Best Meat Grinder For Chicken Bones – How To Choose?

Are you looking for the best chicken bone grinder for your kitchen? There are various meat grinders on the market that might suit your needs. We did research on the best meat grinder for chicken bones for your convenience.

When selecting the best meat grinder for chicken bones, consider factors like power, durability, convenience, usage, and value. Check the manufacturer's label to know if bones are okay to grind in the machine.

The STX Turbo Force II Platinum Heavy-Duty Electric Grinder is highly recommended in online reviews. It's easy to assemble and use.  

Keep reading to learn more about meat grinders and to get the details on the STX Turbo Force II. You'll find out if the STX Turbo Force grinder is the one you're looking for. Raw chopped chicken breast fillets on wooden cutting board and meat grinder, Best Meat Grinder For Chicken Bones - How To Choose?

Choosing The Best Meat Grinder For Chicken Bones

Bowl of mince with electric meat grinder in a kitchen interior

Not all meat grinders are approriate for bone grinding. Some proudly put it as a product detail. Some don't explicitly say. To be sure, find a meat grinder that says you can grind bones such as chicken bones.


Disassembled electric meat grinder on cutting board

Although chicken bones are considered soft, power is a significant factor in choosing meat grinding machines, especially since grinding chicken bones requires machine strength and durability.

Here are some ways to know the power of a meat grinder:

  1. Grinding strength. It means more product in less time. It is a powerful machine if it saves you more time in the kitchen.
  2. Motor rating. The higher the watts, the finer the grind. A motor rating can go up to 700 watts, while 300 watts is a low rating. A bigger machine can have thousands of watts.
  3. Quality blade. It works with the other criteria for a highly efficient meat bone grinder. Check the parts, especially the blade.


Meat grinder for fresh meat on a wooden table in kitchen interior

Durability is another factor in choosing your meat bone grinder. Here's what to consider to get an idea if a meat grinder can last:

  1. Material. Some meat grinders have metal casings, and some have stainless steel casings. It should not be prone to rust.
  2. Cooling system. A cooling system in a meat grinder prevents the machine from overheating. It is an ideal additional system in your machine for frequent use.
  3. Familiar brand. Never get a brand that you don't know. At least consider the brands that specialize in making meat grinding machines.


The process of preparing forcemeat by means of a meat grinder. Female hands use meat chopper at kitchen.

Customers pay for convenience. If it's easy to use, it's more likely that they will get it for their kitchen. Here are some questions that you need to remember:

  1. How simple is it to put the meat and bones into the grinder?
  2. How difficult is it to grind?
  3. How convenient is it to clean the machine and its parts?


A super cute golden coloured dog is smelling a bowl of food that his owner is holding.

Since your main purpose is to grind chicken bones, you should know if the meat grinder best suits your needs. Consider these questions:

  1. Are you going to use it for pet food only?
  2. Do you have large dogs to feed at home?
  3. How frequently are you grinding?
  4. Are you thinking of nutritious food production?


Electric meat-chopper warranty concept. 3D rendering isolated on white background

Are you going to buy an expensive one for quality? Or are there other average meat grinders that can do the work for you? Before you give up your money, think about these points:

  1. Before buying a high-priced meat grinder, read reviews to know if they get the value of their money for the product.
  2. Read about its lifespan to make your money out of it.
  3. Check the product's warranty. Some products offer a one-year warranty, and that's one thing that makes them outstanding.

Other Factors To Consider

Raw fresh homemade beef sausages in a natural shell on a wooden table close up. Meat grinder for cooking minced meat and jars of spices. Fast and nutritious food for picnics and barbecues.

There are other features and details of many meat grinders available online or on the market. Each brand tries to stand out, so they launch new models frequently with advanced features, like the ones below.

  • Safety trip switch
  • Three speeds
  • Foot bar control
  • Added sausage stuffer
  • Three stainless steel sheets
  • Additional tray
  • Stainless-steel build

Introducing A Reliable Grinder

Learn what users have to say in online product reviews. This can help you in selecting a meat grinder for chicken bones.

STX Turbo Force II Platinum

This device is known online as the best overall meat grinder for bones. It is a 2,000-watt heavy-duty meat grinder. What makes it stand out are the three speeds, safety break switch, and foot bar control.

This meat grinder has three-speed settings. It also has a safety break switch for overload prevention and a foot pedal for smooth and easy grinding.

Check out this product on Amazon.

What Is A Number 8 Grinder?

A number 8 grinder has a plate diameter of 2 1/2 inches, a cutting blade diameter of 2 1/8 inches, and a blade hole size of 3/8 inch.

The size of your grinder measures the interval over the grinder plate center. A 3/8 inch hole size means coarse grind suitable for first grind and chorizo.

How Do You Keep Meat Grinder From Clogging?

Regular cleaning prevents the clogging of a meat grinder. If you recently cleaned your grinder and it's acting up, it may be because of natural friction.

Freeze the meat first before grinding because it will only have slight friction. You can also try cutting the meat into small pieces before grinding.

How Should Meat Grinder Blades Be Sharpened?

There are various ways to sharpen meat grinder blades. You can use sandpaper, a grinding block, a knife, a tool sharpener, or a sharping stone.

  • Sandpaper: Apply some elbow grease with sandpaper to have better results. This handy tool effectively sharpens blades.
  • Grinding block: This tool has desirable results in sharpening meat grinder blades. First, moisten the blades and the block. Move the blades in circles over the block.
  • Electric blade sharpener: This is a no-brainer tool. It sharpens different angles for ideal results.
  • Sharpening stone: This is a traditional way of sharpening. It is usually for sharp tools like an axe. It also doesn't disappoint.

How Often Should A Meat Grinder Be Cleaned?

For home use, it is recommended to clean a meat grinder after every use without leaving any meat or oil traces. In commercial settings where the machine is used more frequently, clean the grinder every four hours.

How Do You Grind Chicken Bones For Dog Food?

It is important to grind chicken bones to prevent your pet from choking. Here's how to grind them:

  1. Choose soft, raw bones that are easy to break. Wing tips, necks, rib cages, and back parts are suitable for grinding. Prepared bones are less nutritious and tend to shred, which can be harmful when pets eat them.
  2. Chop the bones into smaller parts to fit them into the grinder. Also, chop the vegetables and meat you plan to mix into your dog's meal.
  3. Get a bowl to catch the ground bones.
  4. Feed the chopped chicken bones into the machine.

Can You Grind Bones In A Manual Meat Grinder?

Yes, you can grind bones in a manual meat grinder. You can produce ground bones with a durable and robust meat grinder.

A manual grinder is easy to use, unlike electric grinders, which have buttons and different features.

How Do You Grind Bones Into Powder?

knife and a simple blender can be a great alternative to pulverize the bones if you don't have a machine.

Chop the bones into thin pieces and put bones one by one into the blender. For a quicker process and a newer taste, use a food processor integrated with liquifying factor.

Can You Eat Ground Chicken Bones?

Yes, you can eat ground chicken bones. They contain essential micronutrients. They also have many minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and magnesium.

Note that high consumption of bones or bone meal can obstruct the gastrointestinal tract and cause health problems.

Should You Grind Meat Twice?

It is ideal to grind meat twice if you're after a uniform result. Fine grinds are best for various recipes. Medium grinds have a thicker texture and are good burgers. Coarse grinds are best for chilis.

Final Thoughts

A meat grinder is a sturdy machine in the kitchen for making bone meals or recipes.

To choose the best meat grinder for chicken bones, consider durability, value, convenience, usage, and strength. You will soon know if it fits your needs.

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