Bosch Refrigerator Not Making Ice—What To Do?

Once you're familiar with how your Bosch refrigerator ice maker works, you typically don't think about it. So, if your ice maker has suddenly stopped working, you may be wondering what you should do. We've done the research and can tell you what you should do if your refrigerator isn't producing any ice.

If your Bosch ice maker isn't working, you should check the unit for defects, clogs, or low-pressure points. Some things that can cause your ice maker to stop working include the freezer being too hot, a frozen water filter, a defective icemaker module, or a defective ice maker assembly unit.

Once you determine why your ice maker isn't working, you'll know if you have to call a professional or if you can fix it yourself. Let's take a look at some at-home repairs that you can do for your ice maker. Keep reading to learn how to fix common problems with Bosch ice makers, how long it takes to make ice, and how to reset your refrigerator.

Modern American fridge freezer. Bosch Refrigerator Not Making Ice—What To Do

Why Is My Bosch Ice Maker Not Making Ice?

There are a lot of things that could be preventing your ice maker from producing ice. You can easily fix some of these problems at home. However, some may require the use of a professional. Let's take a look at some common issues for Bosch ice makers and their solutions.

High Freezer Temperature

If you have your freezer temperature set too high, your ice maker won't produce ice. The freezer needs to be set at a temperature between zero and five degrees Fahrenheit to work correctly. Check this setting and adjust as necessary. You should also check the condenser for any freezing or tangles.

Keep in mind that a newly installed refrigerator will take a few hours to produce any ice. The unit will first have to reach the proper temperature. Then it will be able to start making ice. So, if you've recently turned your appliance on, first give it some time to work before you begin troubleshooting.

Check Water Filter

Installing a fridge water filter on a modern appliance

The next thing you should check is your water filter. A clogged filter will block water flow to your dispenser, preventing the ice maker from working correctly. Experts recommend changing your filter once every six months to avoid this and maintain high water quality.

Check out these water filters for Bosch refrigerators on Amazon.

Turn on The Ice Maker

Your ice maker switch may have gotten turned off on accident! It's a fairly common occurrence and is easy to fix. If your refrigerator has a control panel on the door, check this first. There may be an additional "on and off" switch inside the freezer if that isn't the problem.

Check Ice Storage Box

Hand twisting for ice from the ice maker in new refrigerator

If your ice storage box isn't installed correctly, your ice maker won't work. Double-check this piece to make sure it's correct.

Low Water Pressure Supply

It's possible that your house isn't providing enough water pressure for the ice maker to work. Your exact psi will vary depending on which model of refrigerator you have. Some Bosch appliances can operate with a 14.5 psi. However, others refrigerators won't function correctly if you have anything under 29 psi. You should double-check your manual for the best information.

Before you check the water pressure for your refrigerator, you should check the water valve. You should turn this all the way on. If it's partially open, it will affect water flow. If this is on, move on to checking the water pressure.

First, you should turn off the water supply. Then, disconnect your appliance from the waterline. Take this hose and move it over a large bucket. Now you turn the water back on and observe the water flow. A steady stream indicates a decent water pressure.

If you have weak water flow here, check another part of your house. If multiple areas in your home have low water pressure, you'll have to call a plumber to determine your problem. Low pressure only to your refrigerator can result from a reverse osmosis system or uneven leveling of your appliance.

Water Supply Tube Problems

There's also the possibility that the water supply line to your ice maker and water dispenser has frozen. A frozen water supply line can result in tiny ice cubes or no ice at all. While fixing the frozen tubing is relatively simple, it can be more complicated to discover the root cause.

The easiest way to unfreeze your water tube is to use a hairdryer. Be very careful with this method, as you don't want any water to drip onto the device as you use it.

Once you've thawed your tubing, you'll need to find out what caused it. The most common reason is that the freezer is getting too cold. You can adjust the temperature to see if that fixes your problem.

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How Do You Reset The Ice Maker On A Bosch Refrigerator?

How Do You Reset The Ice Maker On A Bosch Refrigerator

If you've tried everything, your ice maker still isn't working, and you're not ready to call a maintenance specialist, there's another thing you can try. Sometimes resetting your ice maker is enough to force it into making ice again.

To reset your ice maker, you'll need to find the "on/off" switch. You should turn the ice maker off from the control within the freezer compartment. Once you've located your "on/off" switch, you can turn it off. You should wait about a minute before turning the ice maker on again.

How Long Does It Take For A Bosch Refrigerator To Make Ice?

Ice cube tray with frozen wine in the freezer

The amount of time your refrigerator takes to make ice depends on which model you have. Some models can take up to 24 hours to produce ice when it's the first time being used.

Regardless of the model, Bosch always recommends discarding the first few minutes of water and the first 30 to 40 ice cubes for new units. This is for your health and safety.

Bosch refrigerators are capable of producing a good amount of ice. Depending on which model you have, you can make up to 3.3 pounds of ice within 24 hours. Many models produce around 140 ice cubes per day, assuming that you dispense ice during that period.

For more information on ice makers, including how to help them operate more efficiently, check out "How Long Does It Take For An Ice Maker To Make Ice?"

What Is The Coldest Setting On A Bosch Fridge-Freezer?

Hand sets temperature of refrigerato

The lowest temperature your Bosch freezer can reach will depend on which specific model you have. For instance, you can set many free-standing fridge-freezer-style appliances as low as -11 degrees Fahrenheit.

Other models can't be set as low as that, though. Many of the French door freezers can be set to a low temperature of -7 degrees Fahrenheit. The side-by-side refrigerator is slightly lower and can be set to -8 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the ECO setting on a Bosch fridge-freezer?

The ECO mode switches your fridge-freezer to an energy-saving mode. To turn this mode on, select the mode button until you find the option for eco mode. Your appliance will then adjust to the energy-saving temperatures.

The exact temperature will vary depending on which model of refrigerator you have. However, for the refrigerator side, this temperature is typically between 43 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit. The freezer side will set itself between 3 and 6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Many models also have an energy-saving holiday mode. This mode is for when you plan on leaving for an extended period. When this mode is activated, your appliance will switch the refrigerator to 57 degrees Fahrenheit and leave the freezer temperature as is.

Closeup of Ice Cubes being made in a Machine. Bosch Refrigerator Not Making Ice—What To Do

In Closing

Ice makers on refrigerators are convenient features unless they stop working on you. There are a lot of different things that could be wrong with your ice maker. So, you'll have to go through a process of elimination to determine what will help in your situation.

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