Can You Make A Latte With An Espresso Machine?

You are probably wondering whether or not you can make a latte with an espresso machine. You have come to the right place. We have researched all about how to make a latte with an espresso machine.

All you need to make a latte with an espresso machine is steamed milk. If your espresso machine did not come with a steamer attachment, you should be able to purchase one separately.

Don't stop here. Keep reading to learn more about the differences between an espresso machine and a latte machine, how to make an iced latte with an espresso machine, how many shots of espresso are in an iced latte, and more.

A white cup stands in a espresso machine in the process of making coffee, Can You Make A Latte With An Espresso Machine?

Making A Latte With An Espresso Machine

In order to make a latte, you need either strongly brewed coffee or espresso. You also need steamed milk. Having steamed and frothed milk makes a huge difference.

You can get a steam attachment for your espresso machine for the purpose of steaming milk. There will then be a wand attached to the machine that is for steaming and frothing the milk. Steaming milk heats it up, and lightly frothing it adds volume and yields a creamier texture.


What is the difference between an espresso machine and a latte machine?

Espresso machines make shots of espresso. Espresso is the main ingredient in a latte. You can have a single or double shot of espresso in a latte.

In order to be a latte and not just espresso, you have to add steamed milk. This changes the flavor by making it not quite as bold of a taste of espresso. Steaming milk to add to espresso will make a rich and creamy beverage.

An espresso machine does not necessarily have the components to make a latte. Typical espresso machines, especially those on the less expensive end of the spectrum, are not equipped with a frothing and steaming wand. This attachment has to be purchased separately in most cases.

You can check the original packaging or product description before you purchase the machine so that you can be sure you are getting what you want. A latte machine is made with the intention of steaming and frothing milk. That is the main difference between an espresso machine and a latte machine.

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How Do you Steam Milk for a Latte at Home?

Pouring a cup of hot steaming milk

If you want to steam milk for a latte at home, you certainly can. There are a few methods to choose from. You can use your stovetop, the microwave, or a mason jar.

As for those of you who would like to use your stovetop for steaming milk, start by picking out a small pot, then turn the heating element for your stovetop to low or low-medium heat and place the pot on top of it. Continue to stir it in a gentle motion until the temperature of the milk reaches 150 °F.

The less milk there is, the more often you should stir it to keep it from boiling over or scalding. You should not exceed medium heat due to the fact that milk scalds easily. This process only takes between one and three minutes. Double boiling is one way to warm milk up that does not scald as easily.

Double boiling is when you use two pots that are slightly different in size so that one fits inside of the other. You start out by filling the bigger pot with water half full. Bring that water to a gentle boil, then place the pot with milk in it into the pot with hot water and let the water heat the pot with milk up.

If you would like to use your microwave to steam milk for a latte, all you need is a microwave-safe cup, mug, or bowl. This only takes about twenty to thirty seconds for one-quarter of one cup. To warm up a little more than average which would be half of one cup to one cup, heat the milk for thirty to forty-five seconds.

How to Froth Milk

To make a latte at home that has a lighter texture, you can use a milk frother. Doing so results in more volume for your drink as well. It aerates milk, which turns it into a heavy and thick foam.

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It will save you from dirtying a dish or two to choose this next option. You can steam milk using a mason jar. Start out by filling a mason jar about one-quarter of the way full.

Microwave the mason jar with milk in it uncovered for about thirty seconds. If it is not hot enough, continue to warm it until it is 150 °F. It is a good idea to check the temperature every ten seconds to be sure you do not overheat it.

Next, carefully take the mason jar out of your microwave. Screw the lid back on, then shake the jar until you have the amount of froth that you want. Whichever method you use, add the milk to your coffee after steaming it, then enjoy your delicious drink.

How to Make an Iced Latte with an Espresso Machine

Espresso coffee poured into iced milk

Making an iced latte with an espresso machine is a fairly simple task. First, you make one or two shots of espresso, depending on how you like your latte. If you like your latte to be a little stronger and taste more like espresso, use a double shot.

After making your single or double shot of espresso, all you need to do is froth milk. It is not necessary to steam it because you are going to be drinking this beverage cold. Add the frothed milk to the desired amount of espresso and pour it over ice. You can add ice from the beginning if you choose.

If you have ice in a glass from the beginning, it will somewhat cool the espresso during the process. An alternative to this is to brew the espresso ahead of time and allow it to cool before making an iced latte. As long as you have espresso, frothed milk, and ice together, you have an iced latte.

Whole milk is the preferred choice for iced coffee. It offers a richness that milk with less fat does not have. If you are on a lower-fat diet or prefer not to consume whole milk, you may want to opt for less rich milk or almond, coconut, or soy milk.

How Many Shots of Espresso are in an Iced Latte?

Coffee machine pours espresso shot into a glass of cold fresh milk

Typically there are two shots of espresso in an iced latte. This is approximately one hundred and twenty-six milligrams of caffeine per iced latte. Twelve ounces of coffee usually has more caffeine than an iced latte.

Some people prefer more espresso than others. If you enjoy the strong taste or the amount of caffeine, then how many shots of espresso are in your iced latte becomes more of a personal choice.


You can make a latte using an espresso machine as long as you have the right attachment. All you need to turn espresso into a latte is steamed milk. If you do not have the right attachment, you can still make the espresso using an espresso machine and then steam the milk separately.

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