What’s The Best Way To Clean Microwave Glass Door?

Is your microwave glass constantly getting dirty? Are you having trouble getting off food and smudges easily without damaging the finish? This is a problem just about everyone has faced, so we’ve come up with the easiest solutions!

To clean the microwave glass door, the easiest way by far is to use an EnviroCloth. Alternatively, the next easiest way is:

  • For the inside glass: Microwave a solution of vinegar and water for 3 minutes or until steamy, let sit 2 minutes, then wipe the glass clean with a soft cloth. Repeat as necessary.
  • For the exterior glass: Wash completely with soap, hot water, vinegar, and a soft cloth, then use glass cleaner and a soft towel to remove streaks.

Cleaning the microwave glass door can be a difficult task, but with the right tools and knowledge, it doesn’t have to be! With new materials, products, and old tried-and-true methods, you can absolutely get the glass door - and your microwave - shiny and clean. We’ve come up with the best results here. Read on to see how to make your microwave beautiful again!

A man wiping microwave oven, What's The Best Way To Clean Microwave Glass Door?

Three ways to clean a microwave

Ever since microwaves were invented in 1967, microwave cleaning products were not far behind. There are so many options available that you can clean your microwave glass any way you choose. We’ll show you how to clean with water, simple vinegar, and a strong cleaning option in the following paragraphs.

1. No soap required

The simplest method doesn’t even require soap, except in the most extreme cases. It’s a type of micro-fiber cleaning cloth called EnviroCloth. You will pity all the years you cleaned without one!

The reason it outperforms just about any cleaner on the market is the technology. Microfiber thread is extremely fine, and this makes the cloth do the work for you.  EnviroCloth thread is so fine that when unraveled, it stretches three thousand kilometers.

EnviroCloth cleans, sanitizes, and leaves a streak-free shine on virtually any surface - using only water! See it on Amazon.

To use this easy cloth on your microwave glass door, simply wet and wring it out with water, fold it into a square so you can turn it from dirty to clean sides of the cloth, and wipe over the surface of the glass. Some extremely coated surfaces may take a few wipes, but the micro-fiber is so fine, it works easily and safely on any surface.

Take a look at the following video of how this cloth is used on microwave glass and the entire microwave:

2. Tried and True

In this next method, you’ll see how people have been using simple vinegar for years to clean that microwave glass. This method is also excellent for cleaning inside the microwave.

For the inside of the glass:

In a microwave-safe measuring cup:

  • Add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and 1-cup of water.
  • Microwave on high for 2-3 minutes, or until the water is steaming, let sit for 2 minutes.
  • Remove the cup and wipe the glass clean with a soft cloth.
  • Repeat as necessary until clean.

For the exterior of the glass:

  • Fill a stoppered-sink or a small washing tub with 1-teaspoon of dish soap, 6 cups of hot water, 1/2-cup of white vinegar
  • Use the solution to gently wipe the microwave glass with a wrung-out soft cloth.
  • Rinse and wring the cloth, and wipe again.
  • Repeat as necessary until clean.

Never use abrasive cloths or sponges on the surface of your glass or microwave, as they can scratch the glass and the surrounding plastic or metal finishes.

This handy washtub is something no home should be without! See it on Amazon.

3. Stronger Cleaners

Always wear rubber gloves, and have plenty of ventilation - or wear a mask - for health and safety when using strong cleaners.

Windex is a great option for getting the glass door clean on your microwave. Its original purpose for cleaning windows cleans off the junk and leaves a streak-free shine.

Use Windex

  • Lay paper towels below the microwave door to catch drips.
  • Spray the glass - inside and outside - thoroughly with the Windex.
  • Let sit for 2 minutes, then wipe clean with a soft cloth.
  • Repeat as necessary.

Ammonia is an ingredient in Windex, and it is a powerful cleaner. You can buy it alone and mix it in different dilutions for different tasks. One of those tasks is cleaning your microwave door glass.

