Can You Microwave Cinnamon Rolls?

If you are a fan of cinnamon rolls, you are certainly aware of how great these rolls are for a quick breakfast or snack on the go! Ever wondered what the best method for microwaving cinnamon rolls could be? We've extensively researched this topic and have found the answers for you.

Yes, you can microwave cinnamon rolls. Pillsbury dough, homemade dough, or reheating prepared rolls are ready in 20 to 40 seconds or less, depending on the recipe and the heat settings on your microwave. You could easily bake either a small batch or individual roll in the microwave. Also, microwaving versus traditional oven baking creates a moist and evenly baked cinnamon roll sure to impress even the pickiest of eaters.  

Would you like to learn more about microwaving cinnamon rolls to save valuable time? How long to microwave the rolls? Interested in time and resource-saving tips and tricks for reducing time spent in the kitchen? Please continue reading to learn about this topic!

Fresh Cinnamon Buns on a Wooden Cutting Board. Can You Microwave Cinnamon Rolls

How long do you cook cinnamon rolls in the microwave?

The cook time for cinnamon rolls in the microwave varies depending on the dough, the ingredients, and bake time the recipe suggests. Homemade dough versus Pillsbury tubes, the cooking time could range from 20 seconds to two minutes.

Pre-made dough

For the well-loved Pillsbury dough, cinnamon rolls are generally ready after 30 seconds of cooking on med-high. This could vary from 20 to 45 seconds, depending on your microwave's speed and temperature range.  Suggestion, cook for 20 seconds, then check the rolls for shape and desired consistency. Add another ten seconds of cook time if the rolls are not ready.

Suppose you open the tube of cinnamon rolls and have dough leftover for next time. Place the tube inside an air-tight container or a plastic bag wrapped tightly around the rolls and store it in the refrigerator. This will keep the dough from drying out in between uses.

Homemade dough

Cooking cinnamon rolls made from homemade dough in the microwave is much quicker than in a traditional oven. Also, you will dirty fewer dishes as well. Firstly, place the uncooked cinnamon rolls on a microwave-safe greased/oiled plate and set them inside the microwave for the recipe-directed amount of time.

Typically, 30 to 45 seconds will thoroughly cook the roll. If the rolls are not fully cooked after the suggested amount of time, microwave for an extra ten seconds and recheck the progress of the rolls.

Microwave cooking suggestions

Ensure the microwave is clean and free of debris. Cooking on med-high does cause any food residue to burn, and this will create an unpleasant smell that could slightly affect the taste of your rolls.

Lightly grease/oil the cups and plates with butter, oil, or cooking spray to avoid sticking when removing the rolls from the cups.

When making a batch of cinnamon rolls. Consider making an individual roll first to test the cooking time before cooking the entire batch. This tip will help you gauge how long to cook without burning or undercooking the rolls.

Cinnabon cake in mug. Fast simple microwave dessert idea, background for recipe. Cinnamon roll mugcake, with sugar and cream cheese topping, in different mugs, with cinnamon sticks

Cooking individual rolls in microwave-safe coffee cups is another easy and fun option for single-serve rolls. Place your homemade dough in the cup and cook for the recipe-directed amount of time. Or the standard 90 seconds on med-high 90 seconds and check roll. If the roll is not thoroughly cooked, add another ten seconds and recheck.

Can you reheat cinnamon rolls in the microwave?

Yes, reheating cinnamon rolls in the microwave is an efficient reheating option that only takes seconds. The method is the same for frosted or plain cinnamon rolls. The cook-time duration could vary depending on the model of your microwave and your personal tastes for the temperature of the cinnamon rolls.

How do you reheat cinnamon rolls in the microwave?

Firstly, place the cinnamon rolls on a microwave-safe plate and space the rolls and an inch or so apart. Heat on med-high for 20 to 30 seconds. Small rolls may only need 2o seconds, medium/regular sized about 30 seconds, and large rolls could require 35 to 45 seconds. After reheating, remove from the microwave, add the frosting, and enjoy!

Helpful tips for reheating cinnamon rolls.

Suppose the rolls are a bit dry. Sprinkle the rolls with a few drops of water and on a microwave-safe plate, cook for 20 seconds. Also, adding a small amount of butter before reheating will help quell any dryness.

If your microwave is not working, you could use the traditional oven. Preheat oven to 350. Set the rolls on a greased baking pan or cookie sheet. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes. Remove from oven and apply the icing.

Can you make Pillsbury cinnamon rolls in the microwave?

Yes! Pillsbury encourages using the microwave for making their well-loved cinnamon rolls. Firstly, remove the uncooked rolls from the package, place them on a microwave-safe plate, and microwave on high for 30 seconds. Remove from microwave and apply the icing. Do not heat the icing.

Fresly baked cinnamon buns with selective focus on standing front one.

How to cook cinnamon rolls in a convection microwave

Prepare the dough as directed. Once the dough is ready for baking, only use the convection setting for baking purposes. Reduce the baking temperature by 25 degrees from what the recipe calls for in a traditional oven. For example, the recipe calls for 400 degrees; set your convection microwave at 375 degrees.

Also, read the owner's manual for your convection microwave if you misplaced the manual. Visit the manufacturers' website; most companies have the manuals on the website available for download.

Read the instructions and recipe temperature guidelines to substitute the bake time and oven temperatures correctly. Following the instructions will assist in better outcomes, and it will also keep you safe from accidental fires and appliance issues.

How the convection microwave differs from a traditional oven or microwave

A convection microwave is a multi-use appliance that offers the convenience of a microwave coupled with a convection oven. Typically, convection microwave appliances will have two modes, one standard microwave mode and a second convection mode. Also, some models have a combination setting the utilizes different aspects of both features to cook food faster—an ideal appliance for small apartment kitchens, tiny houses, and RVs.

How to use a convection microwave for baking purposes

Only use the convection setting when you are preparing baked goods. Reduce the recipes' temperature by 25 degrees from what the recipe calls for when using a traditional oven.  Use bakeware with lower sides; this will help distribute the convection airflow to bake more evenly.

Safety considerations

  • Only use metal pans when the appliance is on convection mode -- never for the standard microwave mode or dual-mode; this will cause the metal to melt inside the appliance and, in some cases, could cause an appliance fire.
  • Always monitor your food when inside the convection microwave. The increased speed of the appliance could lead to easily overcooking or burning the foods.
  • Utilize the round convection rack for the best quality of airflow while cooking. Also, this will prevent one side of your dish from cooking faster than the opposite side.
  • Always remove the hot pans with oven mitts.

In Closing

Using the microwave is an easy and quick option for busy people with limited time for food preparation. However, be mindful to always keep plenty of microwave-safe cups and plates in your home to ensure effective and safe microwave cooking. Please visit soon to learn more time-saving tips and tricks.

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