Can I Shred Chicken In My Ninja Blender? [Yes! Here’s How]

Shredding chicken for recipes can be a very time-consuming process. If you have a Ninja Blender, you've probably wondered if you can shred chicken using it and how you can do it. We've done some research and have the answer to this query below!

Shredding chicken in the Ninja Blender is very easy. Cook the chicken until it is tender, and chop it into chunks big enough to fit in the blender. Next, grab your Ninja and put the chicken pieces inside. Using the 'pulse' function, shred the chicken.

Using a Ninja blender to shred chicken is a great way to utilize the appliance other than blending smoothies. In this post, we will show you the steps to use the Ninja blender for shredding. We'll also suggest how you can use your shredded chicken for some quick recipes, so stay tuned!

Can I Shred Chicken In My Ninja Blender?

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Shredding chicken for a recipe can be tedious, especially if you need a lot of it.

Sometimes, people skip out on recipes that use shredded chicken because it's time-consuming, and nobody wants to deal with this amount of prep work when hungry.

Fortunately, all this preparation can easily be done if you have food processing appliances at home. One of the best brands (and also one of the most popular) is the Ninja food processing system. They have food processors, blenders, and kitchen systems that can cater to jobs like this in the kitchen.

The Ninja kitchen systems is a popular brand for high-powered, best blade quality kitchen tools. They have appliances that can do the job of preparing ingredients and meals for half the time, thanks to their high-powered motors.

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If you have a Ninja blender at home, you won't have to worry about spending time just shredding chicken. One of the features of the Ninja blender is the ability to blend, chop, and shred food according to your needs.

The quality of the blades will allow you to shed the cooked and prepared chicken to the quality you'd like for your dishes.

How To Shred Chicken In A Ninja Blender

Ninja Juicer with bowl of apples on a table, Can I Shred Chicken In My Ninja Blender? [Yes! Here's How]

Before throwing your chicken in the blender, ensure that you have the dough blade installed in the appliance.

Typically, you will use the Total Crushing Blade of the Ninja blender if you are working with smoothies or purées, but using this blade will turn your cooked chicken into baby food in minutes.

  1. Cook the chicken meat to the desired tenderness for shredding. Make sure to chop the chicken into appropriate-sized chunks for shredding.
  2. Place the dough blade in the Ninja blender. Carefully assemble the blades and make sure they are attached correctly.
  3. Plug the appliance into an electrical outlet. Remove the cover of the Ninja blender.
  4. Put the chunks of cooked chicken inside the blender.
  5. Cover the blender with the lid, and press the "pulse" button in short bursts. Do not press the pulse button for long because it will start blending your chicken.
  6. Watch the chicken and check to see if you are getting the shreds you like. Ensure not to overdo the pulsing of the blades to prevent making ground chicken.
  7. Once you find the chicken shredded to your liking, stop the Ninja blender and remove the freshly shredded chicken to a new bowl.

Can I Grind Raw Chicken In The Ninja Blender?

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Aside from shredding cooked chicken on the Ninja blender, you can also do other preparations with this appliance. Sometimes, a recipe will call for ground chicken, and you only have regular boneless chicken breasts in your refrigerator.

Fortunately, you can easily grind the chicken breasts in your Ninja blender to use in your meal preparation.

It would help if you chopped up the boneless chicken breasts like shredding the chicken before grinding.

Make sure that no bones or small particles might get in the way of your ground chicken. Use the chopping or shredding blade for grinding the raw chicken.

Pulse the chicken until you get the quality ground chicken you like.

Are There Other Ways To Shred Chicken?

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If you don't have a Ninja blender or a food processor in your possession, you can still shred your cooked chicken, although it can be a little more tedious to do. This method will require a little work and a lot of patience.

After cooking the chicken to the right amount of tenderness, allow it to cool before shredding. There are three ways you can alternatively shred chicken without using a blender or a food processor.

Shred Your Chicken With A Fork

The easy and probably one of the most popular ways to shred chicken is by using your trusty dinner forks. It would help if you simply had two forks, a wide chopping board, and the energy to shred the chicken.

Hold down the cooked chicken breast using one fork, and use the other to shred the chicken gently. You can do this by going with the chicken's grain to break up the meat quickly.

Do this until you've shredded all the chicken that you need for the recipe.

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Alternatively, you can also use Bear Claws for shredding your chicken. Usually, this kitchen tool is used for shredding bigger chunks of meat like beef or pork, but you can also use them for chicken.

They work similarly to forks but are much more comfortable to handle because of their size.

Use Your Hands

If you want a more homemade feel to your shredded chicken, there is no better tool than your hands. Shred the chicken using your hands by tearing the meat apart.

Make sure to work with cooled cooked chicken to prevent injury and burning your hands when handling the meat.

Beat The Chicken With A Hand/Stand Mixer

Another alternative that you can use is your good old hand mixer or stand mixer. The beater blades of the mixer are dull enough to shred the cooked chicken without beating them to a pulp.

Using the stand mixer, use the mixing paddle instead of the whisk attachment.

If you wish to shred chicken using this method, make sure to use a deep bowl to prevent the shredded chicken from flying all over the kitchen.

Put them in the bowl, making sure to put just enough meat. Using the beater attachment or the mixing paddle attachment, beat the cooked chicken and watch them until they reach your desired shredded consistency.

What Are The Best Ways To Use Shredded Chicken?

Homemade slow cooker chicken taco with corn served on rustic ceramic plate on wooden table, mexican style

There are a lot of ways in which you can use shredded chicken for cooking.

Unlike your regular cooked chicken breasts, shredded chicken can be the main star of your dish or an additional ingredient to the dish you are making. Here are some of the most popular dishes you can create using shredded chicken.


Shredded chicken tacos are also highly customizable to cater to different palates. You can make them kid-friendly, or you can make them bursting with spice for the adults.

In many chicken taco recipes, you'll find that you can also use leftover shredded chicken for other meals like burrito bowls or chips.


Chili doesn't always have to be made with rich, hearty pork or beef. For a lighter version, you can always use shredded chicken s the meat of choice.

Chicken chili also takes less time to cook, so that everyone will be happy for dinner in no time.

Pulled Sandwiches

Quite possibly the most popular recipe you can get out of shredded meat, pulled chicken sandwiches can make anybody happy, whether for lunch or dinner.

This is an easy recipe; you can freeze the pulled portions for future mealtimes.


An alternative to ground meats, hams, or sausages on pizza is well-seasoned shredded chicken.

The most popular recipe you can make out of shredded chicken is BBQ Chicken Pizza, and this recipe is going to be well-loved by everyone.

To Wrap Up

Ninja Juicer with bowl of apples on a table

Shredding chicken shouldn't be hard if you use the right tools. Ninja blenders are great at shredding chicken or grinding them raw, so you get a lot of use out of this appliance.

Enjoy dinners with your family without taking too long to prep ingredients, making you want to cook more daily.

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