Use Ammonia

  • Read the label for the dilution needed; add to tepid -not hot- water.
  • Using gloves, saturate and wring out a soft cloth in the diluted ammonia.
  • Wipe the glass, concentrate on stuck-on particles.
  • Repeat until clean.
  • Use a cloth wrung out in clean, hot water to wipe off the residue.

This solution can be used inside the microwave on plastic surfaces as well, but the vinegar/water solution above is just as easy and less toxic.

Your microwave glass should now be clean and streak-free!

How to clean a microwave glass plate

You certainly don’t want to break the plate in your microwave, but you want to get it clean nonetheless! Use these solutions to clean the glass plate inside without removing it from the microwave.

Use Vinegar and water

T0 clean the glass plate with vinegar and water, use the steps for vinegar cleaning above, then wipe the glass plate carefully. Repeat as necessary until clean.

Use EnviroCloth

To clean the glass plate with the EnviroCloth, wring out the EnviroCloth with hot water. Using clean sections of the EnviroCloth, wipe until clean.

For an extreme stuck-on mess, you will need to carefully remove the plate:

  • First, fill a plastic bucket with hot, soapy water.
  • Next, carefully remove your microwave glass plate, and put it in the bucket.
  • Allow the stuck-on food to soften, then wipe it off with a sponge.
  • If the plate is too big for the bucket, simply turn it, and soak different sections at a time.

Once the plate is clean, set it carefully on towels on the counter, and dry it completely. Replace in a clean microwave.

How to clean microwave Exterior

As previously, the easiest way to clean your microwave on the outside is undoubtedly the EnviroCloth. But if you have come across an incredibly dirty microwave, sometimes the only way to begin is with plenty of soap and water and a soft cloth.

Use the following tips:

  • Never use abrasive cloth.
  • Use wooden toothpicks to clean crevices.
  • For extreme situations, saturate paper towels with your cleaning solution and lay it over the microwave top so that it hangs down. Allow it to soak before wiping clean.
  • Finish off with Windex and a soft cloth to leave it streak-free.

How to clean mirrored microwave door

Mirrored doors are delicate; you don’t want to accidentally scratch or remove the mirrored coating. Samsung recommends only water, mild soap, and a soft cloth to prevent scratching a mirrored microwave door.

Don’t use the EnviroCloth unless you’ve already tested it and know it’s safe. Long-time users of EnviroCloths will know that it is so powerful that it can actually take the protective coating off eyeglasses (so don’t use it for that, no matter how tempting!).

It’s best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your mirrored microwave door.

Cleaning the mesh screen and glass door on your microwave

If the mesh screen protecting you from harmful rays is not covered, then it might be splattered with food no matter how careful you are. So here is where you need to become a little bit of a handyman to get it clean by yourself.

  • Find the manufacturer's instructions for your model to help you see the assembly.
  • Unplug the microwave for safety.
  • Take photos of every step for easy re-assembly.
  • The inside of the door is usually held on by clips; loosen the clips by gently lifting the edges of the inside frame with a putty knife.

Watch the following video clip:

When the mesh is removed:

  • Soak it in a tub of warm, soapy water.
  • Use a toothpick to push out any difficult particles.
  • Dry completely with towels and a hairdryer.

If the glass is removed, use the same steps as for the mesh. If it is still attached, use any of the cleaning methods above. Be sure to dry thoroughly.

Replace all parts and re-assemble before plugging in the microwave.

In Closing

It’s surprising, but a simple-looking little cloth, backed by a lot of technology, can do a lot of cleaning and make your entire microwave - including the glass door - beautifully clean. If you don’t have or want one, then use the classic vinegar and water trick --it has worked for years for millions of people.

Be sure to ventilate and use gloves if you use any strong cleaners, like Windex or Ammonia. Clean your microwave glass plate cautiously to avoid breakage, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mirrored glass. Then enjoy your like-new microwave!

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