9 Accent Wall Ideas For The Dining Room

Depending on your lifestyle, your dining room may be used every day or may only be used on special occasions. No matter how often you use this space, the dining room is the perfect area to let your creativity take shape. To make this is a showstopping and inviting space, consider turning one of the walls into an accent wall. Our team has researched and found nine ideas for an accent wall in the dining room.

Accent wall ideas for the dining room:

  1. Wallpaper
  2. Bold Paint Color
  3. Board and Batten/Wainscoting
  4. Dazzling Drapes
  5. Gallery Wall
  6. Shelving and Storage
  7. Natural Stone
  8. Large Mirror
  9. Shiplap

It may be difficult trying to decide how you want to personalize this space. An accent wall can be pretty simple or can be ornate and elaborate. Additionally, some of these designs are easier to pull off than others.

Whether you want a simple or complex design, we hope one of these ideas will inspire you to turn one of your walls into the focal point of your dining room. Doing this can turn a drab space into a stylish and fabulous area where people congregate. Keep reading to learn more about accent walls and their impact on a room.

Stylish modern dining room, 9 Accent Wall Ideas For The Dining Room

What is the Purpose of an Accent Wall?

Before you look at the dining room accent wall ideas, it's important to understand the purpose of creating an accent wall in the first place. An accent wall will have a different color, design, or material than the walls around it. Accent walls can be a dramatic centerpiece to a room and can tie a color scheme throughout a home.

Additionally, featured walls can make a room feel larger if done correctly. An accent wall allows for several styling options from wallpaper, art, paint color, and more. You can express your personality through a featured wall in your home.

Dining Room Accent Ideas

Now that you know the purpose of an accent or feature wall, it's time to look at some feature wall ideas. As mentioned earlier, transforming a plain wall may be more or less labor-intensive, depending on your design. One thing is for sure, no matter what design you choose, you are sure to make a statement!

1. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is making a huge comeback and is exceptionally on-trend. This can be a quick and relatively inexpensive way to change the look of your dining room altogether. Wallpaper comes in so many designs and even comes in different textures. You may choose something completely neutral with a very minimal pattern, or you may want a bright and bold print. Most modern wallpaper is peel and stick, making it much easier to apply and remove.

This homeowner chose to use a beautiful and bold floral wallpaper on one dining room wall.

Find peel and stick wallpaper like this on Amazon.

2. Bold Paint Color

Another fairly easy and inexpensive way to add an accent wall to your dining room is by painting one wall a bold color. Make sure you choose a color that will work with the overall color scheme in your home.

Sometimes painting one wall in your area a darker color can make the room seem larger and give it more depth. Painting one wall a bold color is much easier than committing to an entire room.

Wooden dining table with six chairs and hanging electric lamp

The rich navy blue wall in this dining room pops against the bright white walls. Navy blue is currently a trendy color in the design world.

3. Board and Batten/Wainscoting

Using wood to create this decorative wall paneling or wall treatments can add interest to the room. Traditionally, wainscoting is used in the dining room and sometimes on all four walls. However, it will work on one wall just as well. Covering the bottom half or two-thirds of the wall with board and batten can offer a modern touch to your dining room.

One option is to paint the wall and board and batten the same color. Another option would be painting the wall and board and batten or wainscoting a different color to make it stand out more.

Black paint was used to paint this board and batten wall in this dining room.

Dining room apartment interior with wooden chairs and table

As you can see in this dining room, the wainscoting and wall are painted in different colors.

4. Dazzling Drapes

Maybe you don't want to go to the trouble of changing the wall color or doing anything drastic to your dining room. If you have windows in your dining room, simply adding interesting drapes can change the room's entire look. Curtains with a print or pattern can add that pop of color you want without making a permanent change.

Leaving the curtains open during the day will allow all that wonderful natural night to shine in. Don't worry! They will still make an impact even if they aren't closed all the way.

The beautiful yellow curtains in this dining room compliment the chairs and add a pop of color against the dark walls.

5. Gallery Wall

Whether you have an extensive art collection or just want to display family pictures, a gallery wall can be the perfect addition to your dining room. It can serve as a great conversation starter as guests ask questions about your artwork or family.

Don't be afraid to mix and match the sizes of pictures. Not every frame has to be the same; you can use a few large images or incorporate multiple small photos. The ideas are endless!

This gallery wall shows a dining room gallery wall in which the pictures are very uniform and all in the same frame.

Alternatively, this gallery wall has pictures of all shapes and sizes with different frames.

6. Shelving and Storage

It seems like there is never enough storage or shelving in a home. Why not make your dining room accent wall both beautiful and functional? Adding shelving lets you display your china or other important items you may want guests to view while in your dining room.

Several options are possible such as open shelving, built-in shelves with shelving on the top and cabinets on the bottom, or even floating shelves.

In this beautiful dining room, a wall of shelves and cabinets offers tons of storage and space to display your special belongings and decorative pieces.

7. Natural Stone

Stone can add an interesting texture to a wall and can bring the outdoors right into your dining room. The beautiful neutral tones of the stone tend to go with almost any color you use. Some natural stones can be more beige, tan, and rust-colored, while others tend to be more gray, black, or creamy white.

A small dining room in a rustic house

The stone was used on just a half wall in this photo, adding a gorgeous natural touch to this dining room.

8. Large Mirror

A large mirror with an interesting frame can add drama to any wall. Not only will it be beautiful, but it will also serve a purpose. Hanging a mirror in your dining room will add a little sparkle to the room. The light will reflect off the mirror, making your lighting go further.

Small updated dining room with large driftwood mirror

Here you see a large mirror with a showstopping frame hanging in this dining room. Your eye is immediately drawn to this beautiful piece.

9. Shiplap

Shiplap is currently trendy, especially if you're trying to achieve the farmhouse style. It is an interlocking board with a groove cut at the top and bottom to create a tight seal. Instead of using expensive shiplap boards, you can achieve the same look for less using plywood.

This dining room features a shiplap wall, adding to its farmhouse charm.

Should An Accent Wall Be Lighter or Darker?

The answer to this question depends on the adjoining walls of the room. Accent walls are usually a much lighter, much darker, or more saturated color than the other walls in the room. The feature wall will define the room and act more as decor than the other walls in the room. Therefore, you want these walls to stand out more than the others.

How Many Accent Walls Should a Room Have?

A room should typically only have one accent wall. The purpose of a feature wall is to be the highlight of the room. Too many accent walls in one room can be overpowering and create confusion in a room.


Now that you have some dining room accent ideas, it's time to decide which will work best for you. Your dining room can now have that wow factor you're searching for. From new paint to a wall of shelving, there is an option that will work perfectly for you!

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