Freezers are an essential home appliance. Do you have a second one and are trying to figure out where to place it? Maybe you've thought about the pantry. Is this a suitable location for one? We have researched the issue for you and found some answers.

As long as the pantry has proper ventilation, you can put the freezer in the pantry. There are other considerations to make. The size of the freezer is essential as it needs enough room for the door to swing. Another factor to weigh in is the amount of area allowed for the freezer. The amount of space is crucial to ensure the freezer works efficiently.

However, it is not as simple as that. Making sure that your pantry is capable of holding a freezer is crucial. A poorly designed pantry can ruin the freezer and cause hazards. So, to get the answer to your question in detail, keep reading ahead.

An empty freezer left open on the pantry area, Can You Put A Freezer In The Pantry?

Putting A Freezer In The Pantry

When installing or integrating your freezer in a pantry, there are a few things to note before doing so. The first and obvious step is to check the size of the pantry. If you’re putting the freezer in a walk-in pantry or a butler’s pantry, space may be sufficient enough. You don’t need to worry about anything else. However, if a cabinet pantry is where you are considering placing a freezer, you need to ensure there will be enough space.

Secondly, you need to check the ventilation situation of the pantry. Just like most electrical appliances, freezers need ventilation as well. Better airflow prevents the fridge from overheating and keeps its temperature low. If the freezer’s surrounding area is hot, then it will take the freezer more power to work.

Lastly, check the required clearance of the freezer. Usually, the gap varies from brand to brand. Most of the time, manufacturers mention the space a freezer needs in the instruction manual. However, if you can’t find the instruction manual, there are other ways to look for how much you need. In general, if you are putting your freezer in the pantry, make sure to leave a 31 square inch area around the freezer for clearance and ventilation.

If you find it hard to measure 31 square inches, you can also leave 1.5 inches on both sides of the freezer, 2 inches on the rear side, and at least 1 inch on the top for better airflow.

What Happens If You Do Not Accommodate The Freezer Properly?

The most common problem with a freezer that doesn't have enough space is overheating. More specifically, the compressor will have a hard time doing its job. It will damage the chemicals that the compressor uses and, ultimately, will damage your freezer.

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What Happens When The Freezer Overheats?

As mentioned above, you need proper ventilation to accommodate a freezer. If it is constantly warm, the refrigerant will not go through the process. It will cause the compressor to work harder. As it works harder, it will overheat and can lead to more damage. Damages include the loss of lubrication and chemical decomposition.

Can You Put A Freezer In An Enclosed Space?

Yes, technically, you can put a freezer in an enclosed space. But the rules here are the same as putting a freezer in the pantry. First, check if the enclosure is big enough for the freezer. If it is, make sure to leave some room for the freezer to "breathe." If space is completely enclosed and has no vents, placing a freezer is dangerous and not advised in that area.

Can I Keep A Chest Freezer In A Cupboard?

Yes, you can keep a chest freezer in a cupboard. However, it is best to consider other options. Unlike pantries, they are not well-ventilated and can harm the freezer by overheating the motors. However, if you still want to place a freezer in there, leave the doors open. It’ll improve the airflow and keep the freezer cool.

Is It Safe To Put A Freezer In A Cupboard?

No, it is not safe to put a freezer in a cupboard. As stated early, it has poor ventilation. If the cupboard has a door that you are planning on closing, it means there would be little to no airflow. At first, you won’t notice anything in the freezer.

But, since the freezer has motors that heat up, you will notice a rise in temperature in the cupboard after a few hours. The lack of ventilation will make it difficult for your freezer to stay cold. It can also burn the motors and ruin the freezer.

Can You Put A Standup Freezer In A Closet?

Yes, you can put an upright freezer in a closet. First, it needs ample space to ensure good airflow. If you can install a vent in the closet, leave the cupboard door open as it’ll allow the air to flow.

Can You Put A Freezer Against The Wall?

It is the most common way of placing a freezer. However, if you put the freezer against the wall, leave around 2 inches of space in the back. Doing this simple step gives the freezer ample space for airflow and prevents the freezer from overheating.

Can You Put A Freezer On Top Of A Washing Machine?

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a big house with a pantry. If you are struggling due to lack of space, the top of the washing machine might seem like a good spot. However, professionals advise against it.

The reason behind this is, during the wash cycle, the washing machine shudders vigorously and can cause the freezer to fall off. Secondly, the heat from the washing machine can heat the freezer and make it harder for it to stay at a lower temperature. The high heat can even lead to higher energy consumption.

Can You Put A Freezer In The Garage?

Interior of a garage door with visible rolling mechanism on the ceiling

Yes, you can put your freezer in the garage. However, there are a few things that you need to check before doing that.nFirst, is your garage insulated? In general, mild cold weather doesn’t affect your freezer. However, extreme cold can damage the freezer.

Secondly, what’s the average temperature of your garage? If your garage is usually too hot and doesn’t have a central cooling duct, it can overheat the motor. You should also ensure that the garage is dry. Moisture is another element that can ruin the motor.

Lastly, the freezer shouldn’t be under direct sunlight as it can damage the exterior and overheat the motors.

What Is The Best Place To Put A Freezer & Fridge?

If you just bought a freezer and are wondering where to put it, let us help you decide. The upright models are easy to fit in the kitchen. They blend with the interior perfectly. On top of that, upright freezers are easy to integrate into cabinetry and pantry.

If you are considering a chest freezer, unfortunately, they don’t look great in a kitchen. However, you can place them in the butler’s pantry or a walk-in pantry. Of course, there are more ideas on where to place your freezer in. If you would like to know more spots, check out our post here.

Final Takeaway

Pantries are considered one of the perfect spots to place a freezer. They make the kitchen look clean and neat. However, functionality and safety should be the first thing to consider before the aesthetic side. We hope this article was informative enough and you found some spots to place your freezer.

Before you go, if you are curious about freezer sizes, check out our post here. Until next time!

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