Can A Blackstone Griddle Be Built Into An Outdoor Kitchen?

Building an outdoor kitchen space can take time, patience, and money. Do you have a Blackstone griddle you want to use in your outdoor kitchen's design but don't know if this is possible? Can you build a Blackstone griddle into an exterior kitchen space?

We did thorough research to answer your question and many others throughout this article. Let's dive in!

Yes, you can technically build a Blackstone griddle into an outdoor kitchen. However, you can't change its support system or obstruct its propane tank, so you'll have to get creative.

Generally, you can incorporate your grill into the outdoor kitchen space, whether it goes into an alcove you construct or if you decide to build a counter around it.

As we start, we will cover all things outdoor kitchens and discuss whether you can build a Blackstone griddle into yours. No matter your budget, property, or aesthetic, we're here to help you create the outdoor cooking space of your dreams. With that said, let's explore this topic below!

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Can You Build A Blackstone Griddle Into An Outdoor Kitchen?

Although you'll need to keep your grill intact, yes, it is possible to construct an outdoor kitchen alongside a Blackstone griddle. As we mentioned, you can try enclosing your grill with a countertop or build a nook for it to sit in.

Typically, everything will be fine if your design doesn't impact your grill's propane tank and structure. Remember, a Blackstone griddle requires a propane tank, so you can't squeeze it into too small of a space.

Many experts recommend incorporating a freestanding grill into an exterior kitchen, as it tends to be cheaper than having one custom-created.

According to Mr. Appliance, you want to try and design your outdoor kitchen so that your grill can move around to a few different locations.

Moreover, they mention that you can build a countertop or prep space near/on top of your grill, as long as it's made using non-combustible materials.

Your grill will become very hot while it's on, so please choose materials with high heat tolerance.

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How Do You Build A Blackstone Griddle Cabinet/Countertop?

For those wanting to spruce up their Blackstone griddle, you may want to build a cabinet or countertop. Generally, this will require patience and time as you're building a new addition to your freestanding grill.

First, you need to construct a frame for your grill. Of course, this needs to give your griddle enough space for ventilation, so try to leave a few inches on all sides.

You can usually start with simple 2 x 4s for your project, cutting them down to the size of your desired cabinet or counter.

Your structure should be rectangular, so this won't be too hard. When you have a shape, you can drill holes into the connecting areas of each piece of wood to prevent cracking later on.

Some DIYers use 2.5-inch screws for their project, so that's recommendable. As long as your cabinet or counter has siding, you don't need to prep or treat your wood, as it won't come in contact with the ground or elements.

To see this process in video form, check out this helpful tutorial:

This series covers building a structure for your Blackstone griddle from scratch, so if you're on for a DIY project, this is certainly helpful.

Is It Better To Have A Freestanding Or Built-In Grill Outside?

Beef Burgers and sausages Cooking On A Barbecue

In general, you want to have a built-in grill for an outdoor kitchen. Not only will built-in grills last longer, but they are also more visually appealing.

For example, a Blackstone griddle is freestanding, meaning it can roll around. Therefore, your grill won't have a built-in design unless you construct a cabinet or counter to hold it.

Of course, that isn't a ton of work or money, so if you prefer a project, it's something worth trying. Furthermore, a built-in grill handles weather better than a freestanding option, as it isn't as exposed.

If you're somewhere super wet, hot, or cold, your griddle can rust and become less efficient over time. Even though Blackstone is a reputable company, no freestanding product can withstand mother nature for more than a few years.

Many standalone grills are built very well. So, if you have them under a protected surface, like a canopy or in the garage between uses, you could have one for quite a long time.

What Is The Difference Between A Freestanding And Built-In Grill?

The main difference between a freestanding grill and a built-in one is its construction. As we said above, built-in grills aren't movable and are protected.

On the other hand, freestanding grills can move around and don't usually cost as much. However, this lower cost and greater mobility do have a price.

Typically, freestanding grills won't last as long as a built-in model. That's because your grill will experience different weather throughout the year unless it's covered.

When it comes to materials, freestanding and built-in grills are pretty similar. Again, their main difference is that one is built into a counter, while the other stands on its own.

