How To Arrange Appliances On A Kitchen Counter

The arrangement of your countertop kitchen appliances is an important part of your kitchen's aesthetics and practicality. Do you have new appliances that you are trying to fit into your space but don't know where exactly to put them? Well, we've done some digging and have a few good ideas to share with you. Let's discuss.

Arrange your kitchen appliances in a way that keeps your most used items visible and your less used ones stored away. A good rule of thumb is to keep the appliances you regularly use out on your kitchen counter and put the ones you only use sometimes in a drawer or cabinet between uses.

As we begin, we will cover all things kitchen organizing. Whether you are doing some rearranging or just moved into your new place, we're here to help. With that said, let's jump right into this post!

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Which Appliances Should Be On The Kitchen Counter?

You usually want to keep your toaster (or toaster oven), microwave, coffee maker, and blender on your kitchen counters. Depending on your kitchen's layout and how often you use an appliance, this will also play a huge role in whether it stays or goes into a cabinet.

Like we covered, you want to keep your most-used kitchen devices out where you can access them and keep your less-used ones stored away between uses. If your kitchen is smaller, you might have to store some of your appliances away regardless, so everyone is different.

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How Do I Organize My Kitchen Counters?

It's always a good idea to keep your kitchen counters as clean and organized as possible. A good way to do this would be getting baskets or containers to store extra utensils, spices, food, or cookware.

You can also try buying a counter rack to store your extra items to free up space. Doing this will help create room for more important things like your appliances.

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How Do You Hide A Toaster On The Counter?

For anyone trying to hide their toaster, this is pretty easy. Start by placing your toaster in a corner location on your kitchen counter, which will make it easier to hide.

Then, grab a vase, cookbook holder, or small piece of decor and place it directly in front of your toaster. Doing this is an easy way to keep people from seeing your appliance while also adding color to your space.

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How Do You Store A Toaster Oven In The Kitchen?

Although you might not be able to disguise your toaster oven completely, there are ways to store it in the kitchen. An idea for this is to purchase a wall or counter shelf, so you can keep it out of your way while you aren't using it.

That said, you don't want to store anything above your toaster while it's plugged in, so remember to unplug it between uses to prevent a fire.

Microwave Oven And Toaster Stand

This metal appliance stand has a two-tier design, can hold a microwave oven, toaster, blender, and spices, is 20 x 12 x 13 inches, and comes in white.

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Where Do You Put A Microwave In A Tiny Kitchen?

Microwave- focus on handle

If you have a smaller kitchen, there are plenty of places you can put your microwave. Like our toaster oven suggestion above, keeping your microwave on a wall or counter shelf is a great way to utilize space.

Another good spot to put your microwave is in the pantry if there is an outlet nearby. Generally, a pantry has good ventilation and spaced-out shelves, which is ideal for a microwave.

Do Microwaves Need To Be Vented?

Unless you have your microwave installed above the stove, you usually don't need to vent it. According to Upgraded Home, portable microwaves have built-in vents, which don't require any other form of venting.

On top of that, as long as you give your microwave enough space to release heat while it's on, you shouldn't run into any problems.

Should Kitchen Counters Be Empty?

Although your kitchen counters don't need to be empty, it's good to keep them organized. Like we mentioned earlier, it's okay to have appliances and cookware on your counters, as long as they have a designated spot.

Whether you use an organizing shelf or keep things stored in a cabinet between uses, your kitchen should work for you. This goes for any size space, so don't be afraid to keep your things out if that's what makes your kitchen more efficient.

What Can I Use To Protect My Countertops?

Generally, you want to avoid cutting or preparing food directly on your counters, so we recommend always using a cutting board. You also want to avoid placing hot cookware on your countertops, so a heat pad or trivet might come in handy.

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You should use warm water and soap on your counters for everyday wipe downs rather than abrasive chemicals. That's not to say you can't use cleaners ever, but it's better for your countertops if you keep chemical products to a minimum.

Should Kitchen Appliances Match?

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It isn't always necessary to match kitchen appliances. Although your devices don't have to be the same, keeping them similar is a good idea.

The major appliances in your kitchen should have the same finish but don't have to be the same brand, model, or style. For example, if you want to have a red toaster and stainless steel appliances for the rest of your kitchen, this is completely fine.

What Is A Good Amount Of Counter Space In A Kitchen?

Ideally, your kitchen should have at least 32 to 36 inches of clean, usable counter space. Especially if you cook, it's important to keep your kitchen counters clutter-free so that you can prepare meals comfortably.

Even for those who prefer ordering take-out, it's good to keep your counters organized and clean, so when you do want to cook, you can.

Where Should A Coffee Maker Go In The Kitchen?

If you use your coffee maker daily, it's a good idea to keep it on your kitchen counter. Most times, a good place for a coffee machine is near your refrigerator, but this depends on your kitchen's layout.

Regardless, you want to keep your coffee maker somewhere you can easily get to it, especially if you plan to use it regularly.

Should You Keep A Blender On The Kitchen Counter?

Depending on how often you use your blender, this will determine if it gets to stay on the counter. Usually, the less you use an appliance, the more tucked away it should be, so that is an easy way to decide.

For example, if you make daily smoothies or protein shakes, it's better to keep your blender on your counter, and if you only use it a few times per month, it should go into a cabinet.

To Wrap It Up

Whether you want to get a new kitchen appliance or organize your current ones, knowing how to arrange them on your counters can be tricky. From what we found, you should keep devices you regularly use out on your kitchen counter, while ones you don't use every day can go into a drawer or cabinet.

We recommend using stackable containers and shelving to make room for bigger items like your coffee maker, blender, microwave, or toaster. It's also important to store your kitchen appliances somewhere they won't start a fire, so try to keep them away from flammable items and cramped spaces.

Regardless of your kitchen's size, make sure to organize your appliances in a way that works for you, and don't be afraid to get a few shelves to store your extra items.

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