Blackstone Griddle Black Vs. Stainless Steel: Which To Choose?

Blackstone is one of the most popular griddle brands in the market. The company makes griddles in various types, sizes, and bases. When choosing a Blackstone griddle, should you select a black powder-coated base or stainless steel? We have researched this issue to help you choose the right base for your griddle.

Choose a Blackstone griddle with a powder-coated base because it is more affordable. Both powder-coated metal and stainless steel materials are durable and rust-proof. However, a griddle with a stainless steel base is more expensive. 

With this in mind, let's dive into more details about griddles and the Blackstone types that are available. Read on further to get insights on why this is the griddle of choice for many consumers.

Comparison between Blackstone Griddle Black and Stainless Steel, Blackstone Griddle Black Vs. Stainless Steel: Which To Choose?

What is a griddle?

A griddle is a piece of cooking equipment with a wide, flat surface and sides that are just a few inches tall. It is usually rectangular in shape but can be square or circular as well, depending on the size.

Many griddles have stainless or cast-iron surfaces. Nonstick aluminum, ceramic, and carbon steel griddles are also available.

This cooker comes in different kinds. A portable griddle is small, handy, and can be plugged into an outlet.

A tabletop griddle is available with a surface that is wider than a portable griddle.  You can also opt for griddles placed on top of the stove or integrated into your kitchen stovetop.

Stand-alone griddles are great for outdoor cooking. Propane gas or natural gas powers these griddles. They offer wider cooking surfaces with different burners.

Some models have features like side trays for cutting, bottom shelves for tools, and caster wheels for mobility. 

About Blackstone Griddles

Blackstone makes a variety of griddles, including table-top and stand-alone griddles. They are all made with cold-rolled steel cooking surfaces.

This kind of steel material undergoes rolling at room temperature several times. The cooktop becomes harder and stronger. Its surface is smooth and oily, so food does not stick to the material.

Cold-rolled steel conducts heat better than cast iron, so cooking goes quickly while giving the meat or vegetables a good sear and crust. 

Black or Stainless Steel

All stand-alone 36-inch Blackstone griddles offer four burners, a grease catcher, and 720 square inches of cooking area. Its cart is available in a black powder-coated finish or stainless steel. So which one should you choose?

Black Powder-Coated

A griddle with a black powder-coated exterior is durable and rust-resistant. This kind of material protects cooking equipment from moisture and chemicals. 

It also reduces the risk of chipping, scratches, and color fading. Owners should be careful not to chip off or scratch the paint, as this is where rust can starts. 

From an aesthetic standpoint, a powder-coated stand looks great. It is not shiny, so fingerprints aren't visible, unlike the stainless steel finish.

A powder-coated base is more affordable than the stainless steel version. The price of this model together with its durability makes it a popular choice for Blackstone griddles. 

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Stainless Steel

Restaurant grill spatula on the greese trough of a grill in a restaurant kitchen

A Blackstone griddle with a stainless steel exterior looks sleek and  modern. Its smooth, shiny finish is appealing.

Aside from its aesthetics, stainless steel is long-lasting and rust-proof, like black powder-coated metal. It is lightweight, so it is easy to move around.

However, items made from stainless steel are more expensive than those made of powder-coated metal.

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Griddle Tips and Tricks

Blackstone griddles are made to last a lifetime. But you need to care for your griddle to keep it protected and make sure it continues to perform well.

Below are some tips for caring for your griddle, along with ways to have a better cooking experience. 

Cooking Surface

Blackstone griddles have individual burners so areas can have different heat. This allows the griddle to get hot faster. The cooking process also goes quickly. 

However, since it has a wide surface, some areas will be hotter than others. You should know the hottest zone of your griddle. This will determine where to place food that needs to be cooked fast or requires a hot sear.

Ingredients that do not need high heat are placed in areas that are cooler. So vegetables and meat ingredients are cooked at the same time on the griddle. This allows the food to be cooked all at once and lessens waiting time. 

The griddle cooking surface gets hot fast. The heat remains even if it is turned off, so you can leave any meat or vegetables on the griddle that need a little bit of cooking.

Extra Fuel

You don't want to run out of propane in the middle of cooking, so be sure to have an extra tank on hand. This may be an additional cost, but it could come in handy. 

Another option is to get a conversion kit.  This makes it easy to switch from propane to natural gas. Your griddle can then run on natural gas without the worry of running out of fuel.

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Should you season the griddle?

A perfectly seasoned griddle will go a long way. It will make the cooktop non-stick and stay that way, even with countless uses. 

Seasoning is important for a new Blackstone griddle. You should wipe the surface with oil, then turn on the high heat settings of the burner. Wait until the oil burns and smoke is visible before turning off the burner.

This process will not only ensure the surface is non-stick.  It will also burn off any leftover chemical coating. The seasoning of the pan also helps when your griddle has not been in use for  some time and is rusty.

You can use a seasoning conditioner to make the process easier.

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How should you store the griddle?

You should clean the griddle before storing it. The griddle can easily be wiped off after use.

One great thing about a Blackstone griddle is that it comes with a grease trap, so grease and burned food are pushed through a hole and fall inside a cup. The cup is removable and easy to clean.

How do you store a griddle after a backyard cookout? A Blackstone griddle is made of durable materials, but you should keep it protected from the weather when not in use.

Stand-alone griddles have wheels, so you can easily roll them in covered areas when not in use. You should place your griddle in a cool, dry area to avoid moisture build-up on the surface.

This will also protect the griddle from rodents that will find shelter during the cold season. You can use a weatherproof covering to protect your griddle. This is recommended for areas exposed to weather elements.

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Which accessories to buy?

Keep it simple when it comes to buying griddle accessories. Do not go overboard and get all the accessories in the store. Use the griddle first, and this will help you determine the additional accessories you need. 


A light-skinned hand in a food prep glove, flipping tortillas on a hot griddle

One of the basic accessories for griddle cooking is a spatula.  This is used for flipping and picking up food.  Choose a stainless material, as this can withstand the heat the most. Also, get a spatula with no holes to keep the food intact.


A person cleaning a griddle

Another handy accessory is a scraper. Use this tool to scrape burned food and grease into the grease trap.

You can chop meat and vegetables on the griddle with a scraper. This makes it easy to serve food straight from the griddle.

If you're worried about getting burned, choose a scraper with a long handle. A scraper with a short handle brings your hand closer to the griddle.


Having tongs when cooking on a griddle makes it easy to flip and pick up food as well. As with a spatula, you should chose tongs made of stainless steel. 

The length should also keep your hand away from the griddle. But the tongs should not be so long that you can't maneuver or control food while cooking.

Oil Bottles

Cooking oil from bottle into frying pan

Cooking on a griddle requires oil so the food will not stick and burn. You should use plastic bottles, as these are squeezable and pouring is controlled.

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To Wrap Up

When choosing between the two bases of a Blackstone griddle—stainless steel or black powder-coated—keep in mind that the black powder-coated base is more affordable.

Aside from this, you can't go wrong with any Blackstone griddle. The griddles have cold-rolled metal cooking surfaces that are durable and make the cooking process go faster.

We hope this article helps you in your griddle choice. For other cooking information, check out these articles:

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