6 Of The Best Ovenproof Skillets

Have you been considering using an ovenproof skillet for cooking? Maybe you are wondering what the best material for an ovenproof skillet is. We have done some research and have some answers for you! We have pulled together some of the highest-rated oven-proof skillets below.

The best type of skillet to use in the oven is cast iron because it can withstand high temperatures and are extremely durable. You can also use aluminum or a carbon steel skillet as long as they do not have any plastic or wooden pieces attached to them. Here are some of the best oven-proof skillets on the market:

  1. COOKER KING Non-Stick Ceramic Frying Pans
  2. Lodge Cast Iron Skillet
  3. Bruntmor Enameled Cast Iron Skillet
  4. ICON Carbon Steel Skillet
  5. Almond Aluminum Skillet
  6. Le Creuset Signature Skillet

Continue to read through this article to learn about these great oven-proof skillets and how they can make cooking (and cleaning up) easier for you!

A newly washed skillet placed on top of a wooden cutting board, 6 Of The Best Ovenproof Skillets

6 Best Ovenproof Skillets

1. COOKER KING Non-Stick Ceramic Frying Pan

The COOKER KING Non-Stick frying pan has no toxins and does not create a toxic smell or vapors when cooking with them. They are best when heated up to 480 degrees F and are even dishwasher safe. With a white ceramic coating, you do not need to worry about the finish ever tarnishing, chipping, or peeling off. They have sturdy handles and anti-warp bases, which are perfect for the oven. The COOKER KING skillets are easy to clean and are extremely durable for all of your cooking purposes!

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2. Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Cast Iron skillets have been used for years and are preferred by many. The brand Lodge has made a highly rated cast iron skillet that is ovenproof and perfect for everyday use. These skillets have an "assist" handle, making it easier to lift the oven's heavy pan. This skillet is great for up to 500 degrees F, and once seasoned, they are non-stick and easy to clean by hand, as they are to be hand washed. Cast Iron skillets are known to be very durable and will last for years!

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3. Bruntmor Enameled Cast Iron Skillet

The Bruntmor enameled cast iron skillets are also highly rated on the market. They can be in heat up to 500 degrees F, just as the Lodge skillet. The base is cast iron and then coated in the enamel for easy clean-up, which is recommended to be done by hand. With double handles on either side, transport of the pans is easy. They have even heating and heat retention along with durability.

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4. ICON Carbon Steel Skillet

The ICON Carbon Steel skillet has the highest heat limit out of our list at 800 degrees F! This pan heats up quickly and efficiently with a non-stick surface when it is seasoned. It is very durable yet lightweight compared to a cast iron skillet. With the double handles, it makes it even easier to transfer the skillet from oven to table for dinner.  ICON also offers a 25-year consumer warranty with this pan. It sounds like a winner to us!

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5. Almond Aluminum Skillet

The Almond Aluminum Skillet is unique in that it has two pour spouts on the sides to drain grease or juices from your food. The pan heats evenly and quickly, as the rest do, and has a Teflon surface for a non-stick surface. The skillet can be used on both the stovetop and in the oven. This lightweight pan has a heat tolerance at 450 degrees F. It is a bit lower on the scale of how it can be heated but is still a highly recommended oven-safe skillet.

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6. Le Creuset Signature Skillet

The Le Creuset Signature Skillet is higher-end and has rave reviews. What is nice about this pan is, you do not need to season it, and it heats just as well! This skillet can also be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. It also provides two pouring spouts for all of your cooking needs. This is a great cast iron pan without all the work and special care.

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How do I know if my skillet is oven-safe?

If you do not have the packaging of your skillet anymore, the bottom of the pan may say "oven-proof." Otherwise, you may see some symbols on the bottom of the pan. If there is a small symbol of an oven, it is safe to say that the pan is oven-proof.

Can you put a Calphalon skillet in the oven?

Yes, you can use your Calphalon pans in the oven. Make sure there are no plastic or wooden pieces on it. It is not recommended to use these pans past 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

What can I use if I don't have an ovenproof skillet?

If you do not have an oven-proof skillet, it is recommended to use glass baking dishes or casserole dishes like Pyrex. Make sure they are also oven-safe while using them. Also, make sure not to go over the recommended heating temperature to avoid breaking glass inside your oven.

What skillet do chefs use?

Many chefs choose the Le Creuset brand of skillets and pans. The brand Lodge is also another popular brand amongst chefs. Many celebrity chefs also have their own line of cookware and will use that above all else. Many of the skillets produced by celebrity chefs have some of the same qualities as the above mentioned.

In Closing

There are many oven-safe skillets out on the market today. Many people prefer cast iron skillets but aluminum, and even carbon steel skillets can also be a great choice. Some pans are made with cast iron and have a Teflon or ceramic finish, allowing extra non-stick performance. Oven-safe skillets come in all different sizes and make cooking for you and your family easier and more efficient.

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