Can You Bake Bread In A Glass Loaf Pan? Does It Take Longer?

Loaf pans come in many sizes and are made from many different materials for baking endless types of bread. You may often find yourself just reaching for a loaf pan without much thought about what material the pan is made out of. It may surprise you to find out that different materials will bake bread loaves differently, and glass pans are no exception. We have searched many sources to bring you an inclusive selection of bread and how they bake when using glass pans.

With so many types of bread available, narrowing down your choices can come down to the type of pan you have available. As you may well know, different types of bread call for different baking methods. Glass is usually an option for any bread you decide to make. 

Deciding on a type of bread to bake in your glass pan is only the first of many decisions that you will likely have to make. You may ask yourself what the best types of pans for baking bread are. You may wonder how long to bake certain loaves of bread in specific pans and what types of pans bake bread faster. We will discuss all of these points and other closely related topics in more depth; just keep reading!

Beautifuly baken bread loafs with golden tops in glass loaf pan, Can You Bake Bread In A Glass Loaf Pan? Does It Take Longer?

Types of Bread to Bake in Glass Pans

White bread

There's nothing like the scent of fresh-baked traditional white bread. A glass pan can be useful when baking white bread because you will see the color of the crust as it cooks.

Checking white bread for doneness about 5 to 10 minutes early is recommended when using a glass pan. Make sure to grease your pan well and leave it to cool in the pan no longer than about five minutes.

Beautifuly baken bread loafs with golden tops in glass loaf pan, Can You Bake Bread In A Glass Loaf Pan? Does It Take Longer?

Sourdough bread

When baking sourdough bread, it is recommended to use a Pyrex glass dish with a lid. Sourdough bread is often baked in a dutch oven, and Pyrex dishes mimic the effects of the dutch oven.

Other glass pans can also be used to bake this bread. Check your sourdough bread after about 30 minutes for a hollow-sounding base that will indicate doneness.

freshly baked loaf in glass loaf pan


While many people may tell you that cornbread is best baked in a castiron skillet, cornbread can also be baked in a glass pan. Baking your cornbread in a glass pan will most likely result in a crispier and browner crust than with other pans.

Cornbread in a glass pan should be baked at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 25 to 30 minutes or until a knife or toothpick inserted into the center of the bread comes out clean.

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are an all-time favorite dessert bread. Glass and ceramic pans are highly recommended for baking cinnamon rolls.

Coating the glass or ceramic pan with cooking spray before baking your cinnamon rolls plays a considerable role in easily removing cinnamon rolls from your glass or ceramic pan. After a generous coat of baking spray, you should bake your cinnamon rolls for 13 to 17 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Coffee Cake

Another option in desserts that can be baked in a glass pan is a traditional coffee cake. There are several different ways to make this dessert, which will work well in a glass pan.

Because of the layers that make up a coffee cake, the baking temperature is lower than other bread. This particular cake should be baked at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 25 minutes. You can gauge the doneness of this cake when it doesn't shake or jiggle when shaking the pan.

Luxurious Tiramisu cake in a glass on a dark background decorated with mint

Is it better to bake bread in glass or metal?

Metal is a heat conductor and a better choice in material for baking bread. Aluminum is an optimal metal material for baking pans.

The darker the metal, the quicker that it will absorb heat. A light-colored metal pan is best for ensuring that heat is transferred smoothly and evenly across the pan's surface and through your batter or dough.

Can I bake bread in Pyrex glass?

While it is possible to bake bread in Pyrex glass, many experts do not recommend it. Pyrex is a type of glass that is great for baking many things but can be affected by large temperature fluctuations.

Because parts of the glass can expand and contract at different times, Pyrex can shatter with extreme temperatures. For this reason, it isn't the best type of pan for bread, which requires a high baking temperature.

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How long to bake banana bread in a glass loaf pan?

Homemade banana bread with raisins on a white dish with a banana against a white background


Because glass pans can hold onto heat longer and get hotter than metal, adjust the temperature when baking banana bread in a glass loaf pan. Glass pans can cause bread to become darker on the outside faster, so many experts recommend decreasing the time to bake your banana bread in a glass pan by 10 minutes or so.

Lowering your oven temperature by 25 degrees Fahrenheit can also help to compensate for the difference in cooking. Checking on your bread frequently is critical when using a glass loaf pan.

Does bread bake faster in a glass pan?

Because glass and metal conduct heat differently, baking bread in these two types of pans will call for some minor adjustments. Metal pans will heat faster, but glass pans will get hotter once heated.

Glass pans will retain also heat longer. Most experts recommend a slightly longer baking time or a slightly lower temperature when using a glass pan.

What is the best pan to bake bread in?

Opinions vary greatly among baking pans. While some sources recommend aluminum for baking bread, others endorse ceramic pans.

Aluminum pans offer a durable material that comes in nonstick finishes that make release and clean-up a breeze. Ceramic is also a durable material that comes in different colors to match your decor and offers a nonstick finish.

What can I use instead of a loaf pan?

Baking bread doesn't necessarily require the use of a loaf pan. Casserole dishes and cake pans both make suitable replacements for the standard loaf pan.

Skillets are versatile, making them another option for baking small loaves of bread. If you are baking bread that can maintain its shape relatively easily, a sheet pan can be used to bake your loaf.

What is the difference between a loaf pan and a bread pan?

Bread can be baked in pans of various sizes and shapes. Different shaped pans will bake bread slightly differently depending on the texture of the dough.

The most popular pan for baking bread is the elongated loaf pan. Loaf pans can also come in different sizes but are mostly rectangular shaped.

Does a glass pan affect baking time?

Glass is an insulator, so it will take slightly longer to get the heat to your batter or dough. Because glass takes longer to heat, the center of your bread will take longer to cook, and it may be easier to overcook the outer surface of your bread.

Decreasing your baking time by three to five minutes will usually help prevent burning the outside of your bread. Glass pans can protect the bottom of your bread from turning dark because the glass absorbs the heat.

Does glass bake faster than metal?

Because it takes longer for heat to transfer to your batter or dough in a glass pan, your bread may not bake as fast as it might in a metal pan.

Metal pans are also great for a crispier crust, but glass pans can be useful for baking bread because you can see all of the surfaces of the bread while it is actively baking.  Glass does not release bread as easily as metal pans so make sure to grease your glass pan well.

Final thoughts

While the material of pan that you bake in has probably never been much of a consideration, it can make all the difference in your baking. Baking bread has historically been and still is to this day an act of love.

Bread is the ultimate in comfort foods. We hope that the information that we have provided in this article has inspired your baking journey.

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