My Air Fryer Keeps Saying ‘Open’ – Why? What To Do?

We understand how frustrating a glitch can be if you rely on your air fryer to cook a crispy meal in no time. Do you keep trying to use your air fryer only to get an 'Open' message? Well, we have looked into this error and have a way to solve it below!

In general, your air fryer keeps saying 'Open' because:

  • The metal basket or pot is misaligned or flawed
  • The latch is broken or blocked
  • A sensor is defective

Check each of these components to find out why your air fryer won't close so that you can fix it accordingly.

Stay tuned to our ultimate air fryer troubleshooting guide. Read on to learn how to fix an air fryer that won't close and other issues that keep it from working correctly. Let's dive right in!

Why Does My Air Fryer Keep Saying 'Open'?

Cooking potatoes and carrot sticks with spices in an air fryer, My Air Fryer Keeps Saying 'Open' - Why What To Do

Air fryers are a great help in the kitchen. They make it possible to achieve the crunchy texture of deep-fried food, only this time, you don't need to use too much oil, and you're not frying.

Air fryers are more like conventional ovens. They have fans that help distribute heat evenly throughout the cooking basket, which is crucial in producing that crunchy-outside-but-juicy-inside consistency.

No wonder it's a hit among kids and adults alike. Who doesn't enjoy crispy fried chicken, chicken tenders, fish fillets, mozzarella sticks, fries, and even hamburgers?

You can feast on these fast-food menus at home for less cost and less fat.

This is especially useful for moms with kids who are picky eaters and want everything that they eat to have that crunchy texture.

With air fryers, you can achieve that without deep frying the food and soaking it in too much fat. But of course, your air fryer has to be working correctly so you can use it for cooking.

If it keeps saying 'Open,' it won't proceed to cook your food. There are several reasons for this. Check which one applies to your situation to find out the appropriate solution.

Misaligned Metal Basket Or Pot

Air fryer with fried breaded chicken

The metal basket where you put the food that you will cook needs to be aligned properly inside the air fryer. The sensor in your cooking appliance will know if it isn't lined up the right way.

As a result, the latch won't fasten, and that's why your air fryer is telling you that it is still open.

Remove the basket or pot and put it back carefully. Make sure it is level inside the drawer, and push it inside.

Flawed Metal Basket Or Pot

This is one of the essential components of your air fryer. If it is not in good condition, your air fryer won't work correctly.

It could be that the basket or pot has been dented or bent out of shape. This can also be why this component doesn't fit inside the drawer and won't latch in its place.

See if the dent can be mended or if you can put it back in its shape. If not, you must replace the metal basket or pot so that your air fryer will work properly.

See these replacement baskets on Amazon.

Broken Latch

The latch is essential since it secures your metal basket fryer while cooking.

This is for safety purposes. The sensor can detect if the latch is fastened correctly or not. If the latch isn't attached, your air fryer will tell you it is open.

So, if you have a broken latch, you won't be able to close your air fryer before you start cooking. Thus, you can't use it until you have it fixed.

Call your air fryer's manufacturer for assistance, or take your appliance to the nearest repair shop to replace it.

Obstruction In The Latch

An electric Air Fryer on table with blurred kitchen background. Lifestyle of new normal cooking.

It could also be that your latch isn't defective, but something is blocking the way, keeping it from closing your air fryer. Remove the metal basket or pot and check the drawer's interior for any signs of blockage.

It could be food crumbs, gunk, foil, or other foreign items that have managed to get inside your air fryer. Take off the unwanted particles inside the drawer to remove the obstruction in the latch.

Check your basket or pot to see if it is full beyond capacity. The excess food can hinder the latch from catching.

Defective Sensor

Your air fryer's sensor has been programmed to detect if all systems are in order before it gives the signal to heat your food. It checks if the basket is appropriately placed and the latch has been fastened correctly.

But if it is defective, it won't read the signals accurately. This can be why your air fryer says it's open and can't proceed to cook your food.

If the sensor is broken, you need to bring your appliance to a repair shop. The technician will look at it to see what can be done to put it back in order.

You should look into these components if your air fryer doesn't close. Have it sorted out as soon as possible so you can use your appliance again to cook your favorite golden-fried dishes.

Other Reasons Your Air Fryer Is Not Working

Air fryer homemade grilled potato

Here are the other common issues encountered when trying to use the air fryer but it won't work:

Power Source

Being an electric appliance, your air fryer relies on electricity to have power. If there are wiring problems or a short circuit, the power outlet won't be able to supply your appliance with electricity.

You can use a multimeter to see continuity in the power source. You can also plug your air fryer in a different outlet to see if it works.

This will also confirm that the problem is with the power outlet. Have an electrician inspect your power source for safety purposes.

Check out this multimeter on Amazon.

Power Cord

Your air fryer has a power cord that you use to connect it to the power outlet. This cord can become frayed or worn out over time.

It could also be that your furry friend at home has decided to make it his chew toy, and that's why it is broken.

If you have a spare cord, see if it fits your air fryer so you can use it again. If not, you have to buy a compatible replacement cord before you can get your appliance to work again.

Heating Element

As we said earlier, your air fryer is like a conventional oven. It has a heating element responsible for converting electrical energy to heat so that you can cook your food inside the air fryer.

The heating element is usually a spiral metal coil inside your air fryer.

It is complicated to diagnose this issue. You can take your appliance to a repair shop to confirm if the heating element is the culprit behind your problem.

They will also help you find a replacement part if needed.

Thermal Fuse

Your air fryer has a thermal fuse to protect it from overheating. You may have a blown fuse, so your cooking appliance isn't working.

You need to access the interior components of your air fryer to check the fuse.

Use a screwdriver to remove the plastic lid that covers these components. Look for the thermal fuse and see if it has turned black or if there are broken filaments in its body.

Once you've confirmed that you have a blown thermal fuse, you need to replace it with a new one.

Circuit Board

black color square technology air fryer oven

This interior component connects different electric parts, so your appliance will work as it has been designed.

When you have a fired circuit board, your air fryer won't work. If you suspect this is the problem, check if your appliance is still covered by warranty, as its repair can be expensive.

If there's no longer warranty coverage, consider getting a new air fryer.

There you go! These are the critical parts you need to check to determine the source of the problem. See if you need the assistance of an electrician to put your air fryer back in order or if it's time to get a new one for your kitchen.

Our Final Thoughts

You have to check three components of your air fryer if it keeps saying 'Open' - the basket or pot, latch, and the sensor. Knowing how to fix these issues will help you get your appliance working in no time.

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