Food processors are best known for their ability to chop and mince nearly any type of fruit or vegetable in seconds or less. But do they spiralize? Or offer capabilities outside of the traditional uses of dicing, slicing, and mincing? We've researched this question and have found substantial results to share with you.

Absolutely, a food processor can spiralize with the correct attachment blade engineered for the task. Simply attach the spiralizing attachments, and within moments the food processor turns ordinary vegetables into colorfully healthy zoodles and other enticing veggie entrees. However, there are brands and models that do not offer the added convenience of a spiralizer attachment. 

Are you curious about learning more about another feature offered by the ever-versatile food processor? Perhaps you have a food processor and are wondering how to use the additional spiralizer attachments? Or maybe you are interested in purchasing a new food processor and would like to learn which brands offer spiralizer capabilities. Would you please continue reading? We have a great deal of educational and exciting information to share with you on this topic.

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Can a food processor make zoodles?

Using a food processor is one of the easiest and quickest methods to creating zoodles in your home kitchen. To accomplish this tasty task with a food processor, the appliance must have spiralizer attachments. Without those particular attachments designed especially for this task, the food processor will chop or mince the zucchinis instead of turning those into long healthful zoodles.

Depending on the brand or model of your food processor, you may be able to order the spiralizer attachments directly from the manufacturer. Before ordering, visit the manufacturer's website to ensure that you order the correct attachments for your model.

Word of caution -do not purchase random spiralizer attachments. If those attachments were not engineered for your model, those could break or damage the appliance.

Perhaps you are wondering how long to cook zoodles for the best results possible? Click here to read our article that explains the topic in depth.

Dietary zucchini pasta in a bowl

Does a Kitchenaid food processor Spiralize?

KitchenAid food processor models do perform a plethora of impressive tasks. However, KitchenAid does not have a spiralizer attachment, specifically for food processor models. Moreover, KitchenAid has a spiralizer attachment for the standing mixers that will create various sizes and shapes of spiralized vegetables.

Empire Red coloured Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer, angled front view on red tiled background with flat beater attachment and bowl

The spiralizer plus peel, core, and slice attachment easily attach to any household KitchenAid standing mixer model. Offering the home cook multiple options via six unique quick-change blades to tackle an array of vegetables via three spiralizers, three slicings, and a peeling blade.

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How do I use my Cuisinart food processor with a Spiralizer?

The Cuisinart food elemental food processor comes with spiralizer blades-- three unique blades that spiralize vegetables into various shapes and sizes. This trio is comprised of the angel hair cut disc, spaghetti cut disc, and ribbon cut disc.

  • The angel hair blade is used for making extremely thin vegetable noodles that create healthful alternatives for those who are gluten-free.
  • The spaghetti blade was designed for cutting fruits and vegetables into long strains that could be used for pasta, stir-fries, and salads.
  • The ribbon blade creates short and wide slices that are excellent for air fryers and french fry alternatives.

Also, all of these blades are fantastic for making unique salad and plate garnishes.

Step-by-step how to use the Cuisinart spiralizer

Using the spiralizer attachments correctly, start by setting the food processor on a solid surface like a kitchen countertop or table. Then, insert the stem adaptor into the mixing/working bowl and place the disc holder onto the mixing bowl. It will click in place.

Next, set one of the blades into the disc holder and turn the blade to the right to secure it in place. Be sure to wash and trim the ends of the fruits or vegetables before placing them into the feeding tube.

Turn the appliance on and choose the high or low setting for slow or rapid spiralizing. Set the washed and trimmed vegetable into the spiralizer feeding tube and gently press it down with the spiralizer pusher until the vegetables are all the way through. Keep a watchful eye on the mixing bowl, it will fill quickly with colorful vegetables.

Empty the mixing bowl when full or finished with the vegetables. Next, remove the blades and wash those by hand in the kitchen sink with warm water and dish soap. Thoroughly wash the mixing bowl, feeding tube, and spiralizer pusher-- these parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

Tips and suggestions for using the Cuisinart spiralizer attachments

  • Always cut the fruits and vegetables to fit the height and width of the feeding tube. If they are longer or wider than the feeding tube, it will be difficult to maintain consistency in the size of the ribbons or zoodles.
  • Use light, consistent pressure when pressing the spiralizer pusher. Inconsistent pressure will create uneven and jagged veggie ribbons and zoodles.
  • Remove the tips of the vegetables to avoid slippage.
  • Always turn the blades to the right when inserting and to the left for removal.
  • Wash all parts of the food processor after each use.
  • Unplug the food processor while cleaning.

Handling sharp blades can be unnerving. Consider wearing cut gloves to reduce the risk of injury.

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Which food processor has a Spiralizer?

The current marketplace offers the modern consumer a varied range of food processors with spiralizing capabilities or attachments that you could purchase. Moreover, some brands and models do not have the option to add spiralizer attachments.

Before shopping for your next food processor or accessories, do perform a bit of research and decipher your price range and which features are must-haves for your kitchen. Also, what aesthetic aspects are important to you, colors, sizes, etc. Having an idea of your ideal food processor will make the shopping experience much more enjoyable and simpler.

Cuisinart food processor options

The Cuisinart Elemental food processor not only has rave reviews, but its diversity is also nearly unsurpassed by its competitors for its durability, functionality, and it is compatible with Cuisinarts spiralizer accessories.

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The Cuisinart Elemental food processor requires the Cuisinart spiral accessory kit, which comprises a BPA- free spiralizer cover, feeding tube, pusher, angel hair, spaghetti, ribbon disc blades, and a handy disc holder. 

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Cuisinart also offers another option for spiralizer attachments that will fit the Elemental 13-cup food processor or other 13-cup Cuisinart food processors. The accessory set arrives with a BPA-free spiralizer cover, feeding tube, food pusher, spaghetti cut disc, ribbon cut disc, and a disc holder.

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The Hamilton Beach Professional Stack & Snap Food Processor for slicing is a highly versatile food processor that doubles as a spiralizer and arrives with several attachments, including spiral and ribbon blades. Adjustable slicing blades have six unique settings, a reversible shredding blade, and an S-blade for chopping and pureeing. Also, this food processor arrives with a dough blade for making loaves of bread and pastries.

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Safety precautions for food processor usage

  • Don't wear loose-fitting clothes while operating the food processor.
  • Keep hair tied back or tuck it under a cap.
  • Never wear a tie or long necklace while operating the food processor.
  • Keep small children and pets out of the kitchen while using the food processor.
  • Do not leave the food processor plugged in unattended.
  • Keep the cord away from stovetops or other hot surfaces.
  • Do not allow the processor to sit near any standing water.
  • Wear cut gloves when handing or washing the blades.
  • Never use silverware or fingers to push foods through the feeding tube.

In Closing

Food processors have been a small appliance staple in the kitchen for home cooks and professionals for several decades. There are few culinary prep tasks that this brilliant appliance can't tackle in a matter of seconds or minutes. We truly hope this article has helped educate you regarding the many functions of food processors. Please visit soon for more informative culinary inspirations! Happy cooking and creating!

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