You also want to consider the aesthetic of your outdoor cooking space. Sometimes, a freestanding grill can be unsightly, hence why so many prefer a built-in option.

This comes down to your budget, but overall, a built-in grill is better for an outdoor kitchen design.

Can You Use A Freestanding Blackstone Grill As A Built-In?

a man grilling burgers during a barbecue

Yes! If you decide to build an alcove or countertop for your Blackstone griddle, you can call it a built-in version. Remember, if a grill doesn't show its legs, it's technically built-in.

Therefore, if you want to purchase a less expensive freestanding model and create a counter/cabinet for it to be, you can still achieve that fancy look.

Doing this could also extend the life of your Blackstone griddle, as the elements won't touch as much of your appliance. Again, you want to ensure the materials you use for your structure aren't combustible or risk a major fire.

How Much Does A Blackstone Griddle Cost?

You can expect to spend anywhere from $200 to over $1,200 for a Blackstone grill. Of course, your final cost will depend on the size of the griddle and its features, which means it can vary significantly.

For example, you can purchase a 28-inch 2-Burner Griddle Cooking Station at The Home Depot for around $229, so this won't break the bank.

On the other hand, if you want to buy one of Blackstone's larger, more premium grills, you can find one for $1,299 at BBQGuys.

With this higher price tag, you get a 36-inch Griddle Cooking Station with Air Fryer, so it's quite a few steps up from a basic grill.

Especially if you're trying to curate an outdoor kitchen, it's sometimes best to splurge. Again, you don't have to buy a freestanding grill and construct a space for it, but doing this can be cheaper and keep your appliance working for years to come.

Luckily, Blackstone offers endless products for you, which you find on their website here.

Does Blackstone Make Built-In Grills?

No, unfortunately, Blackstone does not currently offer built-in grills. The brand focuses mainly on freestanding outdoor appliances, so you can still find one for your space, just not a built-in model.

From an expense standpoint, this can be a good thing if you want to shop through Blackstone, as freestanding grills will be significantly less than built-in ones.

Again, this brand has revolutionized the freestanding griddle and makes great products. If you're okay building a shelter for your grill, we think they are the brand to work with.

You can also store your Blackstone grill indoors or in a covered spot between uses if you don't need a counter or cabinet, so this can be a pretty easy alternative.

What Other Company Is Good For Outdoor Grills?

If you want to try another company besides Blackstone, there are some great alternatives. Weber, Coleman, Blaze, Traeger, and Kenmore make comparable grills to Blackstone for somewhat similar pricing.

Regardless of the grill brand, you want to find a model that fits your needs. Moving to a brand like Kenmore might be worth it if you're looking for a built-in option.

Purchasing a built-in grill from Kenmore is roughly $2,000-$2,500, so this is a step up from Blackstone's products.

Remember, purchasing a freestanding option and constructing something around it is usually cheaper than a high-end built-in model.

Is Building An Outdoor Kitchen Expensive?

Backyard hardscape patio with outdoor barbecue and kitchen

Yes. Building an outdoor kitchen is a significant financial undertaking. Even if you aren't doing anything insane, your outdoor kitchen design could cost you anywhere between $5,500 to over $20,000.

According to experts, most homeowners can keep their outdoor kitchen space closer to $13,800, but this is quite a bit of cash to cough up.

These costs often fluctuate the most due to construction and labor costs, so if what you need has a shortage of materials, expect a much higher price tag.

Furthermore, building an outdoor kitchen is much more than a grill. Many outdoor kitchens include a prep countertop, a fridge, an oven, and even a bar.

To Finish Up

man is making grill barbecue outdoors on the backyard, beef steak and chopped corn

Whether you want to improve your outdoor kitchen or build one from scratch, it's always good to know your grills. From what we found, building a Blackstone grill into an exterior kitchen design is possible.

However, you need to ensure the structure enclosing your grill doesn't contain flammable materials or isn't too close to your grill. Without proper ventilation, it's more likely for a fire to happen.

Unfortunately, Blackstone doesn't offer any built-in grills at this time, but who knows, they could introduce one in the upcoming years. Good luck with your project!

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