Can You Bake Apple Pie In A Cake Pan?

One of the most iconic baked goods in America is unarguably the apple pie. One look might be more traditional than the rest but it can still come in an endless variety of shapes and sizes! Given its popularity, it makes sense that so many bakers and cooks take on the challenge of making one. However, if you're not accustomed to making pies, then there's a chance that you don't own a traditional pie tin. But what if you own a cake pan? We have learned about all the containers that you can bake an apple pie in to help you make the best one with what you have!

You can absolutely bake an apple pie in a cake pan! Using a cake pan instead of a pie tin is a very similar process since they have such similar shapes. Along with a cake pan, here are some other pans that you can use to bake an apple pie:

  1. Cast iron pan
  2. Springform pan
  3. Muffin tins
  4. Sheet pan
  5. Baking dish

One of the best things about baking and cooking is that you don't have to limit yourself by the equipment you own. There are tons of different ways to bake and cook things that you can easily adapt to use what you have. Before you start looking for cake pan apple pie recipes, there might be more information that you need. Make sure to keep reading below to learn in detail how to make an apple in a cake pan and the other dishes!

Apple pie on a cooling rack. Grey background. Can You Bake Apple Pie In A Cake Pan?

Baking Apple Pie In A Cake Pan And Other Alternatives

When looking for an alternative pan to cook an apple pie in, the chances are that you have one of these options. Round cake pans are the first choice because of how similar they are in shape to pie tins. This makes adapting traditional apple pie recipes a bit easier when you don't have a pie tin. However, that doesn't mean that you can't find, or make, recipes for different pans all together!

Apple pie

1. Cake Pan

Out of all of the pan choices on this list, round cake pans are the most similar to pie tins. The main differences are that cake pans are deeper, and do not have sloped sides like pie tins. You can usually use standard apple pie recipes with cake pans because of how close they are.

You'll want to follow the directions the same that you would if you had a pie tin just allow for a few more minutes of bake time. You may also want a little more filling than normal. Getting your pie out when it's done will also be a little trickier with this pan without the slanted sides to help out.

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2. Cast Iron Pan

Cast iron skillets are also very similar in shape to pie tins. They have a similar depth and they have sloped sides to help get that classic pie shape. The main difference is the material that it's made of. Pie tins are usually made of pyrex or aluminum.

Cast iron comes with its own set of rules for use, like making sure that it's seasoned before use. It's usually meant for a stovetop but there are tons of recipes that utilize this pans ability to go in the oven. This iron skillet apple pie recipe is a great example of how this classic dish can easily be adapted to this pan!

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3. Springform Pan

Woman standing by the wooden table in the kitchen and cutting butter into apple pie

Springform pans are very similar to round cake pans but with one major difference. You can remove the sides of springform pans! This means the added difficulty of trying to get an apple pie out of a cake pan is gone. It's arguably even easier than trying to remove a pie from a pie tin. There are also tons of recipes that utilize this function and make deep-dish versions of this classic baked good. This deep-dish apple pie recipe is a great example of the best way to use a springform pan to bake this dessert.

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4. Muffin tins

What are muffin tins but tiny pie tins? The shape is the same as a pie tin it's just on a much smaller scale! This pan gives you the perfect chance to make individual, or mini, apple pies. You can make large batches of them at once making this a great option for parties and other hosting events.

You'll most likely want to find a recipe that already does the work for you of figuring how much crust, filling, and bake time to use. You can even use muffin liners to reduce the clean-up and make serving easy. This mini apple pie recipe does the job nicely.

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5. Sheet Pan

Sheet pans might be a different shape than pie tins, but that doesn't mean that you can't make apple pie with them. They are more shallow than pie tins but they still have that sloped edge on them. The main difference in baking an apple pie in a sheet pan is that it will be larger and shallower. That just makes it the perfect tool for making extra-large apple pies.

You can bake an apple pie on a sheet pan and then just cut it up like you want bars or brownies. This apple slab pie recipe shows how to make this classic dish in a sheet pan.

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6. Baking Dish

Baking dishes are a great combination of the other choices above. They are generally rectangular, deep, and many have sloped and rounded edges. They are also usually made from pyrex, like many pie dishes. These baking dishes provide the perfect opportunity to make deep-dish apple pie on a larger scale. This deep-dish apple pie recipe shows just how good of job baking dishes can do and making desserts.

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Can You Bake A Pie In A Pyrex Dish?

Pyrex is actually one of the most commonly used materials for pie dishes. It does a great job of holding up to the temperatures of the oven and allowing for a good bake on the pie. Pyrex is also very easy to clean and doesn't absorb any stain or odors as some aluminum pans can.

Another major benefit is that none of the ingredients you place in the pyrex dish will have negative reactions to it. The same can't be said for cheap aluminum or tin dishes which commonly result in a metal taste in the food.

Can You Bake A Pie In A Tin Foil Pan?

Individual Size Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

You absolutely can bake a pie in a tin, or aluminum, foil pan. The main reason why these dishes are normally used is their disposable factor. They are great for one-use instances and then can be discarded. This is why they come in large packs.

It makes them great when you have to bake apple pies for a community function or to take them to a party and you don't want to worry about getting your dish back. Their advantage of being disposable is also their disadvantage as they create large amounts of waste and are not good for the environment.

What Is The Best Material For A Pie Dish?

Aluminum and glass are both great materials for pie dishes. They both do a great job of conducting heat and giving a great bake to pies. Beyond that choosing a favorite between the two is a matter of preference. Glass pyrex pie dishes are usually a little fancier looking. This makes them great for serving at any party or function and looking nice as well as being functional. Aluminum pie dishes are usually a little cheaper and don't last as long as nice glass ones. However, as far as function goes, they are neck and neck.

Finishing Up

Apple pie on a cooling rack. Grey background.

Not only can you bake an apple pie in a cake pan, but there are several different pans you can use. Each one has a unique shape and property that you may find desirable for baking apple pie. Some can make a lot of smaller apple pies, and some can make a lot of one apple pie. Others can make a deeper version so you can have even more filling to enjoy! Once you know about all of the options it just comes down to which kind of apple pie is your favorite.

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