How To Adjust Whirlpool Refrigerator Door Swing

Making adjustments to your Whirlpool refrigerator can make it easier to operate and maintain. But how do you adjust the door swing on these refrigerators? And is this a task that you need a contractor to perform? We have researched how to tackle this project, and we have answers for you.

Here are the steps to adjust the swing on your Whirlpool refrigerator door:

  1. Remove any food from the inside of the doors
  2. Lift the door
  3. Remove the hinge on the bottom
  4. Move the hinge to the new slide
  5. Rotate the hinge

Refrigerator doors can become damaged, fail to swing properly, and develop other issues. If this happens to your Whirlpool refrigerator, there are steps that you can take to fix the problem. Continue reading to learn more about options available should you have issues with your door.

Luxurious and modern inspired kitchen with white cabinetries and a huge double door refrigerator, How To Adjust Whirlpool Refrigerator Door Swing

How To Adjust Whirlpool Refrigerator Door Swing

1. Remove any food from the inside of the door

Make sure that the door is free of any food, condiments, or other items. Set these items on the counter to the side.

2. Lift the door

Start by lifting the door out of the bottom thing and then set it to the side. Note that these doors can be a bit heavy, so it may be best to have someone help you with the lift.

3. Remove the hinge on the bottom

Next, use a drill with a square bit to remove the door's bottom hinge and bushing from the door.

4. Move the hinge to the new slide

Next, move the bottom hinge and its bushing into the new corresponding hinge slot located on the door. Before placing the hinge in its position, be sure that the bottom of it is level and parallel to the bottom of the door.

5. Rotate the hinge

Next, rotate the hinge until its base is at a 90-degree angle with respect to the door's bottom edge. Next, swing the door from left to right to ensure that it opens and closes correctly. Then close it completely to make sure that it shuts fully on the refrigerator base.

How do I stop my fridge door from opening too far?

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There are ways that you can adjust your refrigerator so that it has a narrower swing width. Many owners choose to do this to prevent the refrigerator door from hitting other appliances and counters in the kitchen.

It can also prevent the refrigerator from losing too much cool air while it's open. Let's take a look at how to do it.

Install a doorstop kit

A good number of modern refrigerators come with a built-in doorstop that controls how far open the door can swing. Often, these units allow the door to swing anywhere from 120 degrees or more. But if this is too wide for your kitchen space, you may be able to adjust it to open to a 90-degree angle.

This will allow you to open the door and access the food without it hitting the back wall in the process. It can also prevent the door itself from becoming damaged. It's best to first check your owner's manual to see if your refrigerator offers a doorstop feature so that you can learn how to set it up.

If the refrigerator doesn't include it, you can also contact the manufacturer to order a kit and install it yourself. It's a fairly straightforward process and typically takes about 20 to 30 minutes to install.

Find this doorstop kit on Amazon.

Reverse the door swing

If your refrigerator door swings too wide, you can also simply reverse the door swing. This can be beneficial if you have extra space on the opposite side of the refrigerator. With modern refrigerators, this feature has become pretty standard.

However, you'll want to first check the owner's manual to find the instructions on how to reverse the swing on your particular model. In some cases, you may need to buy additional hardware or even a new door if it's not equipped with a reversible door.

However, many refrigerators with French-door styles won't have the ability to open this way for obvious reasons.

Create your fridge doorstop

You can also create your doorstop if your fridge doesn't come with one built-in. To do this, you'll need to find a floor doorstop or a wall bumper and attach it to the wall or behind the refrigerator. It's best to use a stop that has a rubber-based tip or one with a cushion.

This will prevent the refrigerators from opening too wide and the door from damaging whatever object it makes contact with. You may need to do a bit of experimenting with the location and size of the stop to find one that fits well for the space behind the door.

How do I level my Whirlpool refrigerator?

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Leveling a Whirlpool refrigerator is fairly easy. Here's how to do it:

1. Place a level on the refrigerator

Start by placing your level on top of the fridge to determine its current alignment. Be sure to check both the horizontal and vertical alignment to ensure that they are both centered.

2. Move the leveling nuts

After determining the current alignment, make adjustments by locating and redistributing the leveling on the bottom of your refrigerator. Most refrigerator models will have a single nut on each side that can be adjusted vertically and horizontally.

On most fridges, the left or top nuts will raise and lower the back of the refrigerator, while the right or bottom nuts will raise the front of the unit.

If you have a side-by-side refrigerator, both the nuts located in the rear and front may be used to adjust the rear and front sections of the refrigerator. You may need to make multiple adjustments to the nuts to get the centering correct.

3. Check the new angle

After making adjustments, check the level again to see if the refrigerator is centered. If not, continue to turn the nuts until the unit is centered both horizontally and vertically. Next, open and shut the refrigerator door to ensure that they function properly.

Then, reach down and turn the brakes on the front of the fridge clockwise to secure the unit on the ground and prevent it from rocking.

Can you reverse a refrigerator door?

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Yes, you can reverse the door on most modern refrigerators. However, you'll first want to check the instructional manual to ensure that this is an option. Let's take a look at how to do it:

Things you'll need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Ratchet/socket set
  • Wrench
  • Needle-nose pliers

1. Remove any food from the inside of the doors

Make sure that the door is free of any food, condiments, or other items.

Use the screwdriver to pry off the trim piece from the upper hinge. Be sure to hold the door in place while you remove all of the screws from the hinge.

2. Tilt the door and lift it up

Have an assistant stand on the opposite side of the door while you tilt it upward and away from the refrigerator. Lift the door and pry it off the top hinges.

3. Remove the other hinges

Next, remove the hinges located in the middle and bottom of the door. You may have small plastic attachments or fasteners located near the hinges, so be sure to remove them as well using your needle-nose pliers.

4. Flip the middle hinge

After removing the middle hinge, flip it to the opposite side of the refrigerator—meaning the lower and upper hinge pin should be facing the opposite direction.

5. Swap the hinges and handles

Next, use your screwdriver to remove the screws from the handle. Then place the handles and the hinges on the other side of the refrigerator door, making sure to fasten them tightly.

It's best to take a picture of the hinges and plastic parts to ensure that you placed them in the correct location on the opposite side of the door.

Need a visual to see how it's done? Check out this video:

Is it possible to replace refrigerator doors?

Yes, it is possible to replace refrigerator doors. However, doing so can get pretty costly. Replacing a refrigerator door can cost anywhere from $350 to over $700. Expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $500 or more for the door alone, especially if the refrigerator model is new.

Keep in mind that some refrigerator models and brands may only be replaced in sets, which can get especially costly. So, if you plan to replace the refrigerator door, it's best to consider the refrigerator's age and overall condition, as a new unit may be a better investment in some cases.

Wrapping Things Up

Luxurious and modern inspired kitchen with white cabinetries and a huge double door refrigerator

The doors on refrigerators can be replaced and reversed in many cases. However, you should consider the age and model of the refrigerator before deciding to purchase any new expensive components.

If your refrigerator door is opening too wide, you can adjust it. We hope this post has explained how to perform this task on Whirlpool refrigerators.

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