What Color Cabinets Go With Brown Countertops?

Kitchens are unarguably one of the most widely used spaces in your home. Choosing a cabinet and countertop color combination that fits your needs and style can be challenging. Luckily, we have searched multiple sources to bring you a wide selection of cabinet colors that go with brown countertops.

If you are questioning what color cabinets to pair with your brown countertops, we have a few options for you. These include:

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Grey
  4. Beige
  5. Greige
  6. Distressed wood
  7. Chocolate wood
  8. Green
  9. Light blue
  10. Navy blue
  11. Teal
  12. Red
  13. Yellow
  14. Orange
  15. Purple

Choosing a color for your cabinets is only one of many questions you may encounter during your kitchen project. You may ask what color floors to select or if you can easily replace countertops.

Additionally, you may wonder if certain countertop materials are outdated and whether they should match cabinets. We will answer all of these questions and discuss other closely related topics; keep reading!

A blue themed rustic themed kitchen area with blue colors cabinets and brown countertops, What Color Cabinets Go With Brown Countertops?

1. Black

One of the most popular dark neutrals, black cabinets make the perfect color companion for your brown countertops. Deep black cabinets contrast the warm tones of brown countertops for a well-balanced look.

Black painted wooden drawers and cabinets under the breakfast bar with a countertop made from hard wood

This color scheme is simple yet elegant. Because of the simplistic design, you can choose from any number of accent colors.

2. White

Wooden countertop on the breakfast bar and the main kitchen area paired with white kitchen cabinets

A crisp, clean shade of white will brighten up your space and can be the perfect color companion to your brown countertops. White is a classic light neutral, making it easy to pair with any other accent color.

White kitchens have recently become hugely popular but can be difficult to maintain. Brown countertops will break up the white tones and create an alluring ambiance that requires less upkeep.

3. Grey

Grey has become one of the most popular colors in home decor. Shades of grey are mixtures of black and white, making this color the perfect cool neutral.

Hardwood countertop on the breakfast bar and matched with gray cabinets and cupboards

Pairing grey with warm shades of brown softens the color palette and brings some brightness into the space. The orangish-brown shade and grey are also popular color schemes because of the beautiful bright contrast.

4. Beige

Beige can be the perfect color for your cabinets for a warmer neutral. That said, beige is a subtle brown shade making it a natural match for brown shades.

The beige cabinets bring out the beige tones in the brown granite countertops. Dark hardware adds some deep accent color and detail to this look while also bringing out the deeper brown tones within the granite.

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5. Greige

As the grey trend fades out, greige is emerging as the new leader in neutral home interior colors. A subtle mixture of grey and beige, greige is the best of cool and warm neutral colors.

Greige provides a subtle yet beautiful contrast to the color brown. Deep brown floors create a cohesive look in this kitchen space.

6. Distressed Wood

Wooden cabinets in an old rustic kitchen

Generally, wood tones bring out a tranquil feel in your space. They are naturally beautiful and alluring.

Pairing distressed wood with any shade of brown countertops can create an inviting ambiance. This coppery brown is the perfect bright shade to pair with the dull shade of distressed wood.

7. Chocolate Wood

Tranquil wood tones come in endless shades. Using darker tones of brown wood for your cabinet color can create a sleek modern look.

Combining deep wood-toned cabinets with your brown cabinets creates a dramatic calming effect in your kitchen. Dark wood tones can make large kitchens feel a bit more intimate.

8. Green

Inspired by nature, green and brown are organic pairing. A balanced look of cool and warm shades is created with this color palette.

Green cabinets can give your space a peaceful ambiance. They will also bring out the specs of green color in your brown granite countertops.

9. Light Blue

Light blue painted kitchen cabinet panels matched with wooden cabinets

Shades of blue and brown are complimentary on the color wheel, making them the perfect color pairing. These light shades of brown and blue create a beautiful calming feel in this kitchen.

The combination of warm and cool shades creates a balanced look in your space. Black hardware adds a detailed look to this color scheme.

10. Navy Blue

Light-colored cabinets may not be functional in your home, especially if you have children. For a richer color palette that hides messy stains better, consider navy blue cabinets.

Pairing this deep, intriguing shade of blue with brown countertops will still create a beautiful complimentary color scheme. The bronze backsplash adds a unique warm metallic accent that completes this look.

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11. Teal

A cool tropical mixture of blue and green, teal cabinets will give your space a radiant and colorful look. Pairing this unique color with brown countertops will tone down the vibrant color.

Colorful backsplash tile brings these contrasting colors together for a gorgeous color scheme. Different styles of knobs complete this eclectic look.

12. Red

Red aluminum panels on the kitchen cabinets with matching brown marble countertop

Consider using red cabinets for a vibrant color pairing for your brown countertops. Red is a fiery and inviting color that complements brown countertops perfectly.

Using red in your kitchen can create an inviting and warm space. Red is also known to increase your metabolism, making it a great color for your eating space.

13. Yellow

For a rich, vibrant color for your cabinets, golden tones such as mustard yellow make a great color complement to your brown countertops. Mustard yellow has recently become a trendy color that will brighten your kitchen.

This warm, vivid shade is sure to turn heads in your home. Deep brown wood accents add definition and dimension to these golden cabinets.

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14. Orange

Rustic kitchen with wooden cabinet panels and white trims

Shades of orange are notoriously bright and cheery. When coupled with your brown countertops, orange cabinets create a warm, welcoming ambiance.

Brown and orange are located close together on a color wheel. This makes these two colors a complementary pair, creating a perfect color scheme.

15. Purple

Lavender colored kitchen cabinet and cupboard panels and wooden countertop on the breakfast bar

An intermediate color made of shades of red and blue, purple is a mysterious and moody color that can add charm and character to your home. Using this dramatic color for your cabinets will surely turn heads.

Pairing this dramatic shade with subtle brown countertops will ground this color palette. This look is both dramatic and subdued, creating the perfect color combination.

What Color Floor Goes With Dark Kitchen Cabinets?

Nothing is more beautiful than the contrast of light flooring with dark kitchen cabinets. Light floors reflect more light around your room, giving your space an expansive feel.

Some hesitate to go with light flooring because it can be challenging to maintain, but light flooring is well worth the extra upkeep. Natural wood tones in lighter colors can be the perfect pairing for your dark cabinets.

Can You Replace Countertops Without Damaging The Cabinets?

You can replace countertops without damaging cabinets if a few precautions are taken before removal. Furthermore, you can use a caulk softener to break the bond created by caulk, making removal easier.

Caulk can then be cut away from the counter and cabinet joint for easy counter removal. Once the caulk is out of your way, you can replace counters with extreme care not to damage your cabinets.

Is Brown Granite Outdated?

Brown granite is classic but not necessarily outdated. Depending on the accent colors that you choose, brown granite can give your kitchen a timeless look and feel.

There are no rules regarding how you choose to decorate your space. Kitchen countertops are no exception.

Should Countertops And Cabinets Match?

According to design experts, countertops should complement your cabinets but not necessarily match them.

Natural stone countertops are typically comprised of more than one color. Finding a color within this stone to inspire your cabinet color is a great way to ensure coordination.

To Finish

A blue themed rustic themed kitchen area with blue colors cabinets and brown countertops

Brown countertops are warm, welcoming, and timeless. They can add character and charm to your space.

With so many options available, choosing the right color companion to your brown countertops can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. We hope that the above selection of cabinet colors with brown countertops has helped inspire you.

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