Are Aprons One Size Fits All?

Are aprons one size fits all? It's time to get one for your new job or home kitchen, but you want to be sure you get the right one. We've done the research to answer this question for you.

Most bar and kitchen aprons are made to adjust to many different sizes, so yes, they are one size fits all. You can often cinch the waist tighter with a tie. The neckpiece that goes over your head is adjustable to let the apron hang lower or higher on your body. And there are different style aprons that may come in longer or shorter sizes for the overall length of coverage.

Let's look at what these sizes are on most aprons and the various types and styles. We'll also discuss how an apron should fit, how to measure for an apron, which industry professionals wear aprons, what size you should get. Are there are best materials for aprons, and how big an apron pocket should be? Please keep reading for all of the nitty-gritty details.

A young restaurant owner wearing an apron standing on the exit, Are Aprons One Size Fits All?

Are Aprons Truly One Size Fits All?

This is the typical look of an apron. Generally, they are a large piece of fabric that covers your chest, abdomen, and upper hip region. They tie with a sash that is sometimes long enough to come all the way around and tie at the front. Or, the sash may tie at the back. There is also a piece of the sash that goes over your shoulders and around your neck. This piece holds the apron on.

Some aprons have pockets for bar utensils and other items. Some don't. All of them protect your clothing from spills, splashes, and in some cases, burns. And the best part, they are all adjustable and made to fit a wide variety of body shapes and sizes.

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Bar Apron

A bar apron like this has loads of pockets. The center pocket can be used for order pads or tablets. Upper pockets can be used to hold pens, a wine key, bottle openers, or whatever other items you may regularly need while serving. The apron coverage goes from chest to knee and is 25" wide by 33" tall (85 x 65 cm) with long 95” straps (241 cm) to fit both small and big bodies, from 25" up to 60" (64 to 153 cm) at the waist. Fully adjustable for unisex sizing.

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Chef's Apron

The professional chef's apron is slightly longer than the bar or server apron, often extending to just above the knee. It has fewer pockets and is typically made of a heavier waxed canvas or twill to protect clothing and skin from hot splashes. The neck strap is easily adjustable, and the extra-long sash for the waist tie means it can accommodate most girths.

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Server Wait Aprons

Server wait aprons are half aprons used by restaurant and cafe servers. These half aprons provide handy pockets for order pads, napkins, straws, pens, and can and bottle openers. They are typically unisex, tie with a simple string tie, and are one size fits all.

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Novelty Aprons

Maybe you don't need a professional apron, but you still want something cute to wear while baking up a batch of cupcakes. There are loads of novelty aprons to buy and gift to your favorite home chef. You can even find them where you can have custom quotes printed on them, or maybe the name of your own business.

This one has a sweet retro feel with floral and polka-dotted patterns. Like our other aprons, it's totally adjustable, and one size fits most.

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Disposable Aprons For Dishwashers, Those Who Work With Meat, Even Painters

If you work with foods that could spread disease if left out, a disposable apron is a good idea. These poly aprons hold up for dishwashing, cutting cold cuts at the deli, or even for painters who want to stay clean.

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How Should An Apron Fit?

Aprons are made to protect your clothing from spills, but also to protect the kitchen environment from things that may be on your clothing. This is why it's super important to make sure you have the right fit.

In general, aprons should cover your chest down to above your knees. You want the fabric to come partway around the side for bar and chef's aprons. For server aprons, they will often wrap all the way around depending upon the model you wear. Some novelty aprons are also half aprons.

How To Measure For An Apron?

When measuring for an apron, be sure to take all of your measurements over your clothing since that's how you'll be wearing your apron. For the length, measure mid-chest to just below the knee. For your middle, measure your waist size; you can then make sure the tie is long enough to go around your mid-section. In a very few instances, there may be aprons that come sized in somewhat general small, medium, and large sizes. This will make measurements even more important.

Who Wears An Apron?

There are many professionals who wear aprons regularly. Chefs, sous chefs, butchers are all food service individuals who wear aprons to both protect the food and be protected. In the back of the house, you'll often find dishwashers wearing waterproof aprons. Servers in restaurants and cafes wear aprons. Bartenders and baristas are also professionals who wear aprons to work. Even hairstylists are in on the action of wearing convenient aprons.

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What Size Apron Should I Get?

If you are a server or front-of-the-house person, you're going to want to get a half apron. These aprons fold down over the tied part and have handy pockets for pens and order pads. They are one-size-fits-all.

If you're working as a chef or a bartender, you're going to want to get an apron that will come from your chest all the way down to just above, at, or just below your knees.

How Big Should An Apron Pocket Be?

Apron pockets correspond to the job you're doing. If you're a dishwasher, you don't really need a pocket. But if you're a server, you're going to want a pocket for your order book, pens, and probably a wine key. For chefs, you might want pockets, but you might not. Bartenders and baristas will often use pockets.

This professional-quality apron has a multitude of pockets. There's a handy cell phone pocket at the chest level. In addition, there are four deep pockets and a towel loop for hanging a bar towel. The pockets make this apron a little bit more comfortable. On average, apron pockets typically measure 6.5" tall by 8" wide. Though, some may take up the full apron spanning about 16" in total.

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What Is The Best Material For Aprons?

If you work back-of-the-house, you want your apron to be sturdy, soil-proof, and moisture resistant. It's also helpful if it's easy to clean. For most professional aprons, the material is either a heavy-duty canvas, a waxed twill, or even a lightweight leather or canvas reinforced with leather.

For servers, most aprons are a polyester blend that is lightweight and stain-resistant. These aprons are easy to launder at the end of a long shift.

For butchers, dishwashers, and other professionals who work with the messiest items, a poly viny or disposable plastic material may be best.

Keep Everything Nice By Wearing An Apron

The bottom line is that an apron is nice to have. They're easy to put on over your clothing. Easy to buy because sizing isn't so much of an issue. And they are often required in professional kitchens or restaurants. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of all of the different types of aprons and materials out there.

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