Can Coffee Be Too Fine For An Espresso Machine?

Do you need to know if your coffee can be too fine for an espresso machine? Well, we have researched this question and have some answers for you. It is essential to know if you are grinding your coffee too fine for an espresso machine if you value a consistent tasting espresso.

Coffee can be too fine for an espresso machine. If the coffee is too fine, the tastes may vary significantly between espresso shots.

This article will learn if coffee can be too fine for an espresso machine. We will also cover other interesting related questions like, do you need special coffee for espresso, and does a finer grind make stronger coffee? Keep reading to learn more.

Making coffee by the master barista in the cafeteria finely grinding mixed aromatic coffee, from the beans in the grinder for further preparation of coffee, Can Coffee Be Too Fine For An Espresso Machine?

Can Coffee Be Too Fine For An Espresso Machine?

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When you grind coffee for an espresso machine, you may be curious what level or grind makes the best espresso. Many think that the finer you grind the coffee beans, the better the flavor will be. There is some truth to this but, it isn't the whole picture.

When you grind coffee beans, you increase the surface area of the beans. The additional surface area allows more coffee to contact the water enabling the extra flavor to seep into the water.

This may cause you to reason that a finer coffee means a stronger espresso. This is true to a point but, if your coffee is ground too fine, it may make it weaker. To know why this happens, you have to understand the physics at play here.

What Happens If Coffee Is Ground Too Fine?

When coffee is ground too fine, something interesting happens. The fine particles of coffee can clump together to form a waterproof layer. When the water is introduced, instead of flowing straight through the coffee beans, it may take an irregular path through the ground beans, potentially missing a portion of the coffee grounds.

This can lead to unpredictable results from your espresso machine. Sometimes your coffee may taste strong, and other times it may taste weak.

The solution to produce a consistently similar cup of espresso is to grind the beans fine but not so fine that they can pack together and form a water-tight layer.

How Fine Do Coffee Grounds Need To Be For Espresso?

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So if you need to have your coffee ground more coarse to prevent irregular cups of espresso, how fine should you grind your coffee? When looking for the right grind level for your coffee, something to keep in mind is that a finer grind does produce a more flavorful espresso as long as it isn't so fine that it impedes the flow of water.

When coffee grounds are too fine, they will resemble a fine powder. You want a fine grind, but you will want to avoid a fine powder consistency.

If you use an automatic coffee grinder, you should not set it to its most fine setting. Try setting it to one step more coarse than maximum fine to get the right grind level.

If you are using a hand grinder, keep an eye on the texture of the ground coffee. Be sure to adjust the grind setting if it starts to approach a fine powder.

If water can flow unimpeded through the coffee grounds, you shouldn't have any issues creating a reliably consistent cup of espresso.

Do You Need Special Coffee For Espresso?

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You do not need a special coffee to make espresso. You can use any coffee bean to make a cup of espresso. This may have you wondering why companies sell coffee beans in espresso blends. The reason for this is consistency.

Coffee beans are roasted before they are shipped to your store. The longer the beans are roasted, the darker the roast on the beans. Espresso blends often use only the darkest roasts of coffee beans. The selection of only the darkest roasted beans has to do with carbon dioxide.

Roasted coffee beans contain carbon dioxide that is released when it is brewed. This creates a foam on top of your espresso called crema. Crema adds complex flavors to your espresso but has a catch.

The carbon dioxide in the beans slowly decreases over three weeks after they are roasted. Darker roasted coffee beans have more carbon dioxide released before brewing and so do not change flavors over time.

If you use coffee beans with a lighter roast, the espresso may have a different level of crema as the coffee beans age. Espresso brands select darker roasted beans for espresso blends to combat these inconsistencies.

Does A Finer Grind Make Stronger Coffee?

If you grind your coffee finer, it will create a stronger coffee. However, as mentioned previously, if your coffee grind is so fine that it prevents water from flowing through properly, it may make a weaker coffee.

If you desire the strongest coffee possible, try grinding the coffee fine, but not so fine that water can't fully flow through it.

If you are looking for a way to get the perfect grind level, check out some of these coffee grinders.

Best Coffee Grinders For A Perfect Level Of Grind

Barista is grinding coffee beans with manual stainless steel grinder to make black coffee

The following coffee grinders allow for a high level of control over how fine you grind your coffee beans. Creating a fine ground coffee without it being too fine is essential for a strong and consent cup of espresso.

Chefman Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

You can find this product here on Amazon.

The Chefman Conical Burr Coffee Grinder gives the power of how fine you want your coffee ground to you. With 31 settings from coarse to extra fine, you will be able to strictly control your coffee beans' coarseness.

With this product, if you want the strongest espresso possible, try setting the machine to level 30 or 29. If you try to grind the coffee at level 31, you may find that it is too fine to allow the water to properly flow through the grounds, weakening your espresso's taste.

This product also comes with an elevating rubber mat and a cleaning brush to make cleaning up afterward easy. Its digital display also has a one-touch grinding button that makes grinding your coffee beans the perfect level simple.

Laralov Automatic Coffee Grinder

You can find this product here on Amazon.

The Laralov Automatic Coffee Grinder is a great coffee grinder for controlling how ground you want your coffee beans. This coffee grinder has two different speed settings for adjusting how fast it grinds the coffee beans.

It can grind coffee beans fine in the fastest setting in 10 to 15 seconds. This speed is due to its 350-watt motor that packs enough power for a fast fine grind.

This product also has a pulse setting to increase how fine your coffee grounds incrementally. This pulse setting will allow you to have a great deal of control over how coarse your coffee grounds are. Remember not to over-grind your coffee beans to ensure a strong, rich taste.

Additionally, the Laralov Automatic Coffee Grinder works well for herbs, nuts, grains, and beans, making it an excellent product for any kitchen.

Mr. Coffee Automatic Coffee Grinder

You can find this product here on Amazon.

The Mr. Coffee Automatic Coffee Grinder has 18 different grind levels to allow you to choose the perfect level of grind for your coffee beans.

If you want to extract the most flavor from your coffee beans, you may wish to avoid grind levels 17 and 18 as they may produce ground coffee that is too fine. Level 16 should create the strongest espresso by being as fine as possible without impeding water flow.

This product can hold up to a half-pound of coffee beans, allowing you to make many cups of coffee or espresso without refilling the bean holder.

If you are looking for a product that reliably puts control over the coarseness of your ground coffee, look no further than the Mr. Coffee Automatic Coffee Grinder.

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Bean Grinder

You can find this product here on Amazon.

Not all coffee grinders that offer high levels of control over grind levels are electric. This manual coffee grinder has eighteen different levels of grind that allow you to select how coarse you want your coffee carefully.

This product is also much more portable than an electric coffee grinder. It also doesn't require any electricity. If you are looking for a less noisy, more potable coffee grinder that still gives you great control over the coarseness of your coffee, try the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Bean Grinder.

Final Thoughts

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This article taught that you could grind coffee too fine for an espresso machine. Ground coffee that is too fine will not allow water to flow correctly, removing consistency from your espresso.

We also learned that you don't need a special coffee for espresso. However, dark roasts are preferred because they are more consistent over time when making espresso.

Remember that fine ground coffee will make a stronger espresso unless it is too finely ground.

We hope you enjoyed this article. If you want to learn more, check out some of these other posts.

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