5 Best Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mats To Check Out

Suppose you are exhausted after a long day at work and come home to make dinner. Your back hurts, and your feet are fatigued. Maybe you're wondering if anti-fatigue mats could help to provide some relief? If so, which mats are the best for kitchen use? Do they warrant the financial investment? We've researched these questions and have helpful answers to share with you!

The best and most reviewed anti-fatigue mats have been tested by culinary professionals, home cooks, and several other trade workers to test which ones provide the most support and reduce stress on joints. The research results have concluded that the following are the best available in today's marketplace:

  • Kangaroo Mat
  • Sky Solutions
  • Gorilla Grip
  • Bufferfly
  • ComfiLife 

Are you interested in learning more about how anti-fatigue mats work? Maybe you wonder if there is a simple method to help ease leg and foot discomfort while you are working in your kitchen? Perhaps your physical therapist has suggested implementing an anti-fatigue rug into your home or workplace. Which ones are the best, and why? Please continue reading; we have a lot of information to share with you!

Man trips on a mat in a commercial kitchen, 5 Best Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mats To Check Out

Which anti-fatigue mat is best?

The five best-rated anti-fatigue mats underwent reviews for design, material, size, thickness, non-slip underside, and ease of cleaning. Also, how the mat helped reduced fatigue and tension while protecting joints from prolonged standing on hard flooring, these factors combined with expert research and consumer reviews, concluded that the following mats are considered the best on the market in 2021.

Kangaroo mat

Designed for home or work with extra padding, this mat will help reduce stress on your joints via its ergonomic design paired with a durable 3/4" high-density foam interior. Also, these mats are non-toxic and available in 7 sizes and 11 colors!

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Sky Solutions

Sky Solutions was deemed the best bang for your buck. This mat has 4 inches of commercial-grade, non-slip foam to ease stress and tension for tired feet and legs by 32%. The backing is non-slip, and the edges are equipped with anti-curl technology to help avoid accidental falls. Available in three different sizes and 10 colors.

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Gorilla Grip

Gorilla Grip provides customers with a multifaceted mat offering high levels of durability via an extra thick padded cushion. These mats are stain-resistant and washable. Available in 7  sizes and 13 colors to accommodate most kitchens or workspaces.

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The Bufferfly ergonomic mats offer long kitchen rugs that are perfect for large home kitchens or professional kitchens.  Each mat is 3/4" thick with oil-proof and water-resistant materials that are washable. Also, these mats are available in 5 different tones and patterns, each catering to a vintage color scheme.

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Comilife mats are an excellent choice for those searching for a soft material mat compatible with office standing desks or home kitchens. These particular mats are manufactured from memory foam and are equipped with anti-slip backing and stain-resistant technology. Available in 3 sizes and 13 unique colors.

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Do anti-fatigue mats work in the kitchen?

Yes, anti-fatigue mats are excellent for reducing the harshness of standing for several long hours in the kitchen. Culinary expert Martha Stewart attested to the effectiveness of using anti-fatigue mats in the kitchen to reduce tension and increase blood flow.

Anti-fatigue mats differ greatly from carpeting and rugs because the mats are made from thick padded materials. Usually, gel, foam, or rubber materials are used to buffer the harshness of standing for a prolonged period of time on the hardwood, tile, and vinyl kitchen flooring.

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Are anti-fatigue mats any good?

Service worker tripping on a curled up kitchen floor mat

Yes, many people from diverse backgrounds and professions have implemented anti-fatigue mats into their workspaces. They have found a reduction in fatigue and pain after a few weeks of use. In some cases, medical professionals have suggested mats to their patients for use at home and work.

In fact, OSHA references the validity of using anti-fatigue mats for restaurant and retail workers to help protect them from fatigue and chronic pain issues. However, OSHA does not mandate employers to provide these mats for their employees. They cite and encourage employers in the retail and restaurant sectors to invest in anti-fatigue mats for the unique needs of their workforce.

The cosmetology industry encourages barbers and hairdressers to use anti-fatigue mats to help reduce muscle pain, increase productivity, and reduce accident potential while improving concentration while standing for several hours per day serving clients.

How do anti-fatigue mats work?

According to CCOHS, anti-fatigue mats were designed to reduce fatigue caused by standing on cement, hardwood, or tiled floors for extended periods of time. The mats' materials are gel, foam, and rubber combined with other features such as anti-curl, anti-fatigue, and anti-stain technologies to decrease the percentages of injuries in the workplace and improve the functionality of workers.

In the home setting, the mats are useful for preventing fatigue and pain that accompanies long hours standing performing repetitive tasks. Also, the home office can benefit from adding one of these mats to the standing office workstation, which helps reduce fatigue and improve muscle strength.

The science of how the anti-fatigue mats work is based on the materials in the mats that create a slightly movable surface to stand on that keeps the muscles in your legs moving, preventing them from locking up. The mat's moveable surface keeps the feet and legs mildly stimulated, encourages blood flow, and prevents stagnation and muscle stiffness. Continual micro-movements in the lower legs and feet help reduce blood from pooling in the lower extremities and feet.

Anti-fatigue mats help correct balance issues that are often caused by exhaustion and muscle fatigue—the mats aid in correcting this issue by helping the body distribute weight between both legs evenly. By standing on a soft surface, one must activate the muscles in each leg to maintain standing. Generally, when people are standing on hard floor surfaces, they tend to place more weight on one leg, and the uneven weight distribution causes muscle fatigue, stiffness, and tension.

Additional thoughts

Health and Safety

The information provided in this post is not intended to serve as medical advice or be used in place of consulting a medical professional. Rather a compilation of basic information regarding anti-fatigue mats and reviews. Suppose you are experiencing medical issues, fatigue, or pain. Please get in touch with a medical professional at your earliest convenience.

Footwear and anti-fatigue mat usage

Always wear flat shoes when using an anti-fatigue mat. Wearing any shoes with heels could easily damage the mat by poking holes into the materials. Memory foam mats are especially susceptible to punctures from high heels.

Also, wearing heels when standing on a mat will cause more tension in your legs from the instability of the high heels paired with the anti-fatigue mat's pliability. This may result in fatigue and chronic pain issues.

Anti-fatigue mat maintenance

Maintaining a clean and functional kitchen is of most importance to home cooks and professionals alike. Cleaning the anti-fatigue mats will be another task to add to your kitchen maintenance list. Most mats are easy to clean with warm water and mild dishwashing soap.

Thoroughly wash both sides and allow the mat to dry hanging up or leaning against a wall to allow airflow to dry each side before placing it back on the floor.

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Do not machine wash these mats. Only wash by hand. Avoid using bleach; it can erode the mats' materials and bleach the colors.

Never use glass cleaners or any cleaners that contain alcohol; those types of products will erode the finish and padding materials.

Regularly wipe under the anti-fatigue mat to prevent the growth of mildew. If you are in doubt, always read the owner manual for specific instructions for cleaning and maintaining your anti-fatigue mat.

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In closing

Anti-fatigue mats are a great addition to your kitchen that could help you the cook feel better while you prepare fabulous meals for yourself and your loved ones. The research has proven that these mats can help ease the stress on joints and prevent fatigue.

We certainly hope this article has helped you gain clarity around the topic of anti-fatigue mats. Please visit Kitchenseer.com soon for more informative and helpful content!

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