Arcopal Vs Luminarc Vs Corelle: Which Is Better For Your Kitchen?

Dinnerware brands like Arcopal, Luminarc, and Corelle are available in the market. Choosing one dinnerware set over another is difficult as these are all outstanding dinnerware brands. How do you pick then which brand is better for your kitchen? We conducted thorough research and will share the answer here with you.

Choosing among Arcopal, Luminarc, and Corelle dinnerware sets boils down to your budget. Corelle has beautiful patterns at very affordable prices. Arcopal and Luminarc have classic as well as modern designs but will set you back more in your budget. 

These brands have a lot to offer in terms of functionality. Read on further to get insights into each brand's pros and cons to help you decide which is better for your kitchen.

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Arcopal Pros and Cons

Arcopal is manufactured in France and is one of the brands under Arc Holdings.  The Arcopal dinnerware has a distinct milky white opaque look.


Arcopal is the Arc's opaque glass dishware line made with opal glass material.  The durability and strength of the plates and other items in the line are due to this glass material. 

Making it durable too is the process of using heat and then quickly cooling the dishware. This creates a fire-glazed coating to protect the dishware.

The process also creates non-porous opal dishware which prevents liquid from penetrating the glass structure of the dishware. It makes it hygienic and safe for use too as it prevents bacteria to accumulate. 

Furthermore, Arcopal dishware is ideal for everyday use because of its lightweight material. 

Dishware from the refrigerator directly placed in the microwave will not break because it can withstand sudden temperature changes. In addition, the dishware line is heat-resistant which makes it safe to use in the dishwasher, oven, and microwave. 


Arcopal dishware is still breakable even if it is break and chip-resistant. It will break into small non-sharp pieces only because of its tempered glass material.

In 2000, the company ceased manufacturing Arcopal dishware. So, if you break a plate from one of its older designs, finding a replacement can be hard. You can check from the retail stores if your set is back in line since the company resumed manufacturing in 2016. 

Luminarc Pros and Cons

Luminarc is made by the same company as Arcopal. Its dishware is another product with fine workmanship.


Luminarc offers french-style kitchen living with its classic and simple dishware. This brand focuses also on functionality and safety.

It is also resistant to bumps, cracking, and breakage because it is made with tempered glass. Luminarc makes not only plates but also bakeware that will not shatter when used in the microwave and oven.

This brand offers also cookware that is thermal shock resistant withstanding temperatures up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. Luminarc cookware can go from the freezer straight to the stovetop and vice versa.

The Luminarc dishware consists of 30% recycled scrap glass. Its manufacturer continues to strive on making 100% environmentally friendly dishware by 2050.

In addition, Luminarc’s lead-free and cadmium-free plates make it safe for use with food. Being non-porous too prevents the dishes to absorb food odor or flavor and will not react to acidic ingredients. 

It also utilizes organic ink in printing the patterns. As a result, the design stays intact and does not fade over extended use.


Luminarc's products are not just dinnerware and cookware. It also has bowls and drinking glasses.

These are all durable products but breaking on impact is still unavoidable. Glass products hitting the hard floor, especially tiles can shatter.

Corelle Pros and Cons

Corelle has been making beautiful dishware since the 1970s. It is the only brand that is made in the United States among the three choices.


The Corelle dishware is chip-resistant and break-resistant.  It is made of  Vitrelle glass that is intended for television screens thus a durable material.

This material is laminated and bonded to create three layers of glass. This process produces dishware that is resistant to chipping, breaking, scratching, and staining.

Being a non-porous dinnerware makes it safe from bacteria accumulation and resistant to odor.

This is a versatile product since it can be used to serve as well heat food in the microwave or oven. It is safe for freezer or refrigerator storage as well.

Corelle is dishwasher safe, like the Arcopal and Luminarc dishware.  The lightweight factor of Corelle dishware is a big plus, especially when handling and washing the dishes.

The Corelle dinnerware does not fall short in aesthetic beauty.  Its dinnerware sets come in colorful patterns to match any design preference and personality. 


Just like the Arcopal and Luminarc dishes, Corelle dinnerware is not unbreakable. Damage can still occur if dropped or bumped.

Corelle plates are stackable but these can still lead to scratches and cracking. Protect your plates with a dish protector to absorb the impact of the plates when stacked.

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As for food safety use, the designs made before 2005 are not lead-free.  Use these plates for decorative purposes instead.

It is good to note though that the dinnerware manufactured after 2005, even the ones with designs and colored prints, are already lead-free.

Which dinnerware to choose?

Strength and durability

The reason why these brands have loyal followers is due to their dinnerware's strength and durability.  All of these brands have glaze coating to keep the glass structure intact and protect the dinnerware from breakage and scratches. 


The three brands all have plain white dishes. If you want black-colored plates, Arcopal and Luminarc have these plates.  But for more eye-pleasing designs, each brand can offer you a variety of colored patterns.

So, if you choose based on patterns, the three brands offer simple designs to intricate ones. But Corelle and Arcopal, are both opaque plates with border designs or patterns that can cover the whole plate.

If the preference is for a clear glass plate, Luminarc has this to offer. They have plain and vintage-looking printed plates as well.


The main difference between these plates is the price. As a point of comparison, each brand offers dinnerware sets.

An Arcopal dinnerware set for 6 starts at $85 which includes dinner plates, dessert plates, and deep dishes. These sets come in white or black plain colors. But the sets can also have a border or floral designs similar to porcelain china at a higher price. 

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The price for a set of Luminarc dinnerware for 6 starts at $120. A set includes 6 pieces each of dinner plate, dessert plate, and bowl. 

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The beautiful Corelle pieces are available in the market starting at $55 for its set of 6 dinner plates, salad plates, and cereal bowls. So, among the three brands, the Corelle dinnerware set is the most affordable one.

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Are plates lead-free?

Items used in food consumption have to be free of harmful chemicals.  Lead in dinnerware can be absorbed by the food especially when heating food or hot food is placed on the dinnerware.  Acidic food also hastens lead leaching. 

Lead is used to give plates a smooth and non-porous finish. It is also used for the glaze to protect the plate material.  However, lead exposure can have harmful effects like lead poisoning or issues with organ functions.

That being said, the manufacturing process needs to have the right temperature to ensure that the plates and glaze are fused well. This will prevent lead from leaching into the food.

How to test your plate for lead?

There are DIY tests if you are unsure that your dishware is safe for use. These lead-free test kits can detect if lead is present through a quick color test. 

Do the swab testing by following the instructions on the test kit. The dishware has lead if the color changes on the swab test.

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However, this test will just detect the presence of lead but not the amount. The plate has to go through laboratory testing to determine how much lead it contains. 

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In Conclusion

Corelle is the choice for budget-conscious consumers. But if cost is not an issue, these three brands offer a variety of patterns that will suit anyone's tastes and pattern preferences.

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