What’s The Best Lighting For Kitchen Ceiling?

Designing your home exactly how you imagine it can feel impossible at times. Do you need to upgrade the lighting in your kitchen but have no idea what type, color, or size to consider? Should the lights in a kitchen ceiling be super bright? We will cover all of these questions below. Let's discuss!

For those wanting to install new lights into their kitchen ceiling, stick to flush mount lighting. Specifically, you want to purchase cool-tone LED lights for a kitchen ceiling, as they need to create enough brightness at any time of the day.

Additionally, you can use decorative light fixtures, like chandeliers in your kitchen, but you don't want to depend on them solely for your lighting.

As we begin, we will cover all things kitchen lighting and discuss how you should decorate your space. Whether you are renovating or building the home of your dreams, we're here to offer some guidance. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

Luxurious interior of a house with wooden flooring, square dangling lamps and white countertops with a scenic view of a lake, What's The Best Lighting For Kitchen Ceiling?

What Type Of Lighting Is Best For A Kitchen Ceiling?

You generally want to use flush-mount ceiling fixtures for your kitchen ceiling. We say this because flush-mounted lighting tends to perform well in terms of illumination, which is crucial in the kitchen.

Whether you have ten-foot, 15-foot, or even 20-foot ceilings, your lights must be bright enough for your kitchen any time of the day.

Rustic inspired kitchen with laminated flooring, white countertops and white metal roofing

For those who don't know what a flush-mounted light is, it essentially sits directly against the ceiling and shines light downward.

That can make a huge difference versus a light that is more spotlight designed, which won't always work for smaller spaces.

Even though bright light is helpful if you have lower ceilings, an extremely bright spotlight could give you a headache. Furthermore, flush-mounted lighting comes in endless designs, so you're bound to find one that fits your aesthetic.

Of course, you can always mix and match the lighting in your kitchen, but it's best to stick with one cohesive option for ceilings.

Can I Use Two Types Of Lighting For Kitchen Ceiling?

As we mentioned above, mixing and matching lighting styles within a kitchen is possible. However, you don't usually want to combine the lighting in your ceiling, as this can be confusing.

For example, if you want plain, modern spotlights, you shouldn't also use flush-mounted lights on your ceiling. Using both can give your space an unfinished or poorly designed look, which no one wants.

In addition, combining too many light styles can affect your kitchen's brightness. Especially if you love to cook, having inadequate lighting from your ceiling can be a hassle.

That goes for any workspace in your house. Imagine trying to read a recipe at night and having the lights on your ceiling be unbalanced or worse: not bright enough.

With that said, there are endless lighting choices you can pick from. Whether you want pendants, spotlights on a track, spotlights in the ceiling, flush-mounted fixtures, or even a crystal chandelier, there's an option waiting for you to discover it.

So if you want to have a chandelier within a ceiling of bright flush mount lights, we say go for it.

What Are The Best Lights For A Tall Kitchen Ceiling?

Beautiful bright themed kitchen with white countertops and brown cabinets matched with gray and brown tiled backsplash

If your kitchen has super high ceilings, brightness is everything. Unlike regular spaces, kitchens with ultra-tall ceilings pose a lighting problem from the start.

For this reason, choosing lights that will shine down to the floor is essential. According to the experts, you want to keep these things in mind when finding lights for a tall kitchen ceiling:

  • Use long-lasting LED lights or fixtures.
  • Choose recessed lighting with a narrower beam angle.
  • Evenly spread your light throughout the room.
  • Keep recessed lighting close to the wall.
  • Don't be afraid to choose larger lights/fixtures.
  • Choose 6-inch recessed cans or bigger.

Finding lighting you don't have to clean often is also imperative. Considering that most people aren't willing to climb a ladder every few days, your kitchen lights should be as simple as possible.

Although a grand chandelier may seem elegant in theory, imagine the dust it will collect. The same goes for hanging pendant lighting, so if you don't want to dust often, try going simple.

On the other hand, you could also try hanging the more opulent fixture lower to the floor, so cleaning it won't be a potentially dangerous ordeal.

What Is The Best Lighting For A Lower Kitchen Ceiling?

For households with lower kitchen ceilings, here's where things change. Generally, you want to choose semi-flush lights with dimmable LED bulbs.

As we said, flush mount lighting essentially sits directly on your ceiling rather than hanging below or inside. That allows light to come from more angles, ultimately providing your space with more illumination.

Even though lower-ceiling kitchens can feel dingy, your lighting can change that. For example, if you decide to use cool tone LED lights on your low ceiling, you could brighten the space up significantly.

This will give your kitchen a more modern look and keep it fresh and open.

You can also purchase dimmable and even color-changing bulbs for your fixture, which can be fun to adjust throughout the day. Regardless, the more ceiling light, the better.

XiNBEi Lighting Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light

This semi-flush mounted ceiling light has a brushed nickel finish, a modern design, takes three medium-base lights, and comes in a few colors.

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Is It Better To Use LEDs In The Kitchen?

White marble countertop kitchen with wooden cabinets and stainless dome countertops

Yes, you generally want to use LED lights in the kitchen. As we mentioned, the most crucial factor in kitchen ceiling lighting is how bright it will be.

Considering that LED lights are also better for the environment and last long, they are perfect for such a popular room in your home. Furthermore, LED lighting can usually be adjusted to be brighter or dimmer and even change its hue altogether.

The experts over at Arch2O recommend LED bulbs for the kitchen because they make visibility at nighttime much better. This can be especially important if you cook, so you don't hurt yourself.

On top of all these benefits, LED lighting is very durable. Compared to standard bulbs, an LED option won't break or age as easily, which means less money spent long-term.

This lighting style also produces little to no heat, so you don't have to worry about your fixture(s) catching fire. That can be especially comforting for those with fabric light covers and other ornate pieces.

Should My Kitchen Have Dimmable Ceiling Lights?

Large and spacious modern kitchen with white countertops and brown cabinets

Depending on your kitchen size and natural lighting, dimmable ceiling lights can be a great idea. Typically, spaces with lower ceilings will benefit the most from dimmable lighting.

Let's say it's the early morning, and you don't need your lights to be super bright. With dimmable bulbs, you can easily turn down the intensity of your ceiling lights without turning them off entirely.

The same goes for the nighttime. If you need an extra bright working space as you cook, your lights should be able to illuminate the room if you have a dimmable feature.

Furthermore, you want to make sure you choose the right bulb, to begin with. For example, a cool-tone light will be brighter than a warmer option.

That can make or break your lighting, tall ceilings or not, so keep this in mind.

Generally, light fixtures will come with a recommended bulb size, wattage, and color. You can purchase the lights from the same retailer or find them somewhere else: stick to what the manufacturer recommends.

GE Relax 8-Pack Dimmable Soft White Lightbulbs

These lights are dimmable, 60-watt equivalent, have a soft white color, are LED, rated to last 13 years, and come in a pack of eight.

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How Can I Make My Kitchen Brighter?

Luxurious white modern kitchen with dangling lamps, gray flooring and a small dining table

If you don't want to replace all the lighting in your kitchen, there are easier ways to do this. Of course, lighting is the easiest way to get things brightened, but again, it's not always the only choice.

Some easy things you can do to brighten up a kitchen without a major renovation include:

  • Adding a mirror (or multiple).
  • Hanging a clamp lamp.
  • Switching to brighter LED bulbs.
  • Turning recessed lights into pendant lighting.
  • Using under-cabinet strip lights.
  • Adding bright pops of color.
  • Use metallic finishes to reflect light.

On top of these, painting the walls and ceiling in a kitchen white can make it feel brighter. Generally, white semi-glossy paint will reflect even the smallest amount of natural light, creating a more open-feeling room.

Additionally, using easy DIY products, like LED strip lights under a counter or piece of furniture, can help add brightness to your space. Don't be afraid to get crafty!

Govee White LED Strip Lights

These strip lights are white, bright, and LED, are dimmable, span 16.4 feet, work for kitchen cabinets, have six lighting options, and emit low to no heat.

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To Finish Up

Luxurious interior of a house with wooden flooring, square dangling lamps and white countertops with a scenic view of a lake

Whether you want to redo your kitchen or build a new one, finding the perfect amount of light is always tricky. We found that the best lighting for a kitchen ceiling is flush-mounted, bright options.

Ideally, you want your lighting to be bright enough to cover the entirety of your space. If you have high ceilings, you may want to use multiple light styles, like pendant lights, chandeliers, or spotlights.

However, lower ceilings may do best with semi-flush lights with dimmable bulbs, so keep that in mind. We hope you got the information you need and wish you luck on your design journey!

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