Can You Put Ice In A Nutribullet?

Personal blenders are a great tool to have. With the personal blender, you can create all kinds of lovely concoctions. It is useful to have one, even in a small space. Personal blenders can do so many things. Drinks are just the beginning. You might wonder then, can you put ice in a NutriBullet? We researched to find out what the limits are for your favorite kitchen helper!

You can not just put ice in the NutriBullet. Specific models can handle some ice mixed in with the rest of the ingredients. There is a blade that can crush ice for the NutriBullet. Still, never put ice alone in the NutriBullet. Frozen fruits and vegetables have a different consistency and can be placed in the NutriBullet.

In this article, we will discuss which models of NutriBullt can crush ice. We will guide you on how best to use your NutriBullet. Everything from smoothie making to how to crush ice safely. Other ideas of things to make in your blender. We will also give you a breakdown of the different blender options. Continue reading to discover all that information.

A woman making a fruit smoothie drink using a high speed blender after loading it with fruit, Can You Put Ice In A Nutribullet?

Which NutriBullet Can Crush Ice?

There are two things to consider when it comes to crushing ice in a blender: motor strength and blade type. Both will need to be up to the task. As far as motor strength is concerned, 600 watts or stronger should be able to handle ice. The blade provided with the NutriBullet is not rated for ice crushing. Ice is a strong substance that will damage any blade not made for it. You can get blades that are designed to crush ice for your Nutribullet. Nutribullet recommends the NutriBullet extractor cross blade.

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Even with the stronger motor and the right blade, ice should not be the main ingredient. Try to maintain a less than 25% ice to other ingredients ratio.

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Can You Put Frozen Fruit In A NutriBullet?

So, ice is a little tricky. You might wonder, would frozen fruit be a problem as well? When it comes to frozen fruit, the NutriBullet is more forgiving. It is best practice to let your fruit sit a minute to soften. However, the stronger motors do not require a wait. Frozen fruit is much softer than plain ice. Berries that are naturally softer and do not require any wait.

Although most NutriBullet can handle frozen fruit, remember frozen fruit is harder than fresh fruit. It is best to let the fruit thaw a little first, especially with the smaller models. Just take the fruit out of the freezer, prep the rest of the ingredients. It does not take long for the frozen fruit to soften just enough for the blender.

What Can You Make In A NutriBullet?

There is all kind of things you can mix with a blender, for example:

  • Protein shake- Making a protein shake was never easier. Just place the ingredients in the blender and press a button. Your shake will come out with a consistent texture, without all the work of a blender bottle.
  • Smoothies -For a nice, well-blended smoothie straight in your to-go cup. Breakfast served.
  • Mixed drinks - As long as you verify that you are using the right blender and blade to crush ice, you can make your next daiquiri right at home.
  • Milkshakes - Ice cream, milk, and there you have it. Milkshake at home.
  • Peanut butter - Yes, you can make peanut butter or almond butter. Just find a recipe you like, and use your blender.
  • Pureed soups - Cool the soup first or use the NutriBullet RX. That butternut squash soup you like? There it is.
  • Baby food - A good blender can easily puree those fruits and vegetables for a consistency suitable for a baby.
  • Mayonnaise and other condiments - Mayonnaise requires very few ingredients, though the raw egg is one of them. Ketchup can also be made at home, as long as you have a blender.

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Now that you have a few ideas of what to make, it is time to choose your blender.

Which NutriBullet To Choose?

There is a wide variety of blenders out there. From an on the go Nutribullet to a full-sized blender. There is even one dedicated to making baby food. Which one is the right one for you depends on your budget and your needs.

Personal Blenders

  • Go -  a compact cordless smoothie with little power, great for protein shakes and smoothies. It needs to be charged every 20 uses, so great for work, gym, car.
  • NutriBullet and Nutribullet Pro - a line of personal blenders. The main difference between the original and the pro is motor strength. While the original comes with a 600 Watt motor, the pro has a 900 Watt motor. The pro also has a few more accessories. If crushing ice is essential, splurge on the pro with the extractor cross blade.
  • NutriBullet Select - Has a pitcher option and controls. With a 1,000 Watt motor, it can handle mixed drinks, and as long as the right blade is inserted can crush ice.
  • NutriBullet RX - The strongest in the NutriBullet personal line. This is a nice have of you want to warm your soup as well. According to the manufacturer, it can even heat your food while blending it.

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NutriBullet Baby

They are dedicated to making baby foods and making the life of new parents a little easier. The accessories include a storage system for the prepared baby food.

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Full-size Blenders

NutriBullet now also has a line of full-size blenders. These give the option between a pitcher or a cup. The full-sized blender comes with a vented lid, a necessity for handling hot ingredients. It comes with a 1200 Watt motor. Or you can get the blender combo that adds the personal cups.

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But, is the NutriBullet the best out there?

Which Is Better: Ninja Bullet Or Nutribullet?

The Ninja Bullet can crush ice, as it is slightly more powerful than the NutriBullet. The Ninja Bullet is also slightly heavier and stronger. The NutriBullet, however, is more affordable. So to answer the question about which is better, well, it depends. If making mixed drinks and crushing ice is your priority, the Ninja Bullet is the one for you.

If you concentrate more on smoothies and protein shakes, then the extra splurge might not be worth it. Both blenders are constructed with quality materials and sport a BPA free plastics. Both blenders will mix those protein shakes and make delicious smoothies. The Nutri Ninja will also crush that ice.

Nutri Ninja also has the IQ technology that makes it a cool looking blender and allows you to reprogram it. That is an excellent addition for those who love convenience.

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Before You Go

NutriBullet is a great blender. It handles shakes, sauces, and smoothies well. To crush ice NutriBullet might not be the right blender. The Ninja Bullet does a much better job. The Ninja Bullet, however, is pricier. If a blender capable of crushing ice is a priority getting the Ninja Bullet might be a better choice. By the time you invest in the right blade and the stronger NutriBullet, the price will be comparable. Otherwise, both companies will provide you with a great blender.

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