is similar to the general guideline above. However, we can do a quick recap of the process. To make sure you get perfect shredded chicken: 

  • Cook the chicken and let it cool down a bit. 
  • Once it is warm, it is the perfect time to put it inside. 
  • Pulse the processor. If you let it run by itself, it can tear the chicken too much. This will result in crumbles or a liquid form. 

To get more specific to your case, equip your KitchenAid food processor with an S blade. If you want to ensure it shreds well, chop the chicken into pieces first. However, some may not have an S-blade. So, in that case, you can also use a slicer disk. 

One important thing to note, KitchenAid labels their S-blade as a multi-purpose blade. So, if you checked the manual and found no S-blade, this is some clarification. 

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The slicer blade is easy to identify. It has one sharp edge with an opening below it. In any case, you can consult the manual your KitchenAid food processor came with to clarify how it looks. If you somehow lost the blades that come with a processor, you can also buy replacements. 

Alternative Ways To Shred Chicken

Of course, a food processor isn't the only quick way to shred chicken. There are other appliances you can use to shred chicken. For example, if you have a KitchenAid mixer, it is also capable of shredding chicken! 

Hand and stand mixers are also another way to create the stringy texture you crave. Otherwise, the only alternative to machines is through the traditional methods. You can do it by hand or with the help of a fork. 

Final Takeaway

Shredded chicken can add nutrition to your meals and is easier to stomach than other ways. However, shredding it can be time-consuming and burdensome. We hope you found the information above insightful! 